ATW Espresso WPI

  1. ATW Espresso WPI

    In my excitement of an Espresso flavored WPI, I ordered 10lbs worth. In retrospect, I should have just ordered one 1.25lb bag.

    This tastes nothing like Espresso. It actually tastes just like the cupcake batter WPI. I'm wondering if the wrong stuff got into my 1.25lb bag.

    I'm going to contact ATW about this, but just wanted to get it out there to see if anyone else had the same thoughts about the flavor.

  2. UKStrength
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    That's such a shame mate, but respect for posting your thoughts up.

    Maybe mix it with some real coffee grounds to make it taste better?

  3. A good idea, UK, but really a consumer shouldn't have to add coffee ground to an Espresso flavored WPI to make it taste like coffee. Something just isn't right with the flavoring.

  4. ATW got back to me and said they are sending me a sample of their Espresso WPI to compare to what I have.

    In the mean time, I'm going to make two shakes at some point. One with Cupcake Batter, and one with Espresso, and try a sip of each back and forth to compare. I swear the tastes are identical from the two shakes I've had today (one in milk, one in water).

  5. Has anyone else tried this flavor yet? I want to see others opinions about it.

    I'm still waiting on the sample from ATW to compare to my Espresso WPI.

  6. Steven from ATW (generously) shipped another 1.25lb bag to me to test for flavor caparison to my other bag. I had hoped for a completely different taste, but unfortunately it is exactly the same as my previous bag.

    I want to make something clear, though. This flavor is not "bad" to me, it just has absolutely zero coffee flavor of any kind. ATW claims they have had amazing reviews on the product, and it appears I am the only one that feels that it is lacking in this flavor. As a coffee lover, and former Mocha Joe (Muscle Milk) addict, I can tell you that I indeed know what coffee tastes like. So regardless, I will use all of this protein, it just wont fit into my morning shakes like I had hoped.

    Thanks again to Steven and Marc at ATW for their great service.


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