Advice on next Sup cycle.

  1. Exclamation Advice on next Sup cycle.

    My supplement shelf as been limited to protien, aminos, creatine, ect ect. And i'm looking to move into PHs.I'm 21 206ibs at about 14%BF. My main goal is to increase strength, then mass (i know they both generally go hand in hand and depends on training but just trying to give as much info as i can) I've taken a cycle of LGs methyl 1-d and thought I had good results, but as I see on many of the fourms its a waste. So i'm looking for advice for a ph. I was researching EST nurtition's propadrol. worth it? i know they come in combo packs with methyl E or hemadrol. Which is better to take with, if either one is worth it.
    and PCT info for a cycle of propadrol? Tips, advice.
    Note: looking for low side effect PH(even if its not the greatest result giver) i'm still young and don't want to be on anything to hardcore.

    thanks for the help

  2. bump, anyone?

  3. yea im not getting any love on my log either...well im 22 and ive been researching ph's for about a year now...i was going to take a superdrol clone but have decided to take havoc....Epistane is the same formula. But for a beginner, word on the street is havoc/epistane or h-drol are good and pretty mild ph's...i wouldnt go with propadrol...
    a serm and a ai/test booster recomended for any ph

  4. thanks for the info, any fav serm's?

  5. im about to try torm....ive never tried it but its supposed to have less sides then clomid or nolva

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rccratch View Post
    im about to try torm....ive never tried it but its supposed to have less sides then clomid or nolva
    hmm, yeah i hear clomid is a popular one, but not really that great

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  8. h-drol is definitely a good first cycle with a mild PCT. You may get more responses if this thread as moved to anabolics.


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