H-Drol Log - First Cycle

  1. H-Drol Log - First Cycle

    Well I ve read a lot of logs whilst researching and thought I would give something back for others. My background is, I have be been lifting for about 3 years, during which I got down from 13st and about 20% bodyfat to my precycle weight of 10st 10 and about 13% bodyfat.

    This is my first cycle and I m doing 50/50/50/75/75 H-drol. Other supplements are cycle support, omega 3, multivitamin, bcaa's, and whey.
    My diet is pretty clean and I am aiming for 3100 calories a day with 210 grams of protein, the rest of the calories being made up of carbs and fats.

    PCT is going to be Nolva, Lean FX, and Diesel Test Hardcore.

    I train mon- fr on a split bodypart basis. Wednesday I just do 30 mins cardio.

    I started the cycle on monday just gone and aim to keep this brief log over the next couple of months. I m not going to state every weight I lift but will just keep it brief.

    Anyway, I weighed in this morning (day 5) and have gained 2lbs since monday. This week I have managed to increase the the weights I have been doing - although I believe this is placebo effect more than anything else.

    I ve dont train on weekends so will add an update next week.

  2. good luck and welcome to the forum
    Team Orbit

  3. Day 7 Update

    Went to the gym this morning and weighed in at 11st, so thats a gain of 4 lbs so far (more than i expected i d put on in the 1st week - everyone seems to make the big gains in week 3). I don t think i looked particularly vascular or anything though, so not quite sure where all this weight has gone.

    Visibly I dont think I have lost any bf, although this could be because I have been eating bulking calories (not cutting calories any many people appear to fo on h-drol).

    Finally, the weights I did were about the same as last monday so no gains on my chest/tricep routine.

  4. good luck on the rest of your cycle. In for the remainder!

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