Pmiller's review of Forged Transformed.

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  1. Pmiller's review of Forged Transformed.

    Custom Capsules New Joint Supplement
    I will be competing in a bench press and deadlift meet tomorrow so the past few months of training have been rough. I have been having some aches in my ankles and my left elbow and I am hoping Custom Capsules new formula is going to get my feeling 100%.
    Other Supps
    Fish Oil and Muscle Pharms Combat Powder
    You Might Like To Know
    I train westside, follow the anabolic diet, and I am in a maintenance phase with my weight so diet will be consistent throughout.
    How the log will run
    I will be using the formula for thirty days straight at two capsules a day. Rather than giving daily updates about trivial workouts I will just update on days where my Elbow or ankles are feeling achy. This will most likely be my Dynamic Effort Upper days and possibly my Dynamic effort Lower days.
    Final Review
    I was pretty impressed with this product, it did exactly what it was suppose to without any weird side effects. The Joint Support formula really seemed to lubricate my elbows and knees fairly quickly allowing me to keep up with my heavy training. I noticed a decline in headaches while I was using the formula as well, which is something I wasn't expecting. The biggest downside I had with the formula is that I could never remember if I took it or not. I know there were days when I doubled dosed the product but it didn't seem to make a noticeable difference. For me this product was more effective than a cissus only product and it seemed to work really well with my fish oil regiment.

  2. givem hell man good luck
    Team Orbit

  3. I just received my Joint Support as well. I haven't opened her up yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll be following along.
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  4. Hope the meet is going well today Paul!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Hope the meet is going well today Paul!
    Well I ended up doing ok today, won my division. Here are my attempts:
    Bench - Raw
    405 easy
    425 Super Easy
    455 Lost my tightness during the pause and missed, completely technical.

    Metal IPF King Suit
    500 - should have been easy but I haven't trained enough in the suit so I lost my balance and ended up falling forward - Miss
    Suit Off
    500 Quick
    550 Easy off the floor but got the bar stuck on my knee, recovered and locked it out.
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  6. Great stuff, you know im subbed, cant wait to see how this treats you.
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CopyCat View Post
    I just received my Joint Support as well. I haven't opened her up yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll be following along.
    Will you post a review too bro?
    Gause institute member

    Need2slin designer.Product designer/ N2BM admin.

  8. I am logging this as well, started on friday. I am hopeful we will get to see some solid results.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by russianstar View Post
    Will you post a review too bro?
    Yes, I will be.
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  10. I've got mine up and running now as well for the same stuff.

    A CopyCat's Review of Forged Joint Repair
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  11. Day 1
    April 27, 09

    First Impressions
    The actual bottle itself is a really nice metal container. The pills themselves were 00 size caps so they were easy to take. No weird aftertaste or ingredients on the outside of the caps.
    Todays Workout
    Reverse Hypers - 235 12/12/10
    Glute Ham Raises BW+Light Band 10/12/10
    Split Squats 15/15/15
    Sled Dragging 90lbs 5 trips @ 100ft
    Tonights Workout
    Unilateral Band Leg Curls 3x30 each leg
    Leg Raises 100 reps total with mini bands
    Lat Pulldowns 5x20 @ 40%
    45` Back Raises 1x50
    Prehab Work
    Foam Marching for 3 minutes
    Foam Roller for IT Bands, Hamstrings, Quads, Upper Back
    Ankle mobility
    What Hurts
    Right Elbow - dry with dull pain
    Right Ankle - Sharp Pains upon impact
    Wrists - Dull Pain
    Joint Supports Effects
    Nothing noticed after first dose, no negative sides.

  12. April 29, 2009

    Glute Ham Raise - BW x 20
    Incline CG Press - 225 10/10/10
    False Grip Pulldown - 180 x10 200 10/10/12
    Incline Rolling Triceps - 50's 12/12/12
    Barbell Front Raise (Strict) 65 12/12/8
    Prowler 180lbs for 6 50ft trips, 1 minutes rest between
    Tonights Workout
    Band Leg Curls 100 reps total
    Dumbbell Cleans - 100 total
    Bicep Curls - Few Sets
    Foam Roll
    Thoughts On Joint Support
    Well my wrists felt good during the presses and extensions, but my right elbow is still pretty dry and achy. During the Prowler trips my ankles starting taking a beating, mainly because I tend to over pronate my left. The joint support seems like its starting to lessen the dull aches I have in my ankles so I am happy about that but I cant fully attribute this to the Joint Repair yet.
    Still deloading from the meet but starting monday I will get back into my heavy training. This week is more or less to introduce our assistance exercises for the next few weeks. I am going to get some new shoes to squat in this week so hopefully I will find something with good ankle support. I have been using a pair of Chuck Taylors that I had modified with a solid heal elevation but they are just not giving my the support I need and I feel like I always sliding around in them. If anyone ever wants a cheap pair of Olympic shoes though I can't think of a better option than getting a pair of chucks and having the heel added on.

  13. numbers look great P. I am struggling in my right ankle as well, and am hoping this does the trick

  14. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    numbers look great P. I am struggling in my right ankle as well, and am hoping this does the trick
    I have been trying a lot of different things lately to increase strength and mobility in my ankle and I have found marching on foam to be one of the most noticeable movements to do. Also if you can use jump stretch bands to traction your ankles they help decrease joint pain in my experience.

  15. May 01, 2009

    Single Leg RDL's w/ DB 50s 8/8/10
    Back Attacks Green Band 15/15/15/15
    Pull Down Abs 100 20/20/20
    Backwards Sled Drags 5 100ft trips with three plates
    Tonights Extra Work
    March on Foam for 5 Minutes
    Ankle traction with bands
    Today was used to get use to the accessory work for our upcoming dynamic lower body days. The Joint support seemed to make my elbow feel good today as well as keeping my ankles feeling not horrible during the rdls and sled dragging. My joints are starting to feel like they are getting back to a normal level of lubrication which I attribute to the Joint support and my high fat diet.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by pmiller383 View Post
    I have been trying a lot of different things lately to increase strength and mobility in my ankle and I have found marching on foam to be one of the most noticeable movements to do. Also if you can use jump stretch bands to traction your ankles they help decrease joint pain in my experience.
    I will have to give these a try. I am also going to do my sq and dl in my wrestling shoes.

  17. May 04, 2009

    Weekend Training
    Illegal Wide Presses - worked up to 315 x 8
    Dumbbell Rows - 130 12/12
    DB Cleans - 25's 15/15/15
    Band Pushdowns - GreenBand 20/20/?(lost Count)/20
    Thick Rope Sled Rows - 45+tiresled 50ft x 8
    Todays Morning
    Box Squats + Briefs - Singles at 135,225,240,295,335,385,435 missed 485
    RDL's 185 10/12/12
    Glute Ham Raises - Old Green Band 10+/10+/10+/10 (didn't count but more than ten on each set
    Tonight's Workout
    Reverse Hyper Swings - 3 sets of 15
    Leg Press Single Leg - 50 reps per leg
    Laying leg raise against bands - until I get an ab cramp/pump
    Hamstring work - dont know yet
    Joint Support
    Elbow felt great both yesterday and today, very impressed with how quickly it relieved the dryness. My ankles felt ok while lifting this morning but they are bugging me know. I feel like the Joint support formula is helping keeping everything lubricated but I am just starting to notice an anti-inflammatory effect acutely after dosing. I have also noticed that I don't feel as rigid as usual when I first wake up in the morning. In other words, so far so good.

  18. How ya doin Paul? Figured I'd drop by and say whats up. Also, you really are a beast man...insane power numbers indeed.

    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by SamBoz19 View Post
    How ya doin Paul? Figured I'd drop by and say whats up. Also, you really are a beast man...insane power numbers indeed.

    My squat still sucks bud, got a lot of work to do with that one. Glad to see you stopping in, your always good company.

  20. May 6, 2009

    Speed Bench - 205+1 chains - 5x5
    Incline Close Grip Presses - 205 x 10 225x10
    Rolling Dumbbell Extension - 60+Mini 10/12/10/12
    BB Front Raise - 75 10/10/12
    Upright Row - some with some weight (can't remember what it was)
    Prowler - 8 trips
    Tonights Workout
    Pull Ups - 50 total with no cheat reps, hopefully done in 4-5 sets
    Dips - 100 total , no more than 4 sets hopefully.
    Side Bends - Until I get bored
    Ankle Traction with average band
    Foam Rolling
    Joint Support
    Well my elbow was a little tender after my first couple sets of bench but once it fully warmed up it was feeling good. I am definitely noticing better joint lubrication since starting the joint support formula. I braced my ankles todays before doing the prowler sprints and that really made a huge difference in how I preformed there. I am impressed with the formula so far because its seems to be getting more noticeable by the day.

  21. In, a lil late, but in! lol. Their new line of products is looking nice.

  22. May 10, 2009

    Fridays Workout
    Speed Squats w/ Giant camber bar - 9x2 @ 225+130lbs in chain
    Rack Pulls - Pin 1 - 3x3 @ 315+ Doubled Mini Band
    DB single Leg RDLs - 4x10 per foot at 50 pound dumbbells
    Back AttacK on GHR - 4 x 10+
    GHR - 1 x 22
    Pull Down Abs - 3 x 16
    Sunday's Workout
    3 Board Bench - worked up to 475 x 1 and missed 495x1 right off the board
    Standing Millitary Press - 135x5 , 185x5
    Dumbbell Rows - 3x10 @ 130 per each hand
    Band Pulldowns - Various sets
    Dumbbell Cleans - 3x20 @ 20's
    Curls - 1 set with some weight for some reps
    Thoughts of Joint Support
    My hips were a little beat up after friday but that went away pretty quickly. My elbow is feeling almost 100% now, with absolutely no dryness today. Ankles have been feeling pretty bad the last couple days, mainly because the weather is changing a little bit which always gets them sore. I am pretty impressed with the Joint Support so far, its seems to work a little quicker than any of the Cissus products I have tried, and the dosing is super simple. I can definitely seeing this being a staple supplement for anyone with joint issues.

  23. May 11, 2009

    Today's Workout
    SSB Suspended Good Morings - worked up to 315 and couldn't budge 335, my leverage on these was horrible
    SSB Front Squat - 135x5 185x5
    Glute Ham Raise vs Blue Band - 10/8/8/6
    Single Leg Reverse Hypers - 3x10 @ 140
    Sled - Ankle Dragging - 10 trips at 50' feet
    Heavy Ab work
    Foam Rolling
    Split Squats standing on foam
    Joint Support
    Pretty much my whole body felt like a giant tird today, but all my joints felt good. I usually end up with my knees killing me after front squats but today they did not bother me at all. I just did the two light sets because my back was fried from the Good mornings, but my ankles and knees could have handled a lot more.

  24. 5-13-09

    Todays Workout
    GHR - 1x25
    Speed Bench - 225 + Chain 5x5
    Incline Close Grip - 245 10x2
    Rolling Dumbbell Extensions - 60's 3x12 (mini band behind back one last set)
    BB Front Raise - 65 4x12
    Prowler - Plate and Quarter per handle 10 trips total
    Joint Support
    My ankles are absolutely killing me today, but my elbow is feeling ok. The prowler usually beats up my ankles anyways so Im can understand why they hurt now. Im starting to be able to cut my warmup time down for my elbows which is pretty cool. All in all I am pretty happy with the product so far.

  25. 5-15-2009

    Today's Training

    Glute Hams - Bw x 15
    Dynamic Squats - Giant Camber Bar + 3 sets Chains - 185x2 225x2 275x2x2x2x2x1x2x2
    Rack Pulls - Pin 1 + doubled Mini with gangster tension - 365x3x3x3
    Single Leg RDL's - 60# dumbbells x10x10xfaceplanted hard lol
    Poor Man Back Attack - 12/12/12/12
    Sled Drag - 10 trips with a couple different dragging styles.
    Not A Damn Thing
    Joint Support
    Ankles felt absolutely horrible today, I don't know what triggered it but they were locking up on me all last night and this morning the were aching pretty bad, probably a 7 out of 10. Elbow has still been feeling great though, and after a little trigger wheeling to loosen up my ankles they are feeling alright now but still not great.
    Why can't I ever remember how to squat. Every week I make at least one mistake that kills my form. Today I did a couple sets without my lats tight at all, then once I got tight there I realized I wasn't setting my hips right (balls to the box). Finally on my last set I realized that I was pushing my knees out, but not spreading the floor at all. Who knows maybe one day I will get it together and be a real power lifter lol.

  26. 5-17-2009

    Camber Bar Bench - worked up to 405 on a two board and then missed 425, I think I miss grooved it.
    Pin Press - 585 x5x5
    Dumbbell Rows - 130's x12x12x10
    Dumbbell Cleans - 20's x15x15x15
    Pretty crappy workout today
    Joint Support
    My ankles are feeling a lot better today and I haven't really noticed any discomfort in my elbows so far today. The pin presses can beat me up sometime so we will see how it feels later tonight.

  27. 5-18-2009

    Reverse Band Dead Lifts - Worked up to 605 for a moderaterly hard single and then could not get 625 passed my knees, it was pretty weird.
    Round Back Good Morning - 225x5 245x5 135x15
    Glute Ham Raise vs Blue Band - x8x10x12
    Reverse Hypers - 230 x 15
    Reverse Hypers - Two Sets against bands
    Pulldown abs or spread eagle abs - 5 x10-12
    Joint Support
    Everything felt pretty good today, and thus far I am happy with how quickly the joint support helps my joints get lubricated after they feel dry or achy for a couple days. I was starting to lose a little faith in the product last week with my ankles but everything appears to be doing a little better now.

  28. 5-20-2009

    Today's Training
    Speed Bench w/ Chain - 5x5@ 205
    Close Grip Incline - 235x8 255x8
    Big Circuit Of:
    Rolling Incline DB Ext - 60's x12x12x12x12
    PullDowns - 200 x10x10x10 (went easy on these)
    Front Raise - 65 x12x12x12
    Prowler Pig - we each choose an exercise for the prowler and if you didn't finish you got a letter, just like the basketball game. Here were the exercise before we all keeled over:
    Low Handle Backwards Drag
    Low Handle Push
    High Handle Sprint for two trips
    Prowler Suicides - These were awesome, I literally got the spins after and went home with a solid prowler hangover. After a two hour nap I woke up and still had my legs feeling absolutely blown up.
    Fat Man Rows - 100 Reps
    Band Pushdowns - 100 Reps
    Band Pull Throughs - 2x25
    Neck Harness - 2x25
    Joint Support
    Everything is feeling great today pain wise. My elbows seem like they are pretty much 100% now and my knee hasn't bothered me at all lately. My ankles have been hit or miss but that is something I am going to deal with my whole life. One weird thing I have noticed from this product is a reduction in head aches that are usually associated with seasonal allergies. For the first week I used the problem I noticed they were starting to get less severe , they are usually not bad to begin with but still noticeable, and now they are just about non existent. The prowler headache made me realize this today because that is the only headache I have gotten in the past week or so.

  29. 5-22-2009

    Today's Workout
    Giant Camber Bar + 3 sets of Chains - 225x2x2 275x2x2 295x2 315x2 335x2 345x2
    Pin Pulls vs Ganster Minis - Pin 1 - All Singles 135/225/315/365/405/455/475 <-- The band made these crazy hard to lock out
    Back Attack - Green Band 12x12x12x12
    Reverse Hyper Swings - 230 x15x12x12
    Pulldown Abs - 110 x20x20x20x20
    Sled Dragging - 3 plates for 200ft then 4 plates for 4 trips of 200ft
    Joint Support
    Ankles felt great today, they did not give me any problems what so ever. I think I messed something up in my right hand today while I was squatting so hopefully the Joint Support will help alleviate any inflammation that may arise from it. I think it was because of where my grip is on the Giant Camber bar. I am starting to notice that my muscles are recovering quickly since I started using the joint support. Usually after lifting in the morning I will begin to feel beat up at night, but with the joint support I don't really get that feeling. I am guessing this is all related to the anti-inflammatory effects of some of the ingredients.

  30. 5-26-2009

    Sunday's Workout
    Close Grip Bench - worked up to 365 for an easy triple.
    Shirt Bench - New Titan Fury - tripled 495 to a one board and touch 455.
    Dumbbell Rows - 2x12 @125's
    Band Pushdowns - Green Band 15/15/15/12/12/12
    Monday's Workout
    Inverse Leg Curls - 5x5 3 second holds
    Back Raises- Doubled Purple Band - 10/10/10/8
    Split Squats - Purple Band over neck - 12/12/12
    Sled Work - 5 200ft trips
    Today's Workout
    Pulldowns 100reps
    Fat Man Rows - 50 reps
    T-Bar rows -50reps
    Face Pulls - 100 Reps
    Foam Rolling
    Joint Support
    The formula has been keeping me feeling pretty good lately, I am really please with the results thus far. I am pretty beat up from the shirt pressing the other day so my workouts have been light the past few days.


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