poison's new, improved Green Bulge log, with more violence and carnage

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  1. poison's new, improved Green Bulge log, with more violence and carnage

    Some of you may recall my last log for Controlled Labs, which I did for Blue Gene, which took a different angle than most logs. You can check it here if you haven't already:

    Inside: poison's unsponsored Blue Gene log. Violence! Grappling! Deadly techniques!

    I'll be running the log the same, though with slightly more emphasis on weight workouts. I now compete, so hopefully I'll have an opportunity to do so while on Green Bulge.

    Here are the stats on Green Bulge:

    Supplement Facts

    Serving Size: 5 Capsules
    Servings per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5 phosphate) 75mg 3,750%
    Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 1,000mcg 1,6666%
    HyperCre Complex™:
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate (2000mg), 2CM™ Dicreatine Malate (500mg) 2,500mg **
    HyperBulge Complex™:
    Curcumin (95% Curcuminoids), Gymnema Sylvestre (Extracted for 25% Gymnemic Acid),
    Orotic Acid, L-Norvaline and K-RALA 940mg **

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

    INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, Gelatin, and Magnesium Stearate
    I received it last night, and took my first dose this morning a half hour before breakfast. I'm looking forward to this, the new ingredients look great. I'm a big fan of curcumin, orotic acid, and gynostemma. We'll see how it affects my aerobic and anaerobic limits, as I push them every class.

    I'll be taking EGCG, fish oil, whey, Orange Triad, and I'll continue with the half dose of Super Cissus daily, which I've been on for months.

    My next workout is tomorrow!

  2. Awesome, I'm lovin this. Subb'd!

  3. Thanks, renegade!

    I worked yesterday, and will be working today, 11a-11p. So I popped 5 Greenies, dropped my daughter off at school, and hit the gym. I was pressed for time, so here's what I did:

    200 burpees (barf)
    Alternating pullups and dips with 10 seconds between sets to failure, like this (each number is for 1 round of pullups AND dips): 7, 7, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 3

    Burpees kill abs and legs, and pullups and dips hit upper nicely. I was out in under 20 minutes, and the intensity had my heart rate spiked to the ceiling. Pump was intense, but that's to be expected with that kind of workout. Vascularity was also great.

    I am excited to see how green bulge performs under these workout conditions once the ingredients load up and kick in fully.

  4. I missed the last two judo classes due to work, which drives me nuts, I'm like a junkie. I am off tomorrow, and I'm really amped about class, champing at the bit to get on the mat and see how Green Bulge performs.

    Here are a couple videos from a competition a couple weeks ago, both matches with the same guy. He was much stronger than me, so the outcome is nice. I hit him with a left sasae, then thinking he'd shy away from that side, hit him with the same technique on the opposite side, lol. Poor guy. He came out hard and stiff, and it worked against him.

    Sasae tsurikomi ashi -

    YouTube - Barstow Judo

    YouTube - Barstow Tournament

    Oh, yeah, I got 1st in my weight division.

  5. Congrats man!!!! Judo is a tough sport, to get #1 in your division is definitely something to be proud of!

  6. Thanks man! I will try to get video of practice, its really intense. I get thrown hard 50-60 times a night.

  7. I worked the last 6 days, 12 hours a day. I'm a bodyguard, working a big client. Stressful stuff. Tuesday (yesterday) I got called in early, and went straight out to advance a location, met the client there, and we were going all day. Usually there are tons of paparazzi, but we managed to give them the slip.

    I didn't eat much from 10am to 8pm, 2 Clif Builder Bars and some trail mix. Only one glass of water. I ate well today, my day off, but expected judo to suck due to lack of glycogen, compounded with the late dinner which wrapped up an hour before judo.

    I took 5 GB just before dinner, around 5:45, and started judo at 7. In a word, awesome! I felt great, did not gas a bit, and when class wrapped up I felt like I was just getting started. I have no idea what it was, could be random, could be the GB. I've done that before, ie not eat day before, and it kills me every time, so take it for what it's worth.

    Technique of the day was ko-uchi gari, and transitions from kouchi to other techniques, like seoi nage.

    Kouchi gari -

    Seio nage -

    So basically you pull back, and the person step with you. As his right foot comes forward, you sweep across with your right and continue his foot motion forward until he falls. If he avoids the sweep, you are already in place, back to him, to grab his arm and toss him over your shoulder into seoi nage. The opposite is also possible:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nehKHu39Kx0"]YouTube - Okano Seoi Nage to Ko Uchi[/ame]

    It's all about creating opportunities, and taking them.

  8. Much respect to the profession. My sifu (sensei) was a bodyguard as well.

  9. Oh, nice! Interesting, weird profession.

  10. I took my Green Bulge tonight around 6pm, hit the gym for pullups and dips, alternating sets of 7-10 to failure, and hit judo. I only had around 10 minutes before judo to workout, so I really went back to back, no rest, got 5 sets of each, dips and pullups. Pump was insane.

    Lots of noobs in judo tonight, so the first half hit the basics, and I was working with a guy who had only done one class before. Fun, but not challenging. The last 45 minutes I got tore up pretty good, and kicked ass too. I was practicing the seoi nage technique from last class, and trying to work it in where I could, as well as transition from it to other techniques. I went hard with two black belts, and legitimately threw both without it being handed to me (and of course got hammered after for it, lol), and dominated a brown belt or two. On the other hand, I went with a tiny 14-16yo female black belt, no idea how old she is. I could pick her up with one hand, or drag her down and crush her with a pin. But that would be brute force, not good judo technique. So when I fight her, which is as often as I can, I try to rely only on technique. I don't want her to feel any power from me. She pretty much has her way with me; she's fast, she has great technique, and she's aggressive. Awesome to experience! The sensei came up after class and said 'Getting good, eh?'

    Power was good, endurance was good. Pump was thick. I wonder how long orotic acid takes to kick in fully, because I'm feeling really good.

    The Main Mechanisms Of Orotic Acid:

    1. Enhancement and maintenance of ATP pools

    2. Increased glucose uptake.

    3. Increased ribose moieties (R-1-P & R-5-P) leading to enhance ribose formation.

    4. Increased muscle carnosine stores.

    5. Support and enhancement of muscle hypertrophy (via RNA synthesis support during growth).

    6. Elevates uridine a DNA base shown to increase muscle contractile capacity.

    Also, Renegade, why did you guys include curcumin in this, a creatine formula? I'm not complaining, I'm a huge fan and try to take LEF's Bio-Curcumin all the time (which I wasn't when I started this log due to funds), but I'm just curious if it's for anti-oxidant effects, or if there's some performance effect it adds to the formula?

    Hmm, this entry needs more flying people. This vid is absolutely beautiful.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkuTkdzVb_0"]YouTube - Judo[/ame]

    Ok, **** that, thi is supposed to be violent. HOw about judo in MMA? Some spectacularly devastating stuff in here.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhKsGgUCaUI&feature=re lated"]YouTube - Judo - Efficiency[/ame]

  11. I've been busy, so here's Monday's log entry:

    I took my Green Bulge around 6pm, hit the gym around 6:40, and did decline bench and Hammer Strength low rows. Strength and pumps were ridiculous; I went a good 20lbs heavier than last workout on each side on the low row, and got a few extra reps in on the last set. More weight + more reps = win!

    Got to judo 5 minutes late due to having such a good weight workout. We practiced sasae on both sides, osoto gari, and harai goshi, then stacking them up in different sequences.

    So as you're moving left, I block your left foot and off-balance your upper body. If you resist, and don't go over, you're vulnerable to the same technique on the other side. If you block that attempt, you basically hand me osoto, and if you resist osoto by dropping your weight low and forward, you're vulnerable to harai, a forward throw.

    I was working with a 260lb brown belt who had been out for a couple months. Moving him around was tough, and he was pretty clumsy. I ended up with a black eye, he was flailing around so much, lol. But the lesson was great; you need to feel where the opponents balance is. If you try osoto, a rearward throw, he resists by pushing forward. If you're fast enough, you can take that momentum, and toss him with little effort. If he doesn't resist, you just complete the rearward throw. In theory, he either resists, or doesn't, and gets thrown either way. The techniques need to be drilled until they're instinct, because if you have to think about doing them, the opening has already passed.

    That's why judo emphasizes full-contact fighting so much, a full 45 minutes 3 times a week. It must be instinctive.

    Anyway, after that we hit ground fighting for 15 minutes. I worked with some BJJ guys...and bonked on the last round. The combination of the killer workout, moving the 260lb guy around, and hard grappling killed me. I could barely stand, hands were shaky.

    I skipped the first 5 minutes of fighting to rest, then came in semi-refreshed. I fought hard, dominated a couple brown belts, threw 2 black belts a couple times each. It was a really great practice! 2 sensei's came over after and commented on how much I've improved in the last 6 weeks: I am moving more fluidly, moving my opponent, creating opportunities, and setting up throws much better.

    Green Bulge: It's not Cordyceps, or citrulline. It doesn't help you breathe better. But it does seem to increase work capacity, strength, and intra-set recovery. I was absolutely done after grappling, but pulled another 45 minutes hard fighting out of my ass (or the Green Bulge bottle).

  12. interested to see how the GB works for u.

    Question ? how in the hell do you get stuck working 11-11? no offense but that might be the worst shift in the world! Im sure the $ good with 12 h shifts but how do you do anything? banking, etc. etc.?

  13. Quote Originally Posted by searl12 View Post
    interested to see how the GB works for u.

    Question ? how in the hell do you get stuck working 11-11? no offense but that might be the worst shift in the world! Im sure the $ good with 12 h shifts but how do you do anything? banking, etc. etc.?
    I agree, it sucks. It's actually better than 8a-8p, as I can do some stuff in the morning between 9-11. 8-8 everything is closed.

    It's security work. I have had a really tough year, job-wise, just trying to feed my kids.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    I agree, it sucks. It's actually better than 8a-8p, as I can do some stuff in the morning between 9-11. 8-8 everything is closed.

    It's security work. I have had a really tough year, job-wise, just trying to feed my kids.
    brother, brother, I feel for you, I lost 2 jobs this year and I truly respect what your doing, a man has one duty in his life....To take care fo his seed, his children, his family, and if he cannot do that he doesnt deserve them and he should have never had them.

    This economy is killing so many of us, Im Canadian and 4 years ago where I live there was the biggest economic boom here ibn the world, now its a slum, unemployment, transients, boozers, its pathetic!

    I have no children, but when I look at my girl I see the mother of my future children and something inside me keeps telling me no matter what that my duty is to protect her and support her at ALL COSTS! I am a very big believer in this, Ill die for her to protect her with a huge smile on my face, as long as I know she will be ok.

    Keep your head up brother and if you like GB you will like there powdered green mag, im on it now with great strength increases.

    Good luck with everything and Ill see you on here bro!

  15. Thanks, friend!

  16. Last night I took my GB around 6:15, hit the gym by 6:40, and did alternating sets of 7 dips and 5 pullups to failure, only rest was the 10ft walk in between the stations. I failed on the 8th round. EDIT: after judo, I did Tabata squats: 20 second bodyweight squats as fast as possible, ass to heels, 10 seconds rest, for 4 minutes. I got 20 reps per set until the 7th round, where I got 19, and 16 on the last set. last rep was a 3-4 second rep. Not bad considering the workout and 2 hours judo picking people up.

    The head sensei is out of town right now, so his dad, who used to be head sensei, was in charge. This is a good thing, as he allows all sorts of old-school, nasty, ugly judo to be taught. We were shown a bunch of throws, takedowns, and chokes, which I've only seen taught once before. Pretty cool. Here's a sampling:

    And some stuff I can't find .gif's of, mostly because I don't remember the names. We'll probably do the same stuff Friday, because sensei will be out.

    I was still feeling Monday's class; when I say I bonked, I hit the wall, and went through. It doesn't help that Tues I took my kids to Universal Studios, so I didn't pound carbs like I needed to, though protein intake was fine. I'll be raring to go for tomorrows class. And Green Bulge is definitely doing it's job; despite being tapped, I was able to continue hard and finish hard, and yesterday's pullups/dips were great, so ATP isn't the problem. Oh, pumps were thick yesterday, and I'm looking hard and jacked today.

    I've been getting

  17. Another great practice last night. Green Bulge around 6:15, gym at 6:40, Hammer Strength low rows and decline bench, alternating 6 sets each. Back was sets of ten @ 45, 70, 90, 100, 110, 120 (each side on hammer strength). I rested 10 seconds between sets, max.

    Judo was cool. Sensei was gone, so we got more techniques that can be dangerous, more advanced stuff. We spend a good amount of time on o guruma:

    That clicked with me, fits my style well. I actually threw a couple guys with it in the end of class. We practiced transitions from o guruma to double leg backward sweep, if he resists o guruma to the front. Cool stuff.

    Endurance was very good, strength and power were excellent.

  18. I will be missing judo tonight, as I am working 8-8. I will be hitting the gym, which is fine, as it'll let me abused body rest.

    I have been following the directions on the GB bottle, namely taking it 30-45 minutes pre-workout, and whenever I feel like it on off days. I have been noticing 2 things: 1) if I take it first thing in the morning, and eat a half hour later, I get really vascular and pumped. If I take it in the morning first thing, and wait to eat, I get shaky from low blood sugar. I am assuming that's from the r-ala.


  19. Workout tonight:

    I started with abs, did a brutal judo style ab workout, situps, reverse situps, reverse crunches, and some gnarly oblique stuff.

    Then sets of 5 pullups and 7 dips, no rest in between, to failure. I got 8 sets of pullups and 9 sets of dips.

    Then I did 50 x 135 on deadlift and out.

    Pump...sick. Huge. Veins in my arms, between my bis and tris, crisscrossing my delts, abs.

  20. Got up this morning wanting to replicate my food pump experience from the weekend. Woke up at 6:10, popped my gb and 1 super cissus, and hit the shower. I started eating at 6:30, a banana, large bowl of oatmeal, and casein shake. I feel hard, but not pumped like I did over the weekend. Maybe 20 minutes in between the gb and food is not enough. I will try 40 next time.

  21. Great updates so far Poison.

    The curcumin in the formula was added for it's antioxidant properties and healthy effects on blood glucose levels.

  22. Like I said, I love curcumin, so it's a great addition.

    I got food poisoning yesterday. I was escorting a client, and ate a sandwich I bought much earlier in the day. Oops. I ended up working the last 5 hours feeling like I was going to vomit, crap my pants, and/or pass out.

    I came home, ate a big bowl of oatmeal just to get some calories in, and hit the sack. I feel much better, but dehydrated and empty, and I got some serious diarrhea going. Not sure if I'll make judo tonight, as I'm working a night shift from 11p-7am tomorrow morning. Dammit.

  23. $5 Subway : 1 Me : 0

    Holy hell, that isht trashed me. I'm weak, achy, mild fever, Hershey squirts. The upshot is I'm getting a free cleansing.

  24. OK, I survived that, damn. I missed judo, had a fever, worked a night shift last night feeling like crap. I slept good today, woke up feeling MUCH better. I took my GB and ate a huge plate of Indian food, and looked pumped after, markedly so. I'm working a night shift now, 8 hours off, then swing tomorrow, 8 hrs off, then morning on Saturday. Ugh. I'll be fitting a workout in after work Saturday, if I can.

  25. Wow. I got killed this week; first the food poisoning, then work. Together I got jacked up. I worked two night shifts, which is fine, but then i had 8 hours off, worked swing, then 8 off and worked morning. I also had a school function for my daughter in there, and so missed basically a whole nights sleep. I missed 2 Green Bulge doses due to the stomach nonsense, too.

    Ugh. I was off yesterday, got some rest, saw my kids, put a new sway bar on my car. I'm working morning shift now, get off at 3, and will hit the gym before judo at 7pm. We'll see how it goes.


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