GENERIC LABS X-mass Cissus-Drol Epithin-Ebcaa-ee (sponsored)

  1. GENERIC LABS X-mass Cissus-Drol Epithin-Ebcaa-ee (sponsored)

    Let Me first start by thanking GENERIC LABZ for letting me test their products THANK YOU!! Im looking to make some great lean gains on this cycle.

    Height 5'9
    bf%: ?
    lifting experience:16 years
    PH cycles : IDS stack masstabs & suston 250 about 2 years ago
    supplements: Multivits,oils,glutamine,gluco samine,zma,white flood,volumaize, Pro complex will also be used over the next 30 days.

    Cycle dosage
    X-mass-1 pill 3 times a day
    Cissus-Drol-1 pill 3 times a day
    Epithin-E-1 pill 3 times a day
    bcaa-ee-2 pills 3 times a day

    This will allow all tabs to be used within the 30 days and will be taken in the am noon and at night. About 6 hours apart I have found that is what works best for me.

    Workout will consist of
    Monday: Chest-tris
    Wed: OFF
    Thurday: OFF
    Cardio will be up in the air if it happens it will consist of 30-45 mins of walking on the treadmill.

    Diet will be clean for the most part basic egg white, steak,tuna, brown rice, greens, fruits. The amounts will to be determined per the cycle I looking to eat a lot as usual. Im sure there will be a cheat day on the weekends.

    Cycle will start tomorrow and I will update this log every few days along with pix this weekend.

  2. Sorry guys I posted this on the GENERIC LABZ page for the last few days my bad!

  3. So things are going really well so far weight is up a pound or 2 strength is getting there. Endurance is crazy all and all so far so good. I should be getting my bf% done in the next day or 2 along with pix.

  4. Keep us posted on your progress, GL stuff has always been a favorite of mine, and Im sure if you give it 100% you will not be disappointed.
    PHF Rep

  5. Had my 2 days off and feeling great cant wait to hit the gym today. Eating everything in site and feeling solid not a lot a water retention so im happy. Pix will be taking tom. morning and posted for sure just been really busy. Cant wait to see what the next 3 weeks have in store. So far a great stack as expected.

  6. About a week and a half in and feeling STRONG & SOLID. The night sweats are still there but its worth the lifts i have been getting. Would love to run this for 8 weeks and see what happens. Size and weight are changing slightly but more or less filling out not getting BIGGER. Muscle bellies are full and contractions during my workout are pretty crazy.

  7. Nice stack man. It would be cool to see before/after pics. I have some xmass put away for a rainy day. I am curious about it because it has the main compound found in just about any ph, but I have never seen a dosage that high. I mean it has 10mg more per serving than the spawn I have (which I am planning for september)
  8. pix about 10 days in

    Lighting is bad and I really need a tan. Sorry it took so long I have been really busy end result pix should be much better. 3 weeks left keep lets see what the end result brings. I need to get a litle more cardio in
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  9. WOW cant say enough about the gains in size and strength. I have about a week left will post pix when finished. NO complaints at all

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    WOW cant say enough about the gains in size and strength. I have about a week left will post pix when finished. NO complaints at all
    Im looking forward to seeing your progress, and be sure to post up your final thoughts on all the gl stuff, it should be a good read for anyone who was interested.
    PHF Rep

  11. Only a few days left

  12. Well unfortunately this cycle has come to an end. I have to say that I have put on just around 12 solid lbs of muscle. I will try to get some pix up this week. I really have no complaints besides for the night sweats and a little bit of oily skin. The strength and size gains were what was expected and I would run this again. I look forward to their PCT that I was told was in the works and the bcaa's blow the ON ones that I was taking out of the water.If anyone has any questions feel free to pm me and once again THANK YOU GENERIC LABZ.

  13. Guys im sorry it took so long to post my after pix but these were taken the week after I ended the cycle I have just been super busy and had a minor surgery but now im back so my apologize.
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