Subweevil's AI, AMS, MST, and ON Goodnight and Grow Stack!!

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  1. Gotta get off to work, I'll update tonight when I get home. Slept like a log.

  2. You sound so objective, and yet happy and positive too. That's the perfect state of mind for strength and confidence to advance!

    Do chest the way it feels right. I don't think placebo is even a consideration anymore, you're really in 'the zone' now. Go with it and trust your instincts.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by subweevil View Post
    Alrighty guys
    Day 3
    More of the same goodness. Mood seems elevated, hard to bring me down as of late. It also makes making the bed easy, as I don't toss and turn so damn much.

    Haven't found anything bad out so far, other than at some point this stack will end. I can most definitely put these companies on the short list of ones I trust, along with Get Diesel.

    Anyways, back to the topic. I would highly recommend this stack, for someone wanting to enhance recovery, lean out and for those of us that have problems getting a restful night's sleep. It's so nice to be dreaming about stars, instead of laying awake watching them.

    I should have been kinda sore today from my trap workout, the heaviest dumbells my gym has are 140lbers, and I get 10-12 with those, so looks like they need to upgrade. Did 3 drop sets of em' dropping 20lbs each time, with peak holds on last one of each. Been doing that for awhile now, I'm sure it's small potatoes to lots of you, but it's plenty so far for me, considering I don't use straps with any exercises I perform. Grip strength is very important to me.

    I'm not going to get a chance to get into the gym Saturday or Sunday, since it closes at 7 and I'm just getting my butt outta work then, so bummer. I plan on chest Monday, thinkin' of doing some straight sets there to really tire me out and test this stack.

    Actually, what the hell, let's try something new!! I'm going to let you guys decide what my chest workout should be, how's that?

    Gimme a reason why I should do your's and if I pick it, I'll log it!!

    I feel this will be a true way to gauge this stack, something totally unplanned. keep in mind I rotate DC days, straight sets days, double body part 2 times per week compound 1st time, semi and isolation next, and tri-sets days

    Love to hear back from you guys!! Take care

    Now i can read

    I rep for the ENTER key usage.

  4. Hmm, coulda sworn I updated it last night. Anyways, quick update from last night. Seemed harder to get me tired out yesterday, no doubt from better sleep. I actually had more pep in me after finishing my job, so that's a plus. Thought I'd give you guys and idea about the taste of the Somnidren. It's not bad at all, kinda an herbal citrus taste. AS for the other goodies, they're all capped, but I still think Glycobol tastes a tad like butterscotch.
    Day 4
    Morning update for today. Was more than ready to tackle the day once I got outta bed. I never need an alarm clock, as I'm usually up a tad before it goes off. Anyways, the sleep has been nothing short of great on this stack. I'm getting ready to go kill it in the gym, I'll throw an update on again once I'm done in like 2 hours. Take care guys!!

  5. Hokey dokey, didn't get to the gym today, I got called into work on my way there. Sooo, needless to say, no workout today, as I'm just sitting down now form work. Tonight, I'm going to pretend it's day 5, and not do any of the sleep stack, so i can see how much it's been helping, plus, so I can really test it out tomorrow night. Going to go nuts at the gym tomorrow, thinking pre-exhaust and some HIT, but I'll see when i get there. I'll update again in the morning before and after the gym. Take care!!

  6. Quick update before the gym. Sleep was not as restful, plain and simple. WOW, what a difference this stack makes!! I feel right now like I could go back to bad and sleep all day. It rained all night here, I love falling asleep when it's raining, usually sleep like a baby, and I even love rainy days. As I look out the window, it's still kinda raining here, which is cool, because it seems to keep everybody inside so I can go out and get everything done with less hassle. I'll update when Iget back, hope you all have an awesome day!!

  7. Got back from the gym, got a great workout in!! All upper body work, starting with chest, back, shoulders and traps. Tried to really overload myself today. Started each part with pre-exhaust isolations of 3 sets, and last set was a drop set. Moved onto compound moves, 1 straight set, 1 drop set keeping reps to 4-6 and only dropping enough weight to hit that range, then repping out the last 1 to 12. A few minutes of moderate cardio after that, then I moved onto the next part, same style. Ended with traps, really can't do too much besides shrugs front, behind, and inclined there, then went back and did 1 drop set of semi-isolation moeves per part, like incline dumbell presses, keeping the ranges in 10 to start, then trying to keep within 5 reps until failure. Ended it all with some static holds. After all that, my buddy wound up showing up and actually wanted to stand and bang, instead of rolling like he always does. He must have thought I was tired, which I kinda was, but I never get to bang with him, and almost always wind up getting tapped by him, so I was stoked. We sparred for about 20 minutes more than I think he wanted, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I'm sure next time it's gonna be ground work again,sigh. I feel like I could go put in another workout, so I might go do some cardio tonight and hit up my arms as well. All in all, it was a good workout. I took a before pic, now that my rash is getting better,lol, and I'll put it up real soon. Again, no laughing at the sweater, I made it myself!!

  8. [

    Alrighty, a real quick pic of myself and my sweater before my workout today. Sorry about the quality of the pic, but the little lady neglected to tell me the batteries were dead in the camera, and I neglected to check. Only got a before pic, because, double dumb@$$ on me, I forgot my phone was about to die. So, the pic, not so good, but the workout rocked!! You can still kinda see my arms are irritated from that stupid rash I got at work, but it's about gone. I didn't have enough juice in the phone to get a snapshot of my back, sorry about that, I'll grab one tonight. Almost forgot, no laughing at the sweater, I made it myself!! I know I have room for much improvement, so I'm going to keep working away at it. I'm down to about 190lbs. now, just trying to put some lean mass on, and this stack is helping that. Man, I'm so embarrassed to put that pic of me up, but at least now you guys know where I'm coming from. Take care until later!!

  9. what pic?

  10. Just caught up. Things are lookn good man! I can definitely see you are in a great mood and keeping things positive!

    and ditto lets get a working pic!
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  11. Aww, nuts, thought it was working. Comes up fine on my screen, hmmm. Checked it on preview before I posted too. Trust me though, you guys aren't missing too much,hehe. I'm on it.

  12. Alrighty folks, think this should do the trick!!
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  13. props 4 posting

  14. Gotta a good base there man. You'll look shredded if you lean up a little!

    Glad you got the pic workin!
    Body Performance Solutions
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  15. Looks like your right hip sticks out more than your left. I have this same issue. Do you have any muscle asymmetries?

    Also, go to the beach and fix that farmer tan brother!!
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    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  16. Haha, thanks, wish it was a farmer tan!! I posted earlier it's what remains of the nasty rash I got from work, it was really bad. As for the hip, if you look, I got startled while taking the pic because a dude is coming out of the restroom, hence the door opening, but yeah, it does. I shy away from weight training my wheels, as I've had numerous ankle and knee injuries, but I'm gonna start back up on it soon. I'm trying to lose some more pudge, keeping calories under what I need right now, kinda zig-zagging it. I'm gonna have to find out what kind of body type I am, it takes me forever to put any muscle on. Thanks guys for your kind words!!

  17. Yeah, my hip is a little bit off, but I also got startled when the guy opened the door behind me,lol. As for the tan, it's actually what's left of that rash I mentioned earlier from work, man it sucked, and still does a bit, the rest of me is in winter camo.

    I'm trying to lean out a bit, keeping my calories a tad under what I need and being selective. I'm thinking I'll be able to easy drop another 5lbs by months end, or even better, gain some more muscle. Also going to start working out my wheels, I've had numerous ankle and knee injuries, ironically, from basically nothing, you guys would laugh if I told you how I injured them aside from the one ankle. Anyways, thansk for all the support and help so far!!

  18. Sorry, double post.

  19. Day 6

    Having had an off day of everything yesterday, and what a difference it was to wake up today!! Took me a bit longer, felt kinda groggy this morning, but once I got rolling it was all good. Feel pretty well rested and ready to go toil away at work. If I can get today in my usual 12 hour shift, I'm gonna go hit up my legs tonight, but more than likely someone will call off, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Downed my oatmeal, banana, some healthy fats and some protein and off I go!! take care folks, I'll be back on when I get done!!

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    As promised, a back pic of me, be gentle!! I know I have room fro much improvement, hopefully, with some hard work it will look better here in the coming weeks. I've always been way stronger wiht my back than chest, no matter what I do. I've paid more attentiion upper back wise, to make my waist look smaller, but now, I'm starting to hit the lower lats more frequently.

    Had a lot going on today, got to the gym way late, so I just wound up doing abs and some HIIT carido, then called it a night. Haven't found anything bad yet to report about the stack I'm logging currently. Got tons of stuff done today, and still felt energetic. I guess whatever this stack costs is the price for a good nights rest.

    Sorry for the short update, but I'm real pressed for time tonight. I'll try to answer any questions fielded tomorrow. Have a good one guys!!

  21. Good pics man you have a very solid base to work from. You have a good base and the supplentation should be good for what you are trying to accomplish. I am definately looking forward to how it turns out for you!

  22. You look solid to me. Back looks exceptionally well developed.

  23. I agree. Back is def your strong point!! Keep rippn it up man!

    edit: holy crap! That is a rash!?
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  24. Day 7

    Thanks for all the kind words guys, I really appreciate it!! Yeah, what you saw there was the remains of my rash I got from work, happy joy. Slept well again last night, but I'm getting ready for a long day of work now, so all that good sleep is really gonna help me today. Going to hit hte gym again tonight, hopefully, thigns go great at work so I'm out on time. I have Friday off, tenatively, so that means I can kill it tonight!! Hope your day is off to a great start, I'll update once I get home and after the gym. HAve a great day folks!!

  25. Got done at work later than I thought, seems to be the norm anymore. Needless to say, got to the gym late but did HIIT cardio for about 30 minutes, then hit the heavy bag for a bit. I guess I'm saving it up for a day off tomorrow, goning to hit the gym twice, early morning and late night. Thinking some compound moves in the morning and some light isolation work at night. Never tried it before, I'll let you guys know how it works out.

    On a funny note, just noticed today that I'm down about 4lbs. Not really doing anything too extreme, but it's good to know it's working. Pretty much doing carbs morning, pre and post workout at this point. If I could drop another 6lbs of pudge, I;d be a happy man indeed.

    I had good energy all day, getting my sleep on is really helping it. I'm thinking this stack would be awesome with a natty test booster, but I'm going to keep logging it the way it is. take care folks, I'll update in the morning!!

  26. Strong back fo sure.

    Keep at it man.

    little by

  27. 4lbs in how long?! Nice work man! Dont cut up too fast now!
    Body Performance Solutions
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  28. Lost the 4 lbs over the course of about 9 days, so nothing too dramatic. I attribute it more as carryover from previous dieting down, we'll see how well the pudge keeps dropping here real soon. Don't get me wrong, this stack is definitely helping in the recovery department for sure, no doubt about it!! I'm taking a tad under what I need to maintain, so I should be dropping. Pretty much just doing morning, mid-day and post carbs, or just pre-and post carbs, depends on if I'm working or not. Occasionally sneaking an apple or two in there as well. I used to be gun shy of carbs, but not anymore. They get bashed a lot, but I noticed if I time when I eat them, it's all good. Glycobol is really helping with this as well, man, I get pumped every time I take it!!

  29. Day 8

    Rolled out of bed, downed a shake with some glycomaize in it, took a Glycobol, showered, and hit the gym. Downed my JP8 and NOS Ether on the way. Workout was the same style as the other day, but instead did flat bench type work, lower lat work, and shoulder/traps work. Had just a crazy ridiculous pump going on the whole time, not even kidding. Already getting comments on how improved and motivated I look. Seems every time I work out now, I'm blowing up like a balloon. I'm definitely able to keep trucking along. the great nights rest is really helping, plus this stuff is really working wonders on my uppity mood, seems nothing can bring me down. Stopped my workout every now and then to give some words of encouragement to others, or just give a random spot for a few forced reps, it's amazing what that can do and how infectious it is!! Also had to stop anyways because the pumps were so nuts!! I'll update again once i get back from the gym again today, take care!!

  30. good back man.

  31. Thanks man, hoping to make it better. Managed to up my 6 rep max on Bent over close grip T-bar rows, was finally able to add a 7th plate of 35lbs. Then i did the rest/pause thing for 3 sets of 2 at that weight. Had to be careful, I felt my form slipping there. Did 2 more sets liek that, dropping a plate each time, then repped out 10 with 4 plates. Back day is one of my favs. Thanks again guys for all the kind words!!

  32. Man, I'm pumped, I'm going back in again!! Gotta make the most of a day off!!

  33. Great workout man. Way to really press forward.

  34. Thanks man, I really appreciate the kind words and motivation!! Went in for my second workout of the day, kind of mirrored my first, just less volume. 1 drop set of pre-exhaust, then 1 drop set with DC stretch at the end, so 2 sets per chest, back, shoulders and traps, but very long and intense sets. Had a good pump, then went downstairs and wailed away on the heavy bag a bit. I'm curious to see how much of a hurting unit I'm gonna be from today's workout, usually it really hits me a day after, so I'm thinking Sunday will be brutal. Time will tell.

  35. Quote Originally Posted by DR.D View Post
    You look solid to me. Back looks exceptionally well developed.
    Yo x2 on the back shot bro! You got the drive, and the dedication to be in top notch shape bro. I Know you want it, and I hope you put all you have into it. Cardio and a healthy diet will get bf down, and drive will get you the rest brother.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  36. Thanks for the words of encouragement there Trip!! Trying to get in shape for when DTP hits!!

  37. Quote Originally Posted by TripDog View Post
    Yo x2 on the back shot bro! You got the drive, and the dedication to be in top notch shape bro. I Know you want it, and I hope you put all you have into it. Cardio and a healthy diet will get bf down, and drive will get you the rest brother.
    Not to hijack this thread, but as your sig says "Are you Deisel?".. Your Avi has you lookin straight deisel bro. You have some serious dedication and it shows. Everytime I see you post I realize how far I gotta go.

  38. Don't worry about hijacking the thread, last time I checked, it's a forum!! I welcome anyone's input. Your just saying what I've been thinking for a bit. I don't think my genes are gonna let me get like that, but no harm in trying like hell anyways!!

  39. Day 9

    Woke up today, took a bit longer to get going, but once I was going, it was all good. Definitely a "Ready to go at it" feeling, I have a hunch I'm going to get a lot done today. Sleep was great, got up a couple times to tap a kidney and that sucked, otherwise, good times. Still no crazy dreams to report, kinda hoping I get at least 1 sometime on this stack. Figured I'd break down my dosing:

    Glycobol: 1 cap each in the morning before breakfast, mid-day before meal, post workout, and bed. Days that I'm off I dose my mid-day cap pre-workout.

    Somnidren GH/ZMK: As per directions.

    Vassive-x: About an hour away from bedtime.

    Nocturnabol: As per directions.

    Still no complaints so far, I'm glad I stocked up on all these. Hope everyone gets a chance to get outside and enjoy it today, it's gonna be nice where I'm at, hope it is for you guys as well!! Gonna play some video games then hit the gym and go for a quick hike. Take care!!

  40. hey man. im late in here but im here!
    the pic is looking good man. The back is lookin pretty thick.
    SFW and GFH


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