Recreate Log

  1. Recreate Log

    Started Recreate yesterday to try and slim down. Weighed in at 147 in the morning. Took 1 cap in the morning and 1 in the afternoon along with 2 caps of CLA each time. Also taking creatine twice throughout the day as well.

    Took 1 cap this morning half an hour before a 30 minute cardio session. Initial reactions are: None of the jitters I had with Animal Cuts last year while cutting. But at the same time, I can't tell if it's working... If it works and I feel like this the whole time, it would be a real miracle. Haven't noticed much of an energy gain yet...

    Will post some more results/observations soon.


  2. Take the recreate on an empty stomach, and CLA with meals.

  3. Will do! Thanks!

  4. Ok, day 3. Weighed in this morning at 146. There's definitely no jitteryness, even after taking 2 caps yesterday afternoon. What i have noticed though, is the appetite suppression. No more cravings for snacks or junk food late at night. Even dinner was almost an afterthought. Took 2 caps this morning right after waking up as recommended, but took the day off from the gym. Still feeling great so far.

  5. Day 4.

    Still sticking with two in the morning and one around 2-3pm. CLA intake is about 2g immediately after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Starting to see some real gains! Weighed in this morning at 145. Also can clearly see some more definition in the arms. No change around the waist or love handles yet... but I think those are always the last to go...

    Wonder if this is simply just water weight draining away. Also can't help shake the shrinking feeling- but i suppose that's to be expected.



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