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  1. I hit the gym before judo last night. Time was short, so I got a few nice sets of bench and rows.

    Judo was great! It's been a week since I went, and the minute I step on the mat it's as if all my worries melt away, and I'm a new person. Dunno, I'm a junkie!

    They split the white belts and everyone else, this class, and a different sensei taught the theory portion of class. This guy was a serious competitor, and he taught us some competition variations on throws we already know, like osoto gari:

    What you see above is a traditional osoto. In competition, it can be very hard to do, because many competitors stiff-arm you, and bend over, keeping you away and making it impossible to get close enough. So the modified technique involved stepping to the left, pulling their lapel under their neck/chin with your right, then as you step in to do the osoto, you yank up with your right. It's essentially some good pressure on their throat, and they cannot resist it, so as they straighten up, you take advantage of that momentum and continue it to throw them on their back. Very cool.

    I planned on going easy, due to the week off and the food poisoning, but I felt great. I had some very good fight rounds at the end, and got compliments from the senseis on some good throws.

    After class, I received my promotion to 2nd degree brown belt!

    Green Bulge is very good stuff. It aids power and pumps. My pre-judo workouts are going great, and I'm able to pump out more reps than before taking Green Bulge, even though I was taking creatine before starting this log. Strength is up and weight is up 3lbs. It doesn't aid my endurance in judo like citrulline or Cordygen5, but it does enable me to apply good strength longer than before, even when tired.

    I was fighting an experienced BJJ/muay thai guy, who ring fights in Mexico. around the 3 Minute mark, I was slowing down a bit with my attacks, and at some point, I got thrown. I got up, thinking 'dammit, call the round', but took a grip and started working. The guy took a grip too, but kind of leaned on me, shook his head, and just gasped. I realized he was more tapped than me, so I threw his ass. That happens a lot, I feel like I'm getting to the end of my rope, but every time the other guys is worse off than me. NEVER QUIT!

    Enough rambling./

  2. Some cool judo pics:

    [IMG]http://judoforum.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post &****1328[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://judoforum.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post &****7948[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://judoforum.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post &****7946[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://judoforum.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post &****7947[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://judoforum.com/index.php?act=attach&type=post &****8179[/IMG]

  3. I worked Tues night, got 5 hours of sleep Weds morning, and hit class last night. Ugh, lol. I ate 3 Taco bell chicken Buttito Supreme's, no dairy, and a Clif Builder bar, all between 4-5pm. I took my Bulge around 6pm, and was in the gym by 6:30. I did dip and pullups to failure, and once again, despite being tired and underfed, I got in 8 sets each.

    I was a bit out of it in class, kind of half-heartedly did the techniques and grappling part. Once we got to to last 45 minutes of fight time, I did well. It took me a minute to get into it, but I hit a groove, and threw some black belts as well as dominated some brown belts. I was not feeling particularly explosive, or fast, but was kind of moving on instinct, kind of a no-mind state, where techniques were just flowing on their own. This is good. I got several comments from bystanders on my progress.

    The Bulge is deceptive. Again, it's not helping much with oxygen debt or uptake, but it keeps me pushing hard when strength is necessary, long past my usual abilities.

  4. Missing judo tonight due to work, so on my way in to work, I snuck a gym workout. Warmed up with abs, then I alternated rows and bench press, and wrapped up with 50 x 135 on deadlift.

    I was still sore from Weds judo, abnormally so. Like I said, Weds I was in kind of a tired daze, but ended up fighting hard; apparently it was harder than I realized at the time, because my erector spinae, abdominal girdle, neck, hamstrings, and rear delts are sore. Hmm, cool.

    Pump today was great, very full, and veins popping in my shoulders and across my bis to my tris, again, something I never had before. I weighed 194 on the gym scale, up 3-4lbs. Odd, because I am not training in a conducive manner for good weight gain, I'm burning a ton of calories in judo, and I AM NOT gaining fat. If anything, I lost a bit.

  5. Just for fun, here's Ronda Rousey, who's mom was a world champ, and who won bronze at the 08 Olympics. She trains at my dojo, and kicks my ass at will.

    Bio - :huh: http://www.rondarousey.net/blog/?page_****5


  6. Damn sweet pics man. You think of getting more Blue Gene?

  7. Blue gene, or green bulge? I loved blue gene; I have really wanted to run it again, but simply can't afford anything but staples like whey and a pre-workout creatine type formula. I keep nervously eyeing it at nutra, I am dying to pick up 2 bottles to run again. Hopefully soon.

    Green bulge is almost gone, got a couple days left. I will buy gb again, certainly, and put it in the rotation. I really like green bulge and cre02; they each have a different purpose, iom, but what they have in common is awesome health benefits in addition to being great performance aids. Both are potent anti-oxidants, and this is important, imo. I am not sure that the run of the mill pre-workout formula with no/arginine stuff is very healthy for us, in terms of free-radical formation and aging. Short term I am sure its 100% ok, but long term...who knows? So I know that I would prefer to use effective healthy formulas like green bulge.

    Inflammation is a killer, and there's evidence that exercise-induced inflammation isn't awesome for us. In studies of groups of people who live longer than average around the world, the one thing they have in common is healthy fresh raw food, low stress, and lots of walking. The super athlete tribes, like kenyans, aren't the ones living to 110yo, its the quiet mountain folk who live simply, eat well, smile a lot, and walk.

    I love intensive exercise. I have always been a serious mt biker, martial artist, israeli infantry soldier, runner, weight lifter, etc. I have always pushed mysefl to extremes. Fact is, it's healthy to do so, but even healthier to do more less intensive exercise, if longevity is your goal. Formulas like green bulge and blue gene fit the serious athletes needs, while protecting your body for the long run.

  8. I worked 8a-8p yesterday. Took my gb before leaving work, got to the gym around 8:30, and intended to run. My kids came down with some flu bug 2 days ago, and I had a slight sore throat yesterday morning, and the 12 hour shift tapped me, so I skipped the run.

    I started off with abs: 40 strict situps with free feet, 30 um, whatever it is when you lay on your back, shoot your toes up to the sky until you are basically standing on your shoulder, 30 reverse crunches, 50 twists (lay on your back, swiing your right leg over your left and straight off to the side, then with explosive action flip your legs over to the reverse position on the other side keeping shoulders pinned to the floor), and 80 of some other judo exercise for obliques and hips (sit on your knees, standard japanese style, then without using your hands, drop one hip off the side to touch the floor, then using your core pull yourself back up, drop off the other side, repeat).

    My abs were pumped to the point of disfunction. I went straight to alternating dips and pullups, alternating sets of 7 and 5, respectively. 10 seconds of rest in between sets. I failed on the 9th or 10th round, I lost track. I went straight from there to deadlift and knocked out 50 x 135. The whole thing took around 20 minutes, and I walked out looking massive and vascular. I almost fainted walking down the stairs.

    Its funny to kill it like that and leave, when people I know who started working out at the same time are just finishing their warmup.

  9. Ahhhahaha, wow. Tuesdau I worked from 8am-8pm, then 11pm-7am. Basically 24 hours straight, not a wink of sleep. I slept from 8am-4pm, ate a big bowl of pasta, and hit the gym by 6:15 with Green Bulge in my system, then judo from 7-9p, now back at work from 11p-7a. I'M AN ANIMAL, RAWR!

    So, I didn't eat from 5am to 4pm today, had the bowl of pasta, but the whole 'skipping a nights sleep and days food' kinda sucked. I was paired up with a 260lb brown belt, and lugging his big muscular ass around was killing me. I did better than expected, considering the circumstances.

    This concludes my Green Bulge log. I gotta say, Controlled Labs was never one of my favorite companies, just never caught my eye. But I started using Orange TRiad, and the recently updated formula with no added cost has me for life. Then I logged Blue Gene, on my own dime, and loved it. I will be using it again. Now Green Bulge.

    Strength - outstanding. I was using Nos Ether Level 1 before this log, which means I was already loaded with creatine. I suspected that I'd see no difference on Green Bulge, thought it wouldn't suit my judo training, and actually brought it up to Renegade before starting the log. He said not to worry about it. I added reps to everything; in judo moving big guys around, and recovering power when grappling, was much easier. ATP replenishment FTW! I went from 7 sets of alternating dips and pullups to 9+.

    Endurance - I was curious about this, as it contains Gynostemma, orotic acid, and R-ala, all of which can affect endurance positively. Green Bulge isn't Cordygen5, it doesn't help you breathe better or last longer in an aerobic state. It did help me last longer in anaerobic activity, and recover better when fighting; I could push/lift/grapple longer with fewer pauses to recover.

    Pumps - I experienced a food pump if I took it 30-40 minutes before eating carbs, not huge, but nice and full, moreso than without the GB. Pumps in the gym were awesome. I'm not sure if it had a leaning effect, particularly in my extremities, or if it simply increased vascularity, because veins I have never seen before were popping out of my arms, shoulders, and lower abs. Pumps weren't the 'all day' arginine type, but they were huge.

    Weight gain - This is very interesting. I gained ~4lbs. Keep in mind I WAS ALREADY SATURATED with creatine, this WAS NOT water gain or creatine bloat. I did not gain fat, if anything I leaned out, so these were solid gains which I absolutely was not trying for or expect. If you read the log, what I do is not really conducive to packing on mass, when you take my work, training, and sleep schedules into account, not to mention huge amounts of calories burned in judo.

    [COLOR="Lime"][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Summary - It's a great strength aid, and added mass in imperf

  10. Great to hear this worked so well for you. I had my full trust in this new GB product, it's very powerful.

    My one wish after leaving CL will be that the *NeW* GB, one of my favorite products of all time, gets the recognition it deserves.

  11. im upset I didnt see this log sooner, but great work Poison...I enjoyed reading it.

    I also loved the vid's. Good work!!
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  12. Thanks, guys. It really was impressive from a strenght and vascularity respect, I love the health benefits, and the price point is nuts.

  13. Are any of those a pic of you?

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Post #4

    YouTube - Barstow Judo

    YouTube - Barstow Tournament

    Oh, yeah, I got 1st in my weight division.
    Those are me, blue belt.

    I'm going to go ahead and give some feedback, now that I'm off GB for a bit. Strength is a bit down. I'm just using random samples of stuff I had, and a bottle of Cordygen VO2.

    i stacked a sample pack of 3 Cre02 and 2 VO2 before my workout and judo the other night. Holy Mary, smokin! Endurance was out of this world. I lifted hard for 20 inutes before judo, then went and wrecked it in judo. I wanted more by the end of the 2 hour class, and I fought hard.

    Why am I going on about Cre02 in a Green Bulge log? Well, I'd say they're my two favorite creatine supplements right now, but they differ greatly. Cre02 is more endurance oriented, and Green Bulge is very much strength oriented. I can't tell you why, or how, GB was so awesome in the strength dept, that was just my experience. For my current judo needs, Cre02 is a better match, but I will likely switch up my workouts to include periods of heavier lifting while on Green Bulge. If you are in need of a good strength aid, I'd suggest Green Bulge. Stacked with RPM, it would be amazing.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by poison View Post
    For my current judo needs, Cre02 is a better match.
    On the way as of tomorrow morning
    Millennium Sport Technologies Representative/Sponsored Athlete

  16. ...

    BTW, I was in Vitamin Shoppe, and they had Green Bulge. I had the card in hand, but it was the old version.

  17. One last pic, judo practice.

    That looks, um, safe.


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