hail to three kings baby

  1. hail to three kings baby

    this is my three kings (dth,dt2010,sunami) attempt at recomp for summer. since i already had a few dth left from a pct awhile ago. I am going to make this last 60 days instead of 53. to gauge my progress i will use the major lifts as my bench marks. those being squat ,bench press ,and deadlift. my current numbers break down like this best squat 415 x3 best bench 255 x3 and deadlift is weak like 275 x2 i dont have any hooks and my grip is holding me back. i am trying to trim away at my weight and bf percentage as well i am currently at 257 with a ___ %bodyfat. in addition i will be using ragnarok pre workout and 2 doses of vassive c5 1 post and 1 a few hours later. my diet will be pretty clean i am gonna run 2500cals unless i start seeing my bodyfat go up ,or my strength go down.

  2. today was day 1. I started at 4dth a day (2,1,1). I will pretty much be following the dosing schedule on the get diesel website. I didnt have much time to lift today ,but i still got a decent leg workout today. tommorow i have to work from 7:30am till 12:00pm so i wont have time for the gym hope to get a good back workout sunday with my brother.

  3. i didnt sleep very well last night. i was having an awesome dream about my ex when she texted me at 3am to tell me her aunt died. this didnt really bother me ,but the huge erection i had did. I didnt get back to sleep till almost 5 ,and i had to be up by seven. i guess you could say the libido is up already.

  4. Its day three had an awesome workout yesterday.

  5. things have been crappy the past few days. i havent been to the gym in 3 days getting ready to to go in a few mins going to try out the cytonox sample i got the other day let you know how that goes. libido is still up. by the way my weight has gone up to 260 because of me not sticking to my diet.

  6. UKStrength
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    Good luck with the rest of the log mate, lol about the ex, kinda inappropriate to have an erection then!

    Interesting that your deadlift is so far behind your squat! Do you do PL squats or olympic, ATG style?

  7. my dead lift is so far behind ,because when i started lifting in high school i never did them. i loved doing squats. i am not sure the technical term for the squats i do i go to parralel and then come back up just before lockout.

  8. i am sorry for not updating this log ,but i have been really busy lately. i dont know what is wrong with me ,but i have gained almost 10lbs in a few days i was already 10lbs heavier than my normal weight. so i am going to take today and tomorrow off of the three kings ,and start taking plasma cutter. I am going to run 1200 calories for 14 days in hopes of dropping 20lbs. I will start back on three kings on saturday.

  9. I have good news ,and bad news the diets doing great lost 10lbs already the bad news is i found out i am gonna be a dad and man was i not ready for that one. my updates may become more and more sporatic. i am going to have to find either a 3rd job or work a hell of alot more at my 2nd.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by darkR1 View Post
    I have good news ,and bad news the diets doing great lost 10lbs already the bad news is i found out i am gonna be a dad and man was i not ready for that one. my updates may become more and more sporatic. i am going to have to find either a 3rd job or work a hell of alot more at my 2nd.
    everything happens for a reason bro.

    try to stay positive.

    congrats man, your a dad.......thats not bad news.......

    let that stress out in the gym, man.

    things will work themselves out.

  11. i am actually pretty calm. her parents freaked out ,and i aint tryin to see them anytime soon , i wish i was really in love with her ,but shes a sweet girl we will make it work.

  12. Oh snap I just found this log good to see you posting it up. As for the dad thing, bro sometimes life gives you things you never realized you wanted untill it just happens. Take this as a oppertunity to evaluate life, and do what you need to do. Good luck with everything bro, stay positive!!

    Bad news would be you were just in a car accident and lost both of your legs. Sometimes its hard to understand why things happen, but this may be the single greatest thing in your life, and you just dont know it yet. I wish you the best bro, and be a good dad.
    The LORD is my rock, my fortress, and my savior; my God is my rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety.-Psalm 18:2

  13. thanks tripp. yeah sorry to sound so negative at this point i am actually kind of excited. just an update down 11 pounds in 5 days went from 263 to 252. did legs yesterday had a great workout. i am trying not to kill myself since my calories are so low. my strengh is pretty much the same ,but as i said my calories are pretty low. hey tripp anyway you could pm me with whats in dtp i cant wait to find out lol.

  14. ok so i think me ,and my girl have got things figured out. we have found a house. her parents are no longer mad. i told my parents everyone is supportive. we have decided to get married. so i have roughly two months 2 get ready for my wedding. i have decided to do a cycle to speed thing up as fast as possible. i am going to save the kings for pct. my cycle will be 8 weeks 4weeds eq-t with 3500 cals a day into 4weeks of t-roid and 4ad at 2500 cals a day along with mitotropin run 29 days b4 my big day. thanks for those who gave me words of encouragement.


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