Core ABC Review: Fruit Punch

  1. Core ABC Review: Fruit Punch

    I started a cut a couple of weeks ago, and one of the things I stopped doing was taking carbs intraworkout. I also started to do cardio and wanted something to prevent catabolism in a caloric deficit. So, I searched around and this is what I've found...

    Core ABC

    Formula: 10/10 - This product combines BCAAs in a proven ratio, a healthy dose of Beta Alanine, a healthy dose of Citrulline Malate, and no proprietary blends. Absolutely fantastic.

    Taste: 9/10 - I've heard a few reps say that Fruit Punch tastes just like Kool Aid, and they were not stretching the truth at all. The taste is sweet, tangy, and very fruity. Quite a pleasure to drink between sets or on a treadmill. The reason that it only got 9 points was because it is a little too sweet for me. Especially near the end of my drink, I am ready to stop drinking it.

    Price: 10/10 - It is expensive, don't get me wrong, but for what you get, it is worth it. $50 for 50 servings. I usually use 2 servings per day, so we are talking 25 days. With my schedule, that will last me about 6 weeks. All of the goodies in it + the flavoring makes it a great value. It's very comparable to other intraworkout drinks, but in my opinion, this formula beats them all.

    Couple of other notes:

    1) Recovery has been hard to judge. I am getting through cardio just fine, but I'm not sure how much can be attributed to the product. Weight lifting is going great, even with less carbs and calories. So, it looks like it's working. Regardless of me being able to feel the effects or not, I know how my body will react to the ingredients, so I am confident that it's doing it's job.

    2) It does contain Aspartame. However, I do not suffer from the disease phenylketonuria, and as far as my research has gone, I have not seen any conclusive evidence that I should avoid aspartame. The studies which say that aspartame gives you cancer used doses well above any practical human intake, and there haven't been enough of these studies that duplicate results. Aspartame is OK by me.

    3) I have the grape flavor as well and I can't wait. Grape is my favorite flavor of anything

    4) Core ABC will be released in 2 new flavors which are both sweetened with sucralose as opposed to aspartame. I will be picking these up for sure.

    EDIT: Damn it! Wrong section

  2. The had some solid products, too bad they aren't a sponsor here anymore.

  3. Why aren't they?

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