Pleasantly Suprised (another Epistane review week by week)

  1. Pleasantly Suprised (another Epistane review week by week)

    First the Basics

    Starting Weight: 203.5
    Ht: 5'11

    A co-worker turned me on to Epistane, as I hadn't used or been keeping up with pro-hormones/pro-steriods since the ban. So I took the plunge and ran it like this:

    Week 1: 20mg/day
    Week 2: 30mg/day
    Week 3: 40mg/day
    Week 4: 50mg/day
    Week 5: 50mg/day
    Week 6: 50mg/day

    Throughout the six weeks I was also taking daily doses of Milk Thistle and Saw Palmetto to keep everything in working order. I wrote a small note to track my progress every week. I just took my last dose last night so here's my story.

    Week 1:
    The first 3 days, I didn't expect to feel anything significant. Had some good workouts so far. Maybe mental. Das 4-7 I can definantly tell from my pumps that I'm on.

    Week 2:
    Feeling much stronger. No weight gain. Appetite is good. Looking dry and pumped more often. Havent tested my peak strength but I know it's up.

    Week 3:
    Checked my weight today. I'm up to 210, but my appetite is on and off. I need to be more addament about ensuring I get enough macros.
    Got tipped off that running 3-4g of tribulus might help this.

    Week 4: I'll be damned. My appetite is voracious.. The tribulus is helping ALOT. My weight is at 215 now. Strength is way up. I used to only be able to triple 315 on flat bench but on my chest workout today I got 8 easy reps with 320.

    Week 5: I feel huge compared to 5 weeks ago. Strength is way up. Looking good and still dry. People are noticing the weight fluctuation. Weight is at 220. Im astonished at how much weight I'm putting on. On chest workout today I pressed 345 for 5unassisted.

    Week 6: Done! Weight at 223.
    Not bad for 25 bucks a bottle. I have nothing but good things to say about this compound. I will post some before and after pics very soon.
    I feel little to no shutdown and plan to run 6g tribulus, 5g HMB and some CEE for the next 6 weeks, then try somthing else. At this point I feel and look great. Hope I keep alot of these gains!

    Ending stats:

    Ht: 5'11
    Wt: 223

    I plan to follow up to see how much of this I piss off in the next 4 weeks.

    Thanks for reading!

  2. nice review and interesting find about the tribulus during cycle since its a natty test buster I would have thought of using it during PCT. Best of luck on keeping your gains!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by DormantFiber View Post
    nice review and interesting find about the tribulus during cycle since its a natty test buster I would have thought of using it during PCT. Best of luck on keeping your gains!
    I thought the exact same thing. I was just suffering from strange appetite patterns. I'd feel very hungry then eat half of what I expected to take in and be full. I was worried about getting enough Macros. As soon as I started taking 4-5g of trib. My appetite was back up. Any of you amateur endocrinologists please feel free to help me understand why. Or to tell me that I'm full of shiet and it was all mental. I attribute all the gains to the Epi, and have really only seen quantative results using tribulus as a PCT as you mentioned.

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