Nutraplanet/USPowders DominATP Review!

  1. Nutraplanet/USPowders DominATP Review!

    I'm not big on writing reviews but this is a product that doesn't seem to get much feedback and is highly underrated. So here it goes!

    I bought this when USPlabs (or USPowders/Nutrabulk whichever one) released it. It came with free Refresh which I have used a couple of times but plan on saving for a more appropriate time. This review is based on inital and use after 4 weeks.

    Taste: 8/10. Has this GREAT lemon-tart taste to it. Semi-sweet, semi-sour. Not bitter at all they did a great job on masking the leucine (If you ever buy bulk BCAA's.. you know how bad this stuff taste). Goes down very very smoothly.

    Mixability: I dissolve this in about a half filled shaker cup (I think like 12oz of water). Shaken it mixes up pretty well. Slight particles left floating on the top which is probably just some of the leucine.

    Dose: 3 Scoops used. Simple enough.

    Effects (Initial): Initially when I first started using it the first thing I got was the tingles from the Beta-Alanine. That was definitely cool. First week endurance was up, lactic acid was gone, strength was about the same, recovry was up, and weight was the same.

    Effects (4 weeks in): The beta alanine tingles went away around the 2nd or 3rd week.. I still get a little bit around my ears but for the most part it is gone. But endurance has shot up quite a bit. Some days I feel like I can workout for ever.. its pretty awesome. Strength has shot up, all of my major movements have increased and I look much better in the mirror. I am guess that is because of the vasodilation effects from the Agmantine and Citrulline, but I have that full body pump which is just awesome. Weight has stayed around the same, but I look leaner and muscles look fuller.

    Final Thoughts: This is one of those products were i have NOTHING bad to say at all. The taste, the effects, the price, everything is on point. No BS with this product you know exactly what you are getting and what to expect. The "Bulk" product even came with a scoop! This will likely stay as a staple creatine/recovery/endurance product for me, and I am thinking of increasing the dose for 2 scoops pre workout, and 2 scoops post workout with my post workout shake.

    Hope this gives you guys more insight to this product which surely diserves more attention!

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    thank you for the feedback and we have a few more USPowders blends in the works.

    Great to get a full body pump from a product void of arginine!

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