Just wanted to add my two cents to the hundreds of positive reports for Slim Xtreme.

After trying the samples, I decided I needed to get my hands on some!

Now after 2 weeks of use, I can attest to the following:

1. Its true that the first time you use it, you will probably be up all night!

2. While very strong, it doesn't give you a stimmed out feeling...UNLESS you drink a cup of coffee or an energy drink...then you may feel whacked a bit.

3. Absolutely crushes appetite. And makes you very thirsty.

4. Elevates mood...but nmot in a speedy way, more smooth, like a nootropic would.

5. Doesn't seem to have much of an effect on my blood pressure! Even as it elevates your resting heart rate--Very happy about this. I've been keeping a log. Tonight, for instance, after taking 2 SX throughout the day, my heart rate was 72; yet my BP was still in the normal range at 139/77 (and I have slightly high BP to start with).

So...if you're worried about BP elevation, in my experience, as someone prone to it, I have had zero sides in that regard.

Thats all for now folks--carry on!