My First Log: Blue Gene/Blue Up

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    log looks good bro, i also am from oklahoma, my gf will be goin to osu next year, i unfortunately will be attending ou lol but its all good, i know a guy who lifts up at osu i think, his name is louis if im not mistake, u may know him but im sure there are a lot of louis's up there lol
    I guess your gf is the smart one then! I'm starting at OSU this summer. It's good to have some Oklahomans join along. Welcome aboard!

  2. haha she pry is, osu def has the better parties lol but good luck with the log

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    I just looked at your progress pics and just got more motivated/excited about this stack. You're right about the first comeback kid-turn it around! That cd is one of my all time favorites. I noticed you had a war of ages video on your log too. That's a fantastic band bro!
    Thanks bro, yeah i was very happy with my results! Id promote it any day... i lost 12 lbs with consistent exercise and a not to structured diet (didnt eat bad **** really though) and i would say i kept most if not all my muscle... trying to get a body comp this weekend if i can get ahold of the personal trainer who does it for me

    good luck bro ill be watching your log
  4. Thumbs up Back in the Game

    Alright back to the log. You guys are definitely right about leaning out on this supp. According to my mirror I've lost a little BF% especially around my stomach. I have been going up in my calories actually and not intentionally. I've been hungry all the time but for the most part I've kept my diet clean. Yesterday I did legs and had a nice little run afterwards. When I got back to work I felt like I could barely walk. The intensity of my workouts has been great but what I'm most suprised at is my endurance. The endurance has really shot up since starting this stack.

    Also on the supplement front I'm running low on PW and WF now. After these tubs I'm going to take a month off. After a month I'm planning on doing the PW and Green Mag again. Delicious!

    I'm about to hit the gym today to do arms and will post tmrw!
    Have a good Friday everyone!

    These cd is greatness!
  5. Thumbs up Alright

    alright I have really slipped on keeping up with the log. However my workouts are still going good. My diet sucked over this last weekend but I picked it right back up. Right now I'm debating on rather to get some more blue gene for 2 months in a row. I still got about a weeks worth left. I'm completely out of white flood and PW! I was going to take a month off of the PW and just go all natural for the next month and then do another blue stack pw run. Any suggestions?

    On another note did anyone else using this stack experience a rise(no pun intended) in libido? I have experienced this but I don't know whether to give the +1 to the stack or spring time. It's pretty normal to get a boost during spring time in my experience.

    Well it's memorial day which means a lot of BBQ & Beer tempations out there. I better be on my best behavior! Good luck to everyone else as well

  6. I would go for another month of Blue GENE, as it's almost summer... hit it hard and buckle down fo rthe month. i would also pick up some PW. just me tho

  7. Thanks Renegade you've twisted my arm! lol Everything has been going great. I resisted temptation at a few memorial day bbq's so it's all good. I've got about a few days left on the blue stack and I'll post a final review.

    Renegade brought up a good point and since it is summer I'll probably do another month of this. Since it has been good at dropping some weight. I had a few soft spots especially around the love handles when I started. Those are hardening up! I still have a little fat in the stomach that I'm going to try and knock out in the next month or so but I've definitely lost a little fat there too.

  8. Hell yeah, keep it rollin brotha!

  9. Nice to hear the results...


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