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  1. Dark Rage

    I have been lurking for a while, so this will be my first review. First a little background on my tolerances. I'm a big guy, I tend to have a high tolerance for alcohol and drugs. It usally takes a full bottle of rum or vodka before I get buzzed. When ever I have ever been to the dentist or the doctor they usally need to give me 50% to 75% more pain killers before I'm numb.
    With this in mind when I started using N.O. products it didn't surprise me when it usally takes 3 to 4 scoops before I would feel the effects from them (tingling in the neck, flushed face, a lot of energy, and so on).
    Three to four scoops that is UNTIL I tried DARK RAGE. The first time that I worked out with this stuff I took three scoops. Half way threw my work out I had to stop because I was sooo jumpy and shaky, my heart was pounding threw my chest. I couldn't hold my hands still for about 4 hours.
    Every workout after that I used one and a half scoops. That amount seems to be the right amount. Here's my review (1 to 10 with 1 being bad and 10 being fantastic).

    Taste=6 Not great but I still can keep it down.

    Energy=9 This stuff is the best N.O. that I have ever tried.

    Pumps=8 This stuff really pumps you up.

    price=4 to 5 A little above average but since I'm using less scoops it works out to be a little cheeper than average.

    side effects= 7 I'm peeing almost non-stop when this stuff is running threw me.

    Final thoughts= I would give Dark Rage a score of 8.5 to 9. This is the most powerfull N.O. product that I have ever used. When you first try this stuff take it real slow at first, Dark Rage has a real kick.

  2. I think you should always start low then go high to see how you react. That being said thanks for the review and welcome to AM

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