JustnCredible's In an Anadraulic State (LG Scriences)

  1. JustnCredible's In an Anadraulic State (LG Scriences)

    AS contains two natural SERMs, pSARM, an anti-aromatase and an androgenic potentiator. The ingredient profile is quite impressive. What I also especially like about this product is how it contains a four-creatine blend, hormonal growth booster, a cortisol/lactic acid block and an EAA blend.

    I like the idea of using this in conjunction with Methyl 1-D XL (stacked) due to the fact that it contains natural SERMs and AI's (I'm also currently using Cycle Support and will be using Post Cycle Support once my run is finished.)

    AS only contains 52 total calories and 13g of carbs, per serving. I'm currently on a quest of cutting, but also wanting to achieve as much LBM as possible during the next 4 weeks. This pre-workout formula seems perfect for anyone seeking to lose weight, put on mass, or both.

    The flavor is supposed to be like that of fruit punch, however, for some strange reason, I seem to get a cinnamon-ish aftertaste when I finish drinking it. I don't know if this is just me, or if other people have experienced this with AS.

    The mixability is certainly not an issue, then again I do use a Blender Bottle.

    Personally, I do think the price-tag is well worth it. This is one stand-up product. Of course it is still a little too early to tell exactly what it's doing for me, but I have faith in the product and will chime in here and there to let you know how I'm progressing with the product.

  2. any more feedback?
    http://anabolicminds.com/forum/supplements/173797-one-small-step.html Getting my ass beat and logging it.

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