My First Log: Blue Gene/Blue Up

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  1. I would go for another month of Blue GENE, as it's almost summer... hit it hard and buckle down fo rthe month. i would also pick up some PW. just me tho

  2. Thanks Renegade you've twisted my arm! lol Everything has been going great. I resisted temptation at a few memorial day bbq's so it's all good. I've got about a few days left on the blue stack and I'll post a final review.

    Renegade brought up a good point and since it is summer I'll probably do another month of this. Since it has been good at dropping some weight. I had a few soft spots especially around the love handles when I started. Those are hardening up! I still have a little fat in the stomach that I'm going to try and knock out in the next month or so but I've definitely lost a little fat there too.

  3. Hell yeah, keep it rollin brotha!

  4. Nice to hear the results...


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