Getting ripped anyway I can!

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1. Look as good (lean) as I can in 4-6 weeks
2. Stay above 90kg
3. Maintain or gain size

Current Stats

Bodyweight : 93kg, Bodyfat approx : 12% (guess)
Height : 6'2 or 190cm, Bodytype : Ectomorph


I make all meals myself. I don't count calories. I'll be using my waistline as my main guide in all of this. That and the mirror.

Weight Training

Arnold's Advanced Training Program - Level I
I'll be doing this program, with some modifications to avoid overtraining.


I run home and to work some days. I swim somedays. I'll keep track of that in the log


AX SX SlimExtreme: 2 caps before breakfast
CEL P-MAG : 1 cap with breakfast, 1 with dinner

Other Supplements

Multivitamin. Protein Powder.