OK! OK! TRENADROL IS THE ****ING ****TT!. Sorry for starting a Thread 8 days into it, but the only reason I am doing so is bc Trenadrol is no joke. I am not the biggest guy, but I went from 225X10 to 245X10 in "one" week. My strenght and size is getting redic in just one week. I am 8 days in now and am starting to feel that ALPHA FUKEN MALE ****. Stamina is thorugh the roof already, I have to force myself to rest 30 seconds inbetween sets. I am running Cycle Assist along with it. I am running two bottles of Trenadrol at one pill with morning meal and two pills before workout. The pumps are out of the world, bottom line I can jsut see how this **** is going to work seeing how I already added 20lbs to my bench, which my goal at the end of the cycle is to be at 275X10. Also am now starting to sweat more which will shred fat. My diet is crazy protein high tyring to keep carbs down minimal and at least 2 gallons of water a day. I will keep everyone up to date on this ****, I know its not the ultimate cycle seeing how im not staking it with anything else, but **** im in love with just Trenadrol already.

  2. Very nice, very nice. How much you weight now brah?

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