is cmi good?

  1. is cmi good?

    i just 2 bottles of each CMI nox3 and redcell onsale yesterday.

    i brought the red cell for a bcaa supp

    nox3 was 19.00
    recell was 14.99.. so really it 140grams of bcaas for 15bucks

  2. Its not bad, I've had some good experiences with their stuff...

    But I'm pretty sure this isn't a log... Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  3. i like their stuff overall, BIG is nice prebed too, although it tastes like crap

  4. i only brought it bc of the price i spend 75buck and got

    pumping iron
    2 red cell
    2 nox3

  5. big is probably the worst tasting sup i have ever tried.



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