I bought the NO3 Overload on clearance for 22.99 at the Vitamin Shoppe.

The bottle say's you can take 4 to 6 tablets. While taking 5 or 6 tablets I felt very nauseous and dizzy. I have taken other pre-workout supplements in the past and never had this problem. 4 tablets worked the best for me.

The supplement has several blends:

Breakthrough Energy & Volumizing Matrix - This supplement gave me no extra muscle energy. This could be because my muscles were already saturated in creatine from the monohydrate I was taking before. Anyway, it did nothing new for me.

NO3 VASCULAR EXPANDER & DEFINITION Matrix - I do like the extracts (pomegranate, grape and red wine). I showed no more vascular or definition than I normally would without a pre-workout supplement.

ENERGY FUEL & VOLUMIZING Matrix - I stopped taking pre-workout supplements containing caffeine about one month prior to taking this supplement. I thought that should have been enough time. This supplement gave me a little bit of steady energy through my workout and kept me a bit focused. 5 tablets and 6 tablets did not help but make me feel sick.

This is one of the worse pre-workout supplements I have used. For the price I had to give it a try. I am only bashing this particular CMI product. I have recently seen gains in strength and size with CMI products BIG and Red-Cell. I think the stack would be perfect with a better pre-workout supplement.

I am a big fan of Athletic Edge Presurge and will definitely go back. It has fewer ingredients, but ingredients that actually work.