Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Epi/Formex Cycle

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  1. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Epi/Formex Cycle

    I finished my velocity diet the weekend of valentines day and now I'm shooting for a recomp/clean bulk cycle. My measurements are as follows:

    Chest: 42
    Shoulders: 47.5
    Biceps: 14.5 L 14.5 R
    Forearms: 12.25 L 12.25 R
    Glutes: 41.5
    Thigh Mid: 25.25 L 25 R
    Thigh Knee:20 L 20 R
    Calf: 16 L 16 R

    I'm weighing in around 207 right now but I'll update it on Monday morning when I start the Epistane. I'll be running Epi at 10 a day, 20 - two days, 30 - three days, 40 - twenty-two days for a total of 28 day cycle. I have already started the Formex at 50mg/day until I start the cycle where I'll lower it to 25mg/day, maybe even 25mg/EOD depending on how the joints feel among other things. I've also started loading my cycle support today so I'll have a full week when I start.


    As far as diet goes, I'll be eating relatively clean. Right now and through the cycle I only eat oats, quinoa, ezekiel bread, barilla plus pasta and fresh fruit for carbs. I love pineapple and eat about two whole pineapples every 10 days. Protein sources will be chicken, lean beef, some turkey, tuna, and whey or casein shakes. A cheat day every Saturday will be thrown in.


    My workout routine will be following the Westside for Skinny Bastards part 3 from DeFranco. I'll also be doing tons of mobility drills, self-myofacial release and stretching. I've don't have any nagging injuries and I plan to keep it that way. I'm also going to try to keep up with the 100 day pullup challenge if I can handle the added volume.


    Along with the Formex/Epi I'll be running the following supplements:
    Uni-Liver 6-12/day
    Cycle Support - 2 scoops/day
    Na-RALA - 400mg/3xday
    Fish Oil - 2.8g DHA/4.1g EPA each day
    ZMK - 4caps/day
    MVP multi - 4caps/day
    Possibly bulk 1-carboxy 1.6g/day at bed


    I'll be using the following:
    SERM - Torem
    AI - Formex
    Cortisol - EndoAmp
    Test Booster - Supersap & 50% Icariin

    My maxes are:
    Squat - 365/5RM
    Bench - 225/3RM
    Deadlift - 330/6 reps - always been worried about bad form so never tested anything lower than 6 reps.

    Comments, questions and suggestions are welcome.


  2. Workout 3/29 - Max effort Lower Body

    I always start my workout with 10min active warmup/dynamic stretching before doing any weights.

    Box Squat
    Warmup Sets (3 reps each) - 135/185/225/255/280

    300x3 reps - went up easy so on to...
    305x3 reps - again, easy, go up quite a bit next time

    Barbell Step Up
    95x12 - 3 sets - This is tough. Burns pretty good and my workout partner and I don't take any rest between each others sets so its also a decent bit of conditioning.

    110x12 - 3 sets - First time I've ever done these with a barbell. Wasn't tough, felt a good stretch. Trying to get the feeling for these before making it too difficult. Will go up considerably next time I do these.

    Ab Circuit
    Wheel Rollout - 12 reps
    Stability Ball Crunch - 12 reps
    Russian Twist - 12 reps/side
    Sprinter Crunch - 16 reps

    Went through the circuit 3x with 30sec rest between each circuit. Finished the circuit off with 90sec plank hold.

  3. Workout 3/30 - Repeated Upper Body

    Incline DB
    45x21 reps
    45x15 reps
    45x11 reps
    *this was intended to be 3 sets of max reps.

    Neutral Grip Pullups A1
    8 - 7 - 6
    Scarecrows A2
    15x12 reps - 3 sets

    Also, started 50mg of Formex today. Nothing to report from that yet. I took my 1-carboxy a little bit ago and will be passing out soon.

    Military DB Press
    40x10 reps - 3 sets
    40x9 reps - 1 set
    *Was starting to feel a little fatigued. And as you can probably tell by my measurements, my shoulders aren't my strong point.

    Barbell Shrugs B1
    225x10 reps - 3 sets
    Tricep Pushdown B2
    95x20 reps - 2 sets
    95x16 reps - 1 set
    *Triceps were supposed to be in a 15-25 range.

    CoC gripper #1 6 reps supersetted with CoC G gripper at 15 reps.
    The G was way too easy for this, should have used at least the T gripper.

    Also started Formex at 50mg today. Nothing to report from that yet. Tomorrow is my much needed rest day. I'll be doing some foam rolling.
  4. UKStrength
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    Good luck with the log mate, hope you enjoy the Epi, the workouts look intense! Maybe stick some creatine in the PCT to help maintain your strength, if you're a responder.

    Any pre/post pics planned?


  5. Sorry, I do take and will take Neovar through PCT. Just taking the time off of it during the cycle. I'll have pics up Sunday or Monday when I start the cycle.

  6. 3/31 - Off Day

    Still ended up in the gym today training someone. Today would have been a conditioning day for me but instead I just watched as my friends did conditioning while I shouted out to switch and keep pushing them. I did end up doing 3 sets of hyperextensions and some pushups (pushup challenge of course) but nothing even close to a workout. Finished with 15 minutes of soft tissue work with a lacrosse ball (damn that kills) and some stretching.

    Rough idea of my diet today was:

    Meal 1:
    30-35g micellar casein
    60g steel cut oats

    Meal 2:
    2.5 eggs
    2 light beef hotdogs
    1/2 cup cheese
    Small Hashbrown patty

    Meal 3:
    1/4 pineapple
    5oz turkey
    2 slices flax bread

    Meal 4:
    6oz chicken
    40g barilla plus pasta
    red sauce
    2 TSP coconut oil

    Meal 5:
    3 cookies
    20oz milk

    Meal 6:
    Micellar casein shake
    2TSP coconut oil

    Had to eat up some cookies before I start my cycle, mmmmm. Other than that, didn't look too bad. Need to stop being lazy and start eating some of the green veggies I have in the fridge before they go bad.

    Tomorrow is repeated effort/dynamic legs. I did a little more foam rolling when I got home to loosen up the hamstrings a little bit more (my flexibility sucks). Off to take my ALA, 1-carboxy and ZMA and go night night.

  7. 4/1 - Dynamic Legs

    Today we started off with jumps. Was pretty good. Started at a box and then did some over a hurdle to get my confidence up. I get pretty intimidated about jumping 3.5feet in the air.

    Warmup - Dynamic mobility


    Split Squats (both legs elevated)
    20x12 reps - 3 sets
    *These pump my quads like no other

    Glute-Ham Raise - Partner assisted
    12 reps - 3 sets

    A1. Ab pulldowns
    190x15 reps - 3 sets

    A2. Band Twists
    Monster Mini Band x 12 reps - 3 sets

    Cooldown with band and passive stretching

    I took the formex again today and still have no "feeling" from it. Libido is not up, its about the same as before. I did struggle to eat my meal after my workout though, which wasn't any larger than it usually is. The only thing different I did was take 350-400mg of Na-RALA about 20min into my workout.

    Diet was clean today, made some enchiladas with healthy tortilla shells and lean beef among other things. I have a test tomorrow so I may or may not be doing conditioning tomorrow, depends on how late I'm up tonight studying.

  8. Excellent supp lineup there. You probably don't even need that Torm for the Epi cycle and could get away with OTC, but good to be safe.

  9. Yeah, I may run Torem just for 10-14 days to get everything back on track.

  10. Awesome!
    I wish you would have PMed me the link, man!
    No worries - I'm here to follow this great stack!

    Maybe along the way, I can get some Special Samples out to you...

  11. I'll be following, curious to see how the formex and epi treats you..

    Good Luck.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Lungz View Post
    I wish you would have PMed me the link, man!
    No worries - I'm here to follow this great stack!

    Maybe along the way, I can get some Special Samples out to you...
    Just been posting it lately, knew people would catch it sooner or later. I'd be excited to run anything you think would go well with my lineup. I'm also going to try to update this as much as possible, at least EOD so be prepared for a long and detailed log.

  13. 4/2 - active recovery


    Nothing special today, just a ton of soft tissue work. My upper back near my scapula is pretty tight and sore, I need a nice deep tissue or ART massage. Also hit the heavy bag for two 5min rounds and got a little bit of a sweat going. I'm heading back to the gym to train my friend and I may throw a little bit more conditioning in.


    Took one cap at 830am and another cap at 5pm, both on an empty stomach. Should this be dosed on an empty stomach or would food help/hinder absorption? So far I'm not feeling anything on it. Maybe slight positive effects on concentration. Had an exercise phys test today and I seemed to recall a lot of stuff without really studying. Could have just gotten lucky, I'll keep an eye on that though. Also, I've been tired the past two days but I think its from school work, not from the formex.

    As far as vascularity, pump, strength, etc., haven't really had a chance to notice it yet. I'm thinking that if my strength starts to go up rapidly during the first week of Epi, some would probably be due to the formex as I've heard most people don't kick in on Epi until day 10-14.

    One last comment to make. My recovery time seems to have gotten markedly better. Either I didn't work my legs hard enough on Wednesday or I recovered completely faster. I'm not really sore at all while I had sore hamstrings before even starting the workout yesterday.

    If there is anything else someone wants me to take note of, let me know.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by wearedbleedblue View Post
    Just been posting it lately, knew people would catch it sooner or later. I'd be excited to run anything you think would go well with my lineup. I'm also going to try to update this as much as possible, at least EOD so be prepared for a long and detailed log.
    Hell Yeah!
    I think I may just have something in mind...

  15. interesting stack. i ran epi/fura about a year ago, added e-form on about day 10. results skyrocketed. beware of dry joints though, incarnate helped alot. oh yeah drink a ton of water.

    use code THEBIGT for 25% off

  16. Side note, I have felt a lot warmer since starting this, today I was sweating like crazy.

  17. 4/3 - Max Effort Upper Body

    Bench is absolutely my weak point. I'm trying to work on my form at the same time. So far no injuries or anything bothering me.

    135x6 reps
    175x5 reps
    195x3 reps
    210x3 reps

    Max Effort:
    225x3 reps
    *all three felt strong and got a good lockout on each. Might have been able to hit 230x3.

    Db Floor Press - 2 sets of max reps
    50x22 reps
    50x18 reps
    *3 minutes rest between sets. Was shooting for at least 15 reps each set and it went easily.

    Seated Cable Row - A1
    130x10 reps - 4 sets
    Band Pulls - A2
    Mini Band x 12 reps - 4 sets
    *Took the weight down from 150 and used two handles attached by chains instead of the fixed handle. Nice burn on the pull aparts.

    Db Shrugs
    80x15 reps - 2 sets (too easy)
    90x15 reps - 2 sets (better but could still go up)

    Barbell Curls
    55x10 reps - 4 sets
    *stood against a pole to keep my back straight and keep the cheating to a minimum. My forearms were so pumped it killed.

    Grip work:
    Various holds with finger spreads, pinch grip and CoC grippers.


    Took my first cap at 10am on an empty stomach and my second one at 5pm. I'm seeing a few more pimples than usual. I seemed to push out more reps than usual so thats always good.

    Libido - no change

    Aggression - no change

    Strength/Endurance - seems up a little bit

    Body Temp - up considerably. I'm sweaty more often and warm pretty much constantly.

    Mood/Energy - feeling a little more lethargic lately. Had 8+ hours of sleep last night so that shouldn't be a factor. In the gym I felt mentally out of it despite taking a scoop of JP8.

    Tonight I'm going to do a little bit of drinking because I'll have at least 8 weeks of sobriety so I have to take advantage of it when I can I'll get pics up on probably Sunday night and retake my measurements to note any changes if there are any.

  18. Nice work out, Be looking foward to monday when you throw the Epi into the mix..

  19. 4/4 - Off day

    Recovered from drinking way too much the night before. Had to go out with a bang. Ate like an animal all day. Didn't do any training whatsoever.


    Dosed with fats this time to see if I could make any comparisons. Dosed at 10am and 8pm. Nothing to note still.

  20. 4/5 - Conditioning

    Great workout today. Did some brief and intense conditioning and a ton of rolling and stretching. Getting ready for a strong leg day tomorrow and kicking my cycle off with a bang.


    30s burpees
    30s jumping jacks
    30s bodyweight squats
    30s burpees
    30s jumping jacks
    30s mountain climbers
    60s rest
    Repeat for 4 sets total
    *this workout kicked my ass. Pushing through everything was close to impossible. The hardest part was the squats then the burpees. My legs were on fire.

    Followed this with some foam rolling, mostly IT band stuff and other tight spots. My legs feel great and ready to go for tomorrow.


    Dosed at 10am and 6pm today, with fats. I noticed a little bit of aggression today, and I guess on Friday when I almost got in a fight, but it could have been the alcohol on Friday. Today I was kind of pissy and snappy though. Body temp is still way up, I'm sweating like its my job.


    Thinking of trying out Karbo-lyn for PWO carb. Heard good things and might be good for my cycle. Went out and bought a ton of broccoli, yams and chicken breasts today to tighten up the diet. Also have plenty of oils to supplement the fats.

  21. 4/6 - Max Effort Lower Body


    Box Squats
    135x6 reps
    175x6 reps
    215x3 reps
    245x3 reps
    275x3 reps
    295x3 reps

    Max Effort
    315x3 reps
    *Tough but very doable. Done with box squats for a few weeks now.

    Modified Backward Sled Drag
    45kg x 30 yards
    110kg x 30 yards - 3 sets
    *Used a green jump band and sat the weight on a sweatshirt. Was dead near the end of the third set. Worked better than we thought it would.

    Good Mornings
    145x12 reps
    155x12 reps - 2 sets
    *Flexibility sucks so I started shortening the ROM to keep my legs straighter during the lift. Could go up next time.

    Neck Harness - Extension
    10x12 reps
    25x12 reps - 2 sets

    Neck Harness - Flexsion
    25x12 reps
    40x12 reps - 2 sets
    *Flexsion was weird but extension worked well.


    Took my Formex first thing in the morning at 7am. Took the Epi at 12pm. Was a good workout today despite waking up 30 minutes before the workout from a nap. I've reduced the formex to once a day now that I'm on cycle.


    Took my weight this morning, 208.6. Sleep has been nice and steady. I take 200-400mg Na-RALA about 60 min before bed, 1.6g bulk carboxy 30 min after that and then ZMA 15 minutes after that. Sleep is excellent.

    Diet has been solid today. So far I've had:

    Meal 1:
    1 cup oatmeal
    1 serving greens powder
    35g Micellar Casein
    Fish Oil

    Meal 2:
    2.5 eggs
    4oz 95% lean ground beef
    1/2cup light cheese
    Tbsp spaghetti sauce
    100 calorie mini bagel w/PB

    Meal 3:
    Preworkout Shake -
    35g Micellar Casein

    Meal 4:
    PWO Shake -
    60g carbs
    15g leucine
    40g hydro whey
    1 serving Toco-8
    Dash of salt (for sodium)

    Meal 5:
    6oz lean steak (cooked in small amount of EVOO)
    3/4 large sweet potato
    1 cup peas and green beans

    Will probably have some chicken and broccoli and possibly some more oats tonight before I end up going to bed. I should probably toss in some coconut oil too to make sure I'm getting enough fats.

  22. Great detail, man!
    Good choice lowering Formex while ON cycle. Epistane already has the ability to lower Estrogen, so there's no need in killing it.

  23. 4/7 - Conditioning


    Glute-Ham Raises A1
    10 reps - 3 sets
    Hyperextensions A2
    25x12 reps - 3 sets

    200m - 4 sets
    100m jog + 100m sprint - 2 sets
    *Dead. Not in sprinting shape at the moment.


    Dosed Epi at 11am and 10pm. Dosed Formex at 2pm. Been feeling more aggressive and like I have a shorter fuse lately. Things that normally wouldn't bother me seem to get to me more often now. Vascularity is up and I seem to be leaning out a little bit.


    Sleep was super deep although I didn't get to sleep until 2am due to worrying about personal problems with someone close to me. Things seem to be resolved so it won't interfere with the cycle.

  24. 4/8 - Repeated Effort Upper Body


    Woke up really late today so didn't get in to the gym until 2pm instead of the usual 1230.

    Rep Bench - Max Reps
    135x20 reps
    135x12 reps
    135x14 reps
    *Didn't take enough rest between sets 1 and 2 and it showed. Fell flat on getting more than 12 and it burned like crazy. Redeemed myself on set 3 though.

    Lat Pulldown - A1 8-12 reps
    115x12 reps
    115x10 reps - 3 sets
    Rear Delt Fly - A2 8-12 reps
    15x12 reps - 4 sets
    *I've always had problems with the pulldown machine, never feel it right. Lowered the weight and really concentrated on the squeeze. Still felt it more in my rear delts but that was probably because of the superset with the flyes too.

    Side DB Press - 8-12 reps
    45x10 - 2 sets
    45x8 - 2 sets
    *Weak shoulders but they went up pretty well. I'll get there eventually.

    Barbell Shrug - B1 8-10 reps
    235x10 reps - 2 sets
    245x10 reps
    Triceps Rope Pulldown B2 15-25 reps
    90x21 reps
    80x18 reps
    85x16 reps
    *My arms were so pumped I could barely touch the back of my neck with my hand. JP8 is legit. Had to take some today to get my energy up.

    Plate Pinch
    10s - held for 40-60seconds - 3 sets each hand

    CoC Circuit
    CoC 1 - 6 reps
    IMTUG 5 - 6 reps
    CoC T - 6 reps
    *Done with no rest and with one hand first, then with the other. Forearms were fried after that.

    Finished with some stretching with a band and I did a little more soft tissue work on my back tonight. I have some terrible spots that need to get better.


    Took my first Epistane at 12:30pm as soon as I woke up. Ate 30 min later and was working out by 2. Took my Formex at 530pm. Aggression is up, libido is the same. Felt strong today and made it through the workout with ease. My appetite has been through the roof lately. I'm pretty much always starving and its getting hard to stay away from bad foods. I've been satisfying myself with a half serving of extra dark chocolate. Delicious.


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