newb needs advice: Glycobol or The One

  1. newb needs advice: Glycobol or The One

    aright this info is probably posted somewhere on here so sorry if this is repetative. I have a bottle of the one and a bottle of glycobol. im sure i cant stack the two of theese together,(can I) so which would be better to take first. i just lost about 30 lbs in a few weeks going through some ****. if i take the one do i need to take cycle support with it? /life support? what else can i stack with it? is glycobol good enough alone or should i take a test with it? if so which is a good one? how about stoked? is that more of a pct or what? what do you guys think about animal pak? I'm all over the place, I know, but I havent lifted in awhile and i'm just getting back into it. stuff i've tried: oxodrol 12, sesonol, oxodrol pro. i'm looking to put on lean muscle, keep fat off, and still be able to run. any info. given will be greatly appreciated.
    thanx alot,

  2. You can stack em together. I wouldn't start The One until you've been in the gym for a few months again, and have got your training back on track. Just start with the Glycobol, Creatine, Protein, Fish Oils, BCAA's & Beta Alanine.

  3. I'm liking the Glycobol so far, it's really that good. I'm about to dose my dull stack I'm logging, but I've already taken 2 caps of it today, 1 each dose just to see how well it works and to assess my tolerance, and I'm very happy to report it does what's promised, and no bad sides so far. Can't comment on The One, but I would hold off on stuff like that until you've exhausted every other option, but that's just me. Good luck!!

  4. do i have to take cycle support for glycobol? what about the one? also what about post cycles on each? any help would be appreciated

  5. You don't need cycle support for Glycobol, nor post cycle for Glycobol either. Just use the "Search" button bud, plenty of useful info on here. I can attest that Glycobol is very effective. Good luck!!



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