Cutting with Lean FX , SLX , and Hyperdrol X2

  1. Smile Cutting with Lean FX , SLX , and Hyperdrol X2

    Hi all I plan to start my Cutting next week using the following stack:

    Lean FX , Slim Xtreme , and Hyperdrol X2.

    Here is a little Info about me:

    AGE: 18
    WEIGHT: 198
    HEIGHT: 5'11
    BF %: Body Fat Analyzer said 24% , Which looked a little inaccurate , My guess is it is Closer to 18%-20%.

    I have been working out with weights on and off for about 2 years , I got not much cardio in the few past years and had a messed up diet , which was too low , 1000-1400 calories a day. Because I would sometimes skip breakfast for school then eat lunch at school then eat food at dinner and thats it. I basically had 2-3 meals day , I was told that slowed my metabolism down and made me put on fat. I went from 165 to 198 in the past year or two , weight workouts were not as intense as I do now because I had no routine just did a few stuff like bench , curls and other upper body stuff , hardly ever worked out legs.

    Do you think the reason I gained that much weight is because of not having a leg workout and pretty much no cardio ? As for last month , I've been eating alot better like 5-6 meals a day , cutting out: soda , candy , fast food , and sweets.

    I also added cardio to my brand new workout routine which goes as the following:

    MONDAY: Chest , abs , 25 minutes HIIT cardio
    TUESDAY: Back and Legs
    THURSDAY: Triceps , Biceps , abs and 25 min HIIT cardio
    FRIDAY: Shoulders , Traps and 25 Min HIIT Cardio

    DIET , work in progress:

    6AM - Wake up shower
    6:20AM - Oatmeal High Fiber and High protein Boost Drink
    9:30AM - Protein Bar
    12:00PM - Meal Bar
    3:30: Tuna , added with 2 TSP light mayo
    6:30: Usually go out , but I always try to eat High protein low carb stuff
    10PM - cereal with strawberry banana smoothie with 2-3 scoops of Protein

    Calories at about 2000-2200 a day , creating a 1000 calorie deficit , drinking Lots of water everyday too

    Starting cycle next week on monday and I plan to run this cycle for 8 weeks , My goal is too drop my BF % down much as I can , What do you think of my Diet so far ( will go stricter on cycle ) and workout routine?

    Also , Do you think in 8 weeks using the Lean FX , Slim Xtreme , and Hyperdrol X2 stack will give me good results ?

    If you could give me an estimate on how much BF& I can lose during this time frame , i'd appreciate it too!

    Thanks for looking , Would love your input and advice


  2. how do you not rip somebodys head off at 2200 calories a day.

    R u kidding me......

    That stack looks solid, but at 18 you should be able to do sprints 4 times a week and shred.


    Eat 5- 6 times a day

    Clean that diet up

    Get on the tread mill.

    Good luck

  3. thanks , I'm trying to clean it up before I start it monday ...... Got any suggestions on what to buy at the store ?

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