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    I have been using Purple Wraath and White flood for a couple of weeks now and I got great energy,pump and focus from it.It worked for me 15-20 minutes later after consuming it.I always had problems taking with White flood because the taste.I bought Shotgun v3 I took it like 5 times so far and it worked for me but no whwre near as White flood.It suposed to be a really good producy according to a lot of other users.Any suggestions why it is not as effective for me? Thanx!

  2. I had a great response from N.O. Shotgun but some people are just different. Your body may have gotten used to the other stuff you took and if you switch without giving your body a week or so off the other stuff it can still want the other stuff and not want the Shotgun. I say if you continue to have these problems then take a week or 2 off preworkout supplements and then try the Shotgun again.

    I noticed you posted this more than a month ago so let me know what you did after this posting.

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