Activate Extreme and ATD

  1. Activate Extreme and ATD

    I am new to the supplement world. Through board reading It seemed for my first supplement trial I would use Activate Extreme combined with ATD. My goal is to loose around 5 to 10 pounds, while tring to keep my muscle. I am 31 YO and weigh 220 at 5"10 and 20% BF according to Tanita. Can any one critic these supplements and or suggest something else?

  2. Activate xtreme is a good product. So is thing about ATD is that much over 25mgs i tend to lose my libido(seems to be the case for a lot of people) So keep that in mind. An alternative to the ATD would be a formestane product (CEL's topical Formestane or IBE's oral/sublingual Formex), 6-Bromo products, 6-oxo prod's. These are alternative AI's that wont inhibit libido and may increase it at certain doseages. ATD is good and i always seem to gain strength when using it, if libido isnt an issue then i'd use it. Let us know what you choose to go with! good luck!


  3. Thanks for the reply! Do you think these 2 products will help shed some fat?

  4. I used Activate and Rebound a few years ago for a recomp had a pretty good run with it but as always diet and training will play the biggest part of any fitness goal you have and as stated earlier the atd can have an adverse effect on libido so if your going to use it just keep an eye on things and you can always taper off a little if it gets to bad but like i said I've used these products before with good results went form 12.5% BF to about 9.5% BF in about 6 weeks I also used a fat burner the old lipo 6 I havent tried the new stuff but there are plenty of fat burners out there ... but I digress enough rambling just remember diet will make or brake any fitness goal you have good luck!

  5. Thank you for your feedback. That was very informative. I started to eat clean, I bumped cardio to 4 days a week and Im lifting 4 days a week. I am going to give these supplements a shot on monday!



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