Major Rash from Sustain-Alpha!!! -

Major Rash from Sustain-Alpha!!!

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    Major Rash from Sustain-Alpha!!!

    I was just seeing if anyone else has broken out in a rash from taking Sustain-Alpha. I have been taking it for about 3 weeks at 5 pumps a day at 5 days on M-F and Saturday and Sunday off. Anyway last Sunday when I didn't apply it I went for a run with my dog outside and when I got back in my body was all broke out in a rash just where I had applied the transdermal. I have been itchy like crazy this whole last week and finally went to the Dr. to get steroid shot to slow the itching done which I still have.......anyway, I haven't been impressed with this product anyways as far as getting any results so just warning everyone that for me this product is a NO GO!

    Let me know how everyone else has responded to this.

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    I've been using it in the same fashion for about 3-4 weeks now and haven't noticed anything except a nice libido boost. One thing that may help is rotating the application spot, helps decrease any potential irritation of the skin by overexposure.
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