APS ultra mass stack (TREN + PP) advice needed

  1. APS ultra mass stack (TREN + PP) advice needed

    Hi everyone, I'm about to start my APS U.M.S. (90 capsules) cycle.

    my stats:
    24years old;

    I have used ACL Tren Xtreme before (90mg ED 4 weeks), with great gains and, at that time, didn't make any PCT and didn't have any problems (ok, maybe just got lucky). But this time I 'll try to do things right.

    Anyway, the APS U.M.S. contains (per capsule):
    19-Norandrosta 4,9 diene 3,17 dione (40mg) aka Tren
    7a-methyl-etioallochalan-2-ene-17b-ol (10mg) aka Pheraplex

    I'm planning on using it 2/3/3/3/2, wich is:

    1 - 80mg TREN + 20mg PHERA
    2 - 120mg TREN + 30mg PHERA
    3 - 120mg TREN + 30mg PHERA
    4 - 120mg TREN + 30mg PHERA
    5 - 80mg TREN + 20mg PHERA

    Anyone think it'd be better to use it constantly at 3/3/3/3?
    wich is 4 weeks of 120mg TREN + 30mg PHERA

    For my PCT, I'm planning on using:
    -clomifene citrate
    -tamoxifen citrate
    wich seems to be ok. maybe along with Post Cycle Support, from Anabolic Innovations.

    What do you think about using a OTC PCT?
    If I go for the OTC, maybe: Post Cycle Support, from Anabolic Innovations, + 6-oxo from ErgoPharm.
    What about Restore from ALRI ?
    What about Lean FX from Anabolic Xtreme?

    Does anybody have any recomendations? Comments?

    Thanks for any help you guys provide. I'll be logging some info throughout the cycle. (I will start as soon as I figure it all completely).


  2. I'm probably adding these 2:
    -(Primaforce) ZMA;
    -(NOW Foods) Fenugreek;

    for my pct.

  3. so... no one to share some thoughts ?

  4. I would not lower the dosage on the last week
    Team Orbit

  5. Ok "learn", I'll check on that. thanks.

    Any advices regarding pct ? Is it ok to use tamoxifen citrate + Lean FX + tribullus ?

    Do I really need clomid on that?

  6. Hey everyone, I think I've come to a conclusion regarding protections and pct:

    I'll use during cycle:
    Cycle Support (60 Servings) By: Anabolic Innovations

    For PCT:
    +Advanced PCT (90 caps) By: Anabolic Xtreme
    +Lean Xtreme (90 caps) By: DS
    +tamoxifene citrate

    It seems to me that I'll be just fine.

    Can someone please comment on that? C'mmon... where are the pros?



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