just had to cut a 7 week h-drol/mmv2 cycle a few days short due to illness. here is what went down:


age: 28
weight: 185 (+2 from the end of my previous cycle, but with 3-4 lbs less bodyfat)
body fat: 10%
experience: 1 test/deca cycle (3 years ago), 2 more recent epi cycles (one pulse, one reg)
diet: 2800 (non-training day), 3300 (lifting), 3800 (lifting + hockey). high protein (250-300 g), vegan.


Week 1-7: mmv2 {LG Sciences} 3xday
Week 2-7: h-drol {Competitive Edge Labs} (50/50/75/75/75/75,75)

Training (strength): 2 upper body & 2 lower body sessions per week.
Training (cardio): i just play a lot of hockey 3-6 times a week.


Gains: 8 lbs, lean
Losses: Waist stayed the same, maybe lost 1/4"

Strength gains:

+ 40 front squat
+ 30 hang clean
+ 25 incline bench (i hate & suck at benching so this is probably equivalent of 40 lbs for anyone else)

General overview:

Saw my strength increase consistently from day 1. I believe my gains started to level off near the end of the 5th week. Came down with a terrible case of the flu/bronchitis on thursday and finally decided to end it today rather than run it out until friday.


Strength: obviously went up nicely
Hardness: some light to moderate hardening of my muscles occurred
Vascularity: nothing much different reported
Leanness: probably did not get as lean as i would have thought i would, but i'll save that for PCT. i was able to gain all lean weight though.
Lethargy: definitely felt some moderate lethargy most of the cycle. switching my mmv2 protocol to 3 pills 60 minutes prior to workout helped a lot and translated into some great workouts.
Sleep: i slept fine all cycle. spaced my h-drol dosing even throughout the day and often took my last dose less than an hour before bed.
Acne: this is definitely the most acne-free cycle i have had. i had a mild breakout when i first introduced h-drol, but it didn't last long and i think my skin might have even been better than it was off cycle. go figure.
Libido: not much of a change. i don't have a real high sex drive to begin with. my testicles stayed pretty much the same size.
Gyno: i have some slight (emphasis added) nipple sensitivity on my left one. i'm kind of prone to this though. i'll be fine with pct.
Overall rating: I would give this stack a 9/10 on a scale in which 5/10 would signify average. I am more interested in strength/performance than i am with mass so this was a VERY good cycle for me. The mass that i gained seems to be very keepable.

Pics: i was all set to have pics, but i am crushed with this illness right now and have surely lost some weight. haven't even been to the gym since thursday. maybe after pct?

PCT: was originally going to do Formadrol/psarm, but went serm instead.

Torem (1-4): (120/80/40/20)
Lean Xtreme (3-6): 3 caps/day
6 oxo (3-8): (200/300/300/300/200/100)
DCP (1-7): 8/day
psarm (1-7): 4/day

Post PCT: this seems to be the toughest area for me. i am really focused on keeping my strength level up so i believe if i can just do that, everything else should work out. overall i would like to lean out a little bit, but hopefully my pct protocol will take care of that. i believe my next cycle will be furazadrol/bold. thanks to LG Sciences & Competitive Edge Labs for making great products that keep me both 'legal' and 'competitive'