1. JP8

    I'd read a lot of good things about JP8, so I went ahead and ordered the 2 tub special. I just cycled off Prime/Powerful stack, so maybe its an unfair assessment of JP8. What I'm sure about is that JP8 grape is the worse tasting NO product I've ever tried.

    I've tried mixing it with juice, but the acidic aftertaste remains in my mouth. Also have experienced nausea every time. I started off with 1 scoop, than increased to 1.5 scoops. Did not experience any kind of vasodialation effect. JP8 has nothing on NO Shotgun. The onlly preworkout drink that tasted worse than JP8 was Gakic.

  2. It's not just an NO product. I don't get crazy pumps from it, but it really gets me in the zone and keeps me there. I mix mine with some grape juice and water. Taste isn't the best, but the results for me are, and that's why I buy it. If it's a pump I want, then I stack it with NOS Ether. As for the nausea, try taking it longer before your workout, I don't know what your dosing time is pre-workout, but I would up it. I'm one of the few who takes it like 10-20 minutes before, and no issues. I've tried NO shotgun, and pumps were good, but not compared to stacking JP8 and NOS Ether. I realize you aren't talking about stacking, just JP8, just trying to help ya out. Good luck in the future!!

  3. I have taken it as suggested, on an empty stomach, within 30-60 mins from workout. I've mixed it with juice, and I still can't get beyond the taste, aftertaste, and nausea. I've never had this problem with a pre-workout drink, and I've tried a few. I appreciate your advice, but its time to move on.

  4. Taste is FOUL but man the juice is worth the squeeze, nothing compares.

    I would drink dirty bath water if it helped me as much as this product has.

    Up at 4am, work till 6pm, home at 7pm, train at 8pm i am burnt out! But with JP8 i am super charged through the 90mins.

    Its a staple for me

  5. I appreciate your advice, but its time to move on.
    No worries bud, all the best!!



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