Eviscerate simple non log review and impresions

  1. Eviscerate simple non log review and impresions

    I got Eviscerate today YAY

    i was going to save it for pct or after pct. it woulnt be a fair review of this product since im currently on the one. so imight just say what i have noticed so far today and ocassionally say if something happens.

    Label: i liked the label. The black back ground with the orange and yellow flames.

    Cap: I like it cause its not very messy thats a plus. since u can even close it with ur elbow (that is if its on a flat hard surface) just in case u push it over or something it doesnt spills out all over the place.

    Smell: Smell before i apply it. it smells ok in the bottle it kind of to java lather in some way. But when i apply it i didnt like it alot. it was barable and it wasnt nasty but im very special when it comes to smells. lol but i get either used to very fast or the fraganze dies kind of fast (around 30 min)

    Absortion: loved it. it gets dry fast and doesnt leave skin feeling greassy and even if u dont wash ur hands it doesnt let them greasy either if youdont wash them right away.

    Skin type. Well im hispanic/irish/white/brown. My skin color is white(not too white like Silentbob), i have freakles and some patches of red hair on whats left of my hair(damn PH's) and my beard has alot of red hairs.(not a ginger kid) so i get burn easyly by the sun.

    I Applied some Eviscerate to my mid section i didnt noticed much. i was expecting it to burn like hell and no it didnt made me feel on fire. it did feel slightly warm. Then i scratched my arm without washing my hands and smeared some evicerate i had on my finger, and on a couple of minutes it got red kind of bright red and it felt warm, i wa slike wtf and then applied to one arm and then the other one and in a couple of minutes my arms got red and warm theni felt a burning sensation, it wasnt painfull and it didnt anoyme alot it just felt like some kind of burning. Then when again and applied more to my belly and nothing happen it was just warm nothing compare to what happenm to my arms.

    non scientifical conclusions.
    *It seems like evicerate works, in some places faster than others or maybe some places have receptors that respond better and faster.
    Also it gave my skin a nice tanned natural looking color

    BTW this is non sponsored and i got all of this just from a 1 time use
    i know its too fast to tell that it worked or not with just 1 use. so dont flame regarding that.

    *ill have to run it for a period of time to actually make sure it does work. i dont doubt it works, but i want to give it a fair and good run

  2. Thanks for the review.

  3. Great job I'm hoping you like the product it seems to be the rave around here

  4. today i did fell it on my gut. i apply abit more than yesterday but i felt it more on my love hablde son the back and around my navel it got really red didnt bother me or felt bad in anyway but it did got really red then after a few minutes it got warm. im wearing a white tee it didnt stain it so far.

  5. Thats awesome Z! I think the stomach is less sensitive to the burning and water seems to set it off. I can go days without feeling it and then one day it will burn. The burn and redness does not affect results



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