I am not affiliated w/ AX in anyway. I got my two bottles cause a friend recommend it, from sup warehouse.(not posting site name cause i don't know the rules and i don't post here much).

Im 22 5'7, 170lbs. Been workingout on and off for last 8 years.

Ive used a couple of AX products over the years. I loved the original release of Stim X, and when i was stacking it with alb & T4 the pounds were melting off me like butter in a microwave. But unfortunatly they changed the formula for some reason and it started messing with my stomach.

This new product Slim X is the closest thing to the Original formula yet but BETTER!!! Clean, no jittery energy for 12 hours.

I wake up in the morning around 6 before school, take one go back to sleep and within a half hour im up, energized & ready for my day. Doesnt bother my stomach, i dont feel crazy or like im going to crawl out of my skin, i feel good, calm and suprisingly very very focused. i cant vouch for the weightloss effects cause ive only been taking it for a week, but i definatly feel tighter (if that makes sense). Workouts seem better, i work out longer, harder and have tons of energy left over when i get home.
Im really impressed with the way it makes me feel, the original Stim X was an amazing product but the first time i took it.... i took two instead of one.. i was sitting in my econ class so wired i wanted to jump over my desk and headbutt the professor, LOL.
This stuff isn't like that, SX is very smooth and it never overwhelms you. Im going to begin stacking it with alb & T4, hopefully i can get down to 155-160, shredded @ that weight.

Thank you AX for another great product, i recommend it to all cause honestly its a good product.

Btw: The only time SX has messed with my sleep was the first day i took it, and i made the mistake of drinking two espresso shots around 2pm a couple days ago. Big Mistake. other than that no problems with sleep.

Ive also used these in the past so i have some stim exp:
Isatori LS7
Lipo 6x
Twin labs Ripped Fuel w/ ephedra & without
Syntrax Fyre
Venom hyperdrive 3.0