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    This stack contains three supplements; NO3 Overload (Pill), Red-Cell Pro and BIG. I have been using this stack for one month solid being very consistent on timing.

    The Order
    Upon waking up I immediately take 1 scoop of Red-Cell Pro.
    Pre-workout 4 NO3 Overload Tabs
    Post-workout 1 sccop of BIG w/ 60G Dextrose and 30G Whey
    12 hours later I take 1 scoop of Red-Cell Pro.
    Immediately before bed 1 scoop of BIG

    These are the only currently supplements I take with the exception of a multi-vitamin and some fats.

    NO3 Overload
    The NO3 Overload is a pre-workout supplement claiming to start working within minutes of taking it. The amount of time it may start working can be different from individual to individual. It takes me close to 45 minutes to feel little if any of the affects and when I do the affects are steady and keep me well leveled. NO3 Overload allows you to take up to 6 tablets for "Hardcore Bodybuilders". Anything above 4 tablets just made me sick and very dizzy.

    The NO3 Overload showed no vascular increases, pumps or stregth gains.

    To be honest you can purchase a much better product in a more affordable price range.

    Red-Cell Pro
    The Red-Cell Pro is sold in stores above 39.99. The product is priced very well because you get 40 servings per container. Both the Blue Raspberry and Berry Punch mix very well and taste decent. There is definitely a taste of amino's floating around in there.

    The Red-Cell has definately improved my pumps by increasing the blood flow in my body. The vascular matrix, Blood Intensifying & Regulating Matrix and Anti-Oxidant Blood Modifying Matrix are an awesome blend and have kept my pumps at the max.

    The idea of the BCAA's are excellent and knowing they are being easily transported into the muscle. I do with the amount of BCAA's were higher like some of the other products on the market, but they seem to be working because I have grown and my recovery has improved.

    Overall excellent products, good price, may be worth a try.

    BIG is another product with an expensive price tag. BIG has 40 servers per container and last about one month. Two servings are taken on workout days and one serving before bed on non workout days.

    BIG contains 5G of creatine per serving (3G Creatine Ethyl Ester Malate and 2G Creatine Alpha Ketogluterate). I have taken both types of creatine in the past as pre-work out supplements. You can not take BIG as a pre-workout supplement because it contains an R.E.M. matrix which assist in relaxing your body and helping you sleep. Even though the two creatines have shown great success in my pre-workouts they have also shown great success as a post workout. I did not see any results until several days later just like most creatines but it is definately working.

    The prodcuts contains Glutamine Alpha Ketogluterate which is great for muscle repair. It is not much and you may want to take an additional Glutamine supplement on the side.

    Another great ingredient
    BIG is the electrochemical anabolic matrix. What is the electrochemical anabolic matrix? Answer = Fulvic Acid. The only size and cellular volumizing matrix to contain the Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acids enter into all life processes within plants and animals. They act as free radical scavengers, supply vital electrolytes, enhance and transport nutrients, catalyze enzyme reactions, increase protein assimilation, chelate macro and trace minerals, enhance electrochemical balance stimulate energy, providing reactions as well as promoting the movement of minerals, especially calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium, into muscle tissue and bone.
    This supplement has shown me some awesome gains. It is a great bed time supplement that can help you relax while repairing your body for more heavy workouts. It works great, especially since we all know our bodies grown while sleeping. This does not taste great but it tends to grow on you.

    One month gains with the CMI Stack

    Weight before was 169
    Most recent weight 174

    Some of my current strength gains are:
    Bench Press Before 225 2 to 3 reps Now 225 5 Reps
    Back Squats 275 3 Reps Now 275 8 Reps
    EZ Bar Biceps Curls 75 12 Reps now 85 12 Reps
    Dead lifts 315 5 Reps now 315 8 reps

    Anyway the stack is working great. I have one more container of each to take. My diet this month has been going off track a little bit. A couple more free days here and there, but for the most part has remained the same.

    Hope this helps anyone interested in CMI.

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    That was a nice review mate, even though the results are obviously there in black and white, it's a shame the products had such a hefty price tag!

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