Raspberry Focus XT by SNS.... I've had the old, here's the scoop on the New

  1. Raspberry Focus XT by SNS.... I've had the old, here's the scoop on the New

    Let take a trip back to Jan 07. I was studying for promotion and I was looking around for help on some focus. My mind wanders alot. i always think of other things I need to be doing so my studies suffer. Promotion was a big deal. In the airforce they promotion system is the hardest of all the branches. We take 2 tests along with addition of points from performance reports, time in service, time in grade, medals etc. The way the system is set up. The longer you are in the easier it is to make rank. Well after busting my butt studying for E-5 with Focus XT I nailed it on my first try by almost 50 points! I was number 2 in my career field ahead of alot of people who had been in alot longer then me. Making any rank on your first try is no small feat.

    Here we are 2 plus years later and Now I am able to test for e-6 Next february. Making E-6 on your first try is close to impossible. I have time on my side to study, I dont have the time in servie or the time in grade to help me. I do have some extra points for retraining into a critically short career field so that will help.

    Steve from SNS PM'ed me last week asking me to try the new stuff to compare to the old stuff.
    Im psyched. I got the new blue raspberry. I couldn't wait to try it so this week I tried it 2 days in a row. I have been working all week 7pm to 7 am during an exercise so I took a scoop on tuesday and wednesday on an empty stomach on the drive to work.

    Inital impressions right of the bat

    Flavor hands down ROCKS!!! Pink lemonade was great last time but this tuff with some ice cubes hits the spot.


    15 min later on the road it was such a great slow come up feeling. Much stronger then I recall. Good energy nice and smooth. But mentally man Im normally an angry pissed off person I hate my current job I hated being away from family but I was in a great mood. I showed up at work to meet 3 guys and walk the rest of the way to work. I was cracking jokes I felt great

    the Focus was unreal. I know I have a log on here from 2 years ago. However I think this formula is stronger especially in the nootropic part

    Ive tried many nootopics, Many formulas This one has always stood out ever since I tried it.

    I have a final this week, A paper due thursday, and I start another class in 2 weeks. Plus im already studying for e-6 Im so glad this is back

    Ill update this weekly to note any changes in effects if they increase or decrease.

    Ill even try it out when Im doing PT or in the gym. running is a hard thing for me to do because im lazy and again always think of other **** I need to be doing then running lol
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  2. SO I mixed some up and let it sit awhile to check settling and settling is very minor. I will say yesterday I had too much of this on an empty stomach. I took a serving at 2am with my breakfast and I was fine in work. I had a final at 8 am after I got out of work at 7 am. My last meal came at 4am. at 730 on the way to my final I had another serving

    This managerial accounting final I knew was gonna kick my ass 10 questions took me 2.5 hrs. about 30 min after ingestion I got a pretty bad headache. It made my final more miserable lol. SO dont do that. take this with a small light meal
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  3. I got some - I got to try it. Can't wait.

  4. You wont be dissappointed. it really is hands down one of the best focus products I ever tried. I said this a few years back. plus the flavoring on this raspberry is great. some ice cubes and your all set

    I just found out I got a A on my final and B+ overall in mY managerial accounting class. I nailed My final paper too Im pretty stoked.

    Next week starts another economics course at 8pm and I still have a good amount of focus xt left.

    I am now taking this every other day and none on weekends to keep the effects fresh and not build a tolerance to it. It seems to be working

    There seems to be a cult following with this product I really hope this catches on faster. There are alot of reasons why anyone should have this in their cabinet
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  5. Tonight will be my first doze to take while going running Im hoping perhaps this can help me

    Im not a big runner, in fact I hate it, I start thinking about other **** i need to be doing then running in place for 20 minutes. If I can get my mind off the mindless boring ass **** that is running then Ill be set.

    so Ill update in the morning after I get home from work
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  6. I really like the blue raz too brah.


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