One word sums it up: horrible.

I got this **** on sale today at GNC (2lb for $14). It's gonna expire in a few months, and I was looking for a protein blend to take before bed. The profile itself isn't too bad (27g PRO, 3.5g CHO, 1.5g FAT per 35g serving), and the blend is decent (mixture of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, microfiltered whey protein isolate, ion exchange whey protein isolate, ultrafiltered whey protein concentrate, egg albumin (egg white), and micellar Casein). However, everything else about it sucks.

First off, the packaging itself is atrocious. It's a carton that's shrink-wrapped by a crappy thin plastic that has everything written on it. When I opened it, the whole thing tore apart, and now I'm left with a white container with a black top:

If that's not enough to make a first impression, the smell (...or rather, the stench) of the powder when I opened it was dreadful. If you've ever smelled a skunk, imagine that, but throw in a hint of chocolate to slightly offset the smell. No exaggeration. The stuff reeks.

Next up comes the taste test. After the original bad experience, I could barely bring myself to actually drink the ****. However, like a trooper ("food is for fuel, not for pleasure!") I kept going and put a scoop in a shaker, poured some water in, and downed it.

Stuff was horrid. I guess I could taste a tiny bit of chocolate/cappuccino, but overall there was this unidentified chemical taste that dominated. I had to chase my shake down with a liter of water to get the taste out of my mouth.

So, overall, the stuff sucks. Don't buy it. I'm a poor college student so will have to do with my 2lbs, but it'll always be something I dread. I've tried a lot of proteins so far, and this is far and beyond the worst (tried ATW (best), ON 100%, ON Casein Blend, Biox Power Whey, Whey Gourmet, etc).

Taste - 3/10
Smell - 2/10
Packaging - 0/10 (worst packaging I've ever seen)
Profile - 8/10 (not bad, could be lower carb)
Value - 4/10.. even at the discounted price I got it at