Coneytt Sup/ Diet Log

  1. Coneytt Sup/ Diet Log

    My goals are to compete April 2010, at two Wisconsin competitions. However, while attending college I let the bulge get out of control.

    My stats are:

    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 302
    Waist: 42.5 in
    Belly: 50 in
    Hips: 51.3/4in
    Thigh: 33in
    Calf: 19in
    Chest: 54in
    Shoulders: 62in
    Arms: 22 1/8 in

    I will first get down to 250- 265 by October. This will give me 6 months to hit a competition weight of 220-225, by April 24th.

    I plan to start this diet plan immediately, after consulting with my diet/ supp guide. I will post his plans for me online as they come. I will also be posting my lifting log here too.

    Here are some pics to make ya shake your head.
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  2. That's a lotta work in dat der workout dude..sheesh.

  3. Yeah, it was. I did it for about 3 weeks. However, I changed things to a full body split, 2 days on, 1 day off, 2 days on, 2 days off. Cardio is 3 times a week.

    each session has total of 8 exercises, 32 sets, and reps are set at 320, however that may change with weight increase or decrease.

    I plan to circuit train the first 4 exercises and then circuit train the last 4 exercises. As of right now, it looks like this (below), but it could change depending on how I feel in the gym.

    BB Squats 4 x 10
    Incline Smith Press 4 x 10
    Chins 4 x 15
    Shrugs 4 x 12
    Seated Calf 4 x 15
    Machine rows 4 x 10
    Flat Hammer Press 4 x 10
    Upright Row 4 x 10
    1 hour cardio

    Leg Press (close) 4 x 10
    21s 3 x 21
    Overhead Extn. 4 x 10
    Lat Pull downs 4 x 10
    Flat Machine Curls 4 x 10
    Bent Rev. Pec Deck 4 x 10
    Front Raises 4 x 10
    Cable Pushdowns 4 x 10

    Leg Lift 4 x 10
    Cable Crunches 4 x 15
    Oblique Lifts 4 x 10
    1 hour cardio

    Dead Lifts 4 x 10
    DB press 4 x 10
    Side DB Raise 4 x 10
    Seated Rows 4 x 10
    Lying Leg Curls 4 x 10
    Shoulder Press 4 x 10
    Standing Calf 4 x 15
    Decline Machine Press 4 x 10

    Hack Squats 4 x 10
    Pec Dec 4 x 10
    BB Rows 4 x 10
    Cable Pushdowns 4 x 10
    Cable Curls 4 x 10
    DB shoulder press 4 x 10
    Standing Leg Curls 4 x 10
    Machine Pull downs 4 x 10

    Saturday- Cardio/ Abs
    Decline Crunches 4 x 10
    Lying Leg Lifts 4 x 10
    Floor Oblique Crunch 4 x 10
    1 hour Cardio

    Sunday- OFF
  4. My Supp for this cutting cycle/ experiment USP

    I purchased and received most of the supps I will be cycling for this cutting session. The only thing I am missing is my Bev 'Intl Mass (Amino Acid) supp.

    Monday is the day I start.
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  5. What a lovely picture..
    Looks like a solid set-up. Ready to see how you progress!

  6. updates???


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