SgtP! 1st time with Havoc!!

  1. SgtP! 1st time with Havoc!!

    Starting June 1st myself and my lifting buddy will be running our first cycle of Havoc. Im excited so I decided to start this log a little early and edit it as I see fit. Details are below.

    Week1: 10/10/20/20/20/20/20
    Week2: 30/30/30/30/30/30/30
    Week3: 40/40/40/40/40/40/40
    Week4: 40/40/40/40/40/40/40

    Before, during, and after cycle we will be using AI's Cycle Support and the usual, Fish Oil, Multi, Protein, WMS, and Xtend.

    PCT will be as follows(plus the staples named above):

    Week5: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5)
    Week6: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5)
    Week7: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5) Reversitol 1am 2pm
    Week8: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5) Reversitol 1am 1pm
    Week9: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5) Reversitol 1am 1pm
    Week10: PCS, LeanFX, IGF-2 (dosed 3-4-5) Reversitol 1am

    I am dosing the Reversitol 2 weeks into PCT because Trauma1 suggested it. I am open to comments and suggestions before this starts so let me know what you think. My buddy and I will both be using the same exact supplements this cycle. We will be using a slightly modified Max-OT lifting routine. We are following all of the Max-OT guidelines but added a few more exercises per day to get the most out of the cycle. I will be detailing the workouts in full when we start.

    6k clean calories a day is what we are shooting for and weight gains of 10+ would be ideal. Some key lift goals: 750lb Leg Press x6, 305x6 squats (will add more later)

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    Good luck with the cycle mate, looks like you're sorted in terms of supplementation

    6000kcal at 178lbs? I take it you have a very high energy expenditure during the day? or multiple workouts? Too many calories will just lead to excess fat storage if you don't need them mate, even if you are on DS/PH.

    I'd add in a cortisol support supplement too for PCT.

    Formestane by CEL, EndoAmp Max by Primordial Performance or Reduce XT by SNS are all excellent choices.

  3. I am ~183 now. Maintenance for me has always been around 3500. Every weekday morning I am doing something physical for at least 1 hr. Workout is around lunchtime and I usually do a quick ab workout with my wife every night. 6k might still be a little high, ill look into those supps also. I knew I was forgetting something and cortisol control was it.

  4. starts on monday and I cant wait. bought some leanfx for cort control during PCT.

  5. Forgot to mention PWO supp will be Jack3d!

  6. Day One - Legs

    Today was the first leg day on Havoc. It felt pretty good.

    Squats x3 - Leg Press x2 - Leg Extensions x2 - Leg Curls x2 - Stiff Leg DL x2 - Standing Calf Raises x2 - Sitting Calf Raises x2

    I didn't expect to feel much of a difference but I'm pretty sure I felt something. Maybe I just gave it that extra effort today. Jack3d had me pumped as usual and all lifts were solid. I hit 500x6 x2 on the leg press which excited me. Last week i went x6, x4. One thing I did notice was that I was sweating much more. Not sure if that is the new version of Jack3d or the Havoc. I dropped down to 185 on squats to concentrate hard on form because I felt it had been lacking since my reconstructive foot surgery. Ill probably stay with low weight on that lift alone until I feel more comfortable with my form. Looking forward to back tomorrow!

    Appetite is huge as always and I am eating all that I can handle right now. Close to 6k right now

    I am always in a good mood but today's workout felt real good. I judge leg day by how I feel walking down the steps to my car and today I couldn't walk down them without holding on the railing.

  7. dont take PWO with havoc it for during pct. Havoc supposdely caused extrmeme pumps so you dont need the Jakced

  8. makes sense. I lifted back today and was doing 10-20 lbs more than usual and feeling pretty good. I dont know if I could do without it though :P I love it.

  9. Ive never tried the jacked ,been reading its pretty good,gotta check it out.
    Any how im in . Ive never ran Havoc some say its better then epi. Ive ran epi couple times its pretty good.So any how hope this does you good bro, good gains.
    Um Suppress-c by cel is pretty good cortisol product for a td.
    im reviewing cel Pct Assist /Suppress-c/ inhibit-e as i speak check it out . its a good one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SgtP View Post
    ...I judge leg day by how I feel walking down the steps to my car and today I couldn't walk down them without holding on the railing.
    Always a good sign you've worked hard mate

    Nice one for getting the cortisol support, I don't think you'll regret it mate.

  11. Day Two - Back, Forearms

    Lat Pulldowns x2 - Barbell Rows x3 - Weighted Pullups x2 - Low Cable Rows x1 - Deadlifts x2 - Weighted Hyper Extensions x2 - Barbell Wrist Curls x2 - Dumbbell Wrist Curls x2

    Back felt strong all throughout the workout. I have an extremely weak lower back and was still able to deadlift 275 x6 for two sets. All other lifts were done a little heavier than usual and really felt good. I love back day because of the stretch you get from each exercise. Pumps were great after weighted hyper extensions also.

    Appetite is huge as always and I am eating all that I can handle right now. I wrote down my calories and realized I am closer to 5k than 6k which probably isnt that bad.

    I am always in a good mood but today's workout felt real good. All in all a good day. Hard to bend over after the workout which is always a good sign :P

  12. Day Three - Chest, Triceps

    Flatbench x3 - Inclined DB BP x2 - Flat DB BP x1 - Decline BB BP x2 - Skull Xers x2 - Cable Pressdowns x2 - Close Grip BP

    First day on 20mg and I swear I could feel the difference. I did 20 lbs more on Flat BP than last week and I am getting back to where I was when I lifted before my surgery. Triceps felt strong as usual but there were a group of dumb asses gathered around the one pulldown machine talking up a storm and not lifting at all. Instead of yelling at them like I should have, I did pulldowns on the lat machine which sucked. Pulldowns are my favorite tricep exercise and I feel like they were wasted this week.

    Appetite is huge as always and I am eating all that I can handle right now. Protein intake is high and im stuffing in calories whenever I can.

    Chest felt great today. Went up in weight which is always good.

  13. Glad to see you posting SgtP. Have fun brother.

  14. Yea its good to be back!

  15. wifes bday today so I will be updating this tomorrow probably.


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