Havoc PCTS???

  1. Havoc PCTS???

    hey guys im almost done finishing my second cycle of rpn havoc...im not sure about pcts because i took nolvadex my first cycle and it didnt work out well...i wanted to stack formadrol and arom x? is that a good idea? thanks for the help

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    Try the PCT section mate, this is for logs/reviews of supplements.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by scottyschoie View Post
    Hi Im just about to start my pct from Havoc and the products im about to use is
    muscle pharms battle fuel for 40 days , Liver guard , cq 10 , creatine , glutamine , multi v
    Ive cycled havoc before and this pct worked last time so I wont be changing this time.

    this kid CAN NOT be serious....

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