I felt compelled to write a review because I find them very helpful in my search for supps. This is my first post on AM. I received a free sample of VasoCharge when I ordered another supp, so I tried it at half the dosage because I'm sensitive to stims, which usually keeps me away from these types of products.

I have to say I loved the stuff. Felt like my muscles refused to cramp up in the gym, so I really was able to push it. Great endurance and great pump with no jitteriness before or, more importanly, after. Of course, I was, again, at only half dose, which was perfect. The next day and day after, I was CRAZY sore, so I know I got a great workout.

I'm going to buy more and would suggest it for anyone interested in really giving their workouts a great intensity boost. Felt great mental focus too.

I'm not familiar with Scavation, but great product.