Subweevil's Quick Intra Aid Review

  1. Subweevil's Quick Intra Aid Review

    Alrighty, just figured I'd post up a quick review seeing as how I just tried Intra-aid for the first time. I'm happy to report all is well, seems like quality, and works as advertised. I've only ever used Animal Flex, but now, I can see myself using this as well. Mixabilty is awesome, and taste is very pleasant and mild, if you have tried LG's BC+EAA, it tastes just like that, at least to me. I chose the Blue Raspberry flavor. Nice job Universal!!

  2. I usually go with Extend,.. but have been looking to change up, and have heard not a single negative feedback on IA. Thanks!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. No problem!! Yeah, alll around, it's pretty solid. I could see longer sessions or larger people needing perhaps more than 1 serving, but that's easy enough.

  4. Yup, I prefer two scoops, but either way it's an effective product.

  5. I definitely see this becoming a staple of mine. The calories are low, and that's cool. Pretty sure this would be real handy for someone who is cutting, as it should help to keep the energy up, so I suppose it's good that it might take 2 scoops. I kinda wish it had some Trehalose in it as well, perhaps some digestive enzymes, but no biggie. Just threw this review up quick to give it a thumbs up!!



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