My jacked Log

  1. My jacked Log

    Okay well first time doing my log so I hope everyone can just pitych in and give me good support and ideas. Anyways its called Jacked by Generation X Labs and its 30mg tren and 8mg Epistane which is the old Spawn. Anyways I am going to does this at 3 pills a day one in the am one at noon and the last in mid afternoon before working out. Im going to really get some serious strength and lean mass. Also at the same time shredding up. So anyways I had this stuff for many 2 months because I was trying to get my pct and other support supps ready so I didnt want to be hasty with this stuff. So along with the it Hawthorn Berries and Milk Thisle Fish Oil, Multi are the basics. The meals will be 6 meals and being hungery on this stuff a lot of my food with be complex carbs borwn rice, oatmeal and the protein will be around 300g consisting of protein shakes 2 times a day and a lot of lean beef and chicken. Cardio will be after working out and will be at a medium intense workout. As far as lifts go I will keep them around the 12-15 range because I still need to get toned more. So wish me luck guys I have been waiting a long time for this. So tomorow is shoulders.

  2. Good luck with the log Broodstar.

  3. good luck, just remember to eat and drink a bunch of water. whats your pct look like?

  4. Thanx everyone. Actually I started it today bc I was suppose to start it yesterday but woke up at 3 pm! So that was a waste so today is better got some quality sleep also felt a little more hungery 30 min after I took my "spawn" joint supps and hawthorns. My water intake will be around 1.5 to be in the safe zone. More ahead just wanted to shine some feedback whats going on.

  5. Day one. Everything was as planed 6 meals high protein clean complex carbs. Went to the gym did shoulders and felt super pumped. Shoulders still swoll from the workouts. Did a little post cardio to speed up the fat loss and looks pretty good so far but still early to say anything since its only day one. Tomorow will be back. Looking forward to a great start.

  6. sounds good man, good luck on your quest!! hope your results are awesome buddy!

  7. Thanx mmamonster this month will be a struggle but I always ate clean I would say 80% of the time so I am making it 90% clean if all posisble. Bought some tuna, chicken, some stuff for chicken enchilladas so I am set for a while. I just keep the protein high and again keeping the complex carbs all in the day. Im going for that shredded tonning look so so far looks great feeling good. But will be keeping everyone posted.

  8. Doing a log can really help motivate you along.
    Helps to keep you focused & eating clean etc.

    I've been guilty of doing a couple of PH cycles and not putting a huge effort into it.

    Oh and the avi pic is also extremely motivating.

  9. ty ty ty yeah I been eatting clean again maybe 1 thing like tacos or something once a week as a cheat meal since I like to make tacos sometimes. So far its been in day 4 so far so good seeing some improvement on my shoulders and traps. Not a huge burst of raw energy just yet. I am being more patient with it since it may take a week or week and a half to really kick in.

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  11. Okay alright stuff seems legit day 5 and looking good. Yesterday I did chest and went from 2 80's for 14 reps last week to 2 90's for 10 reps and 2 85's for 14 so I was ver excited with all means. Legs will be hit big time tomorow to really boost test up. I did however felt lethargic on day 3 taking odd naps within the afternoons lol. I did put a halt to it by upping my b vitamins and just for sake of it taking my zma which would not hurt. Uped the carbs up big time and the water intake from 1 gallon to 1.5 with a lot of green tea in the mix. So far so good I am feeling much stronger. Day 3 I did got irritated so I managed to take in more Fish oil which actually seems to help big time. So far everythings working great again its 90 tren 24 epistane and so far I am liking it. On the leg press I should be able to hit 1,100 since last week hit 1,000 for 4 reps. Damn lethargic feeling sucked @ss though but I did felt like a 2 hour nap was like a 10 hr nap haha.

  12. Yeah 1000 leg press for 6 reps! Damn right heads are turnnin in the gym with my insane amount of hard work and effort I put in. started out with 135 on the barbell for 4 sets of 15 chest press for just warm up lol. Then headed to the leg press started out at 500 for 15 then 600 for 15 then 700 for 10 then 800 for 8 then 900 for 6 then 1000 for 6! Eat that ****! Afterwords headed off to the the squats did an easy 100 for 15 reps then 200 for 15 then 300 for 6 reps. Droped it to 200 again for 10 reps then 130 for 10 reps. Legs extensions 115 for 3 sets of 15 then 2 sets of legs curls for 15 reps. Legs are so tight and wow what a workout! Good stuff im very pleased with the results and the strength gains.

  13. Looks impressive. Keep it up!
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  14. Thanks strategic. The lethargy is mild really sucks to just take naps out of random. Or just when I lay down I will drift off.

  15. well here are the meals that I am doing on the cycle:
    6 Am - 1 cu of oatmeal 4 eggs little bacon

    9 am 2 scoops whey

    12 grilled chicken with 1.5 cups brown rice, yogurt

    3 pm tuna with wheat bread

    6-7 post workout shake 2 scoops whey

    8 ish chicken with brown rice

    Im also trying to cut up on this stuff trying to keep the reps between 12-15 The weights so far has gone up which is great not a huge increase but I do feel more stronger. The lethargy is the only thing I experience. I take odd naps which are maybe 3-4 hrs long. Trying to keep the timing in the gym no more than 1hr 15 mins. My lifts are more compound consisting of deadlifts, barbell rows, bench press, clean and press, dips, and squats.

  16. Alright today was very exausting and tireing as ever but got in the gym did chest. started off with flat dumbell presses 25 each hand for a warm up. Then 2 30 lbs for another warm up. Went to the 2 95's for 12 reps followed by a drop set to the 2 85's for 12 2 75's for 15 then 2 65's for 15. Inclined was alright started off with 2 70's had a guy spot me told him I am going for 10-15 and once I got to my 10th rep he grabed the dumbell out of my right hand I was like dude wtf I could have done 3 more tand he spoted me by holding my wrist....hmmmm okay never spot me ever again lol I was quite pissed off he just grabed the weight without me telling him next time ima drop it on yo face! lol Went ot the decline machine and did 200 for 15 reps then 1180 for 12 then 160 for 15 reps but at this point at ever 5th rep was a strong 10 second hold to keep the tris and pecs firing. 4th set was 145 for 15 reps the same way I did the previous set. Cable flys 15 reps controled 2-1-2 for 50 for 4 sets. Last thing was dips at 200 for 12 reps 4 sets triceps blown to the sky heavens already. Strength was great and the lthargy seems to be letting up. The protein I increased it even more with the eggs and lean turky bacon and more tuna and chicken and carbbing up in the daytime.

  17. Did arms today not bad started out with 135 close grip bench for 15 then superseted it with preacher curls @85 for 15 reps. Benched again for 155 for 15 reps then same for preacher. benched 185 for 15 reps then back to the preacher for 95 for 15. Benched 225 for 10 then benched 245 for 5. Next was ez bar skull crushers started out with 25's on each side for 15, then 2 35's for 15 for a total of 4 sets superseted with a 40 lb db for concentration curls for 12-15 reps 4 sets. Did rope hammer curls on the cable at 65 for 15 reps superset with abs at 65 for 25 reps 4x. Last was dips 2 45's on each side 4 sets 10-15.

  18. jeez got the lower back pumps its really getting annoying taking taurine with every dosage hit the gym for shoulders once I did my lateral raises thats where my back pumps started again. This is starting to become a hinderance and is getting really annoying real fast. Im doing 1g taurine gor every dosage so I don't know what else to add I know takign advil won't be a wise solution so. Any thoughts?????


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