Trauma1 plans to recomp with the help of IBE's "Formex" (Sponsored)

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  1. Trauma1 plans to recomp with the help of IBE's "Formex" (Sponsored)

    I'd just like to thank, IronLungz, LMD, and all of IBE for letting me test out their new oral formestane product - "Formex!" I plan to give you all a fairly detailed log on my assessments and general observations. I've used transdermal formestane in the past to a good extent (E-Form), so i'll compare and contrast the effects of the two in this log.

    IBE Formex (Formestane-MCPE)

    -Rapidly Decrease Estrogens
    -Skyrocket Testosterone Levels
    -Ferociously Increase Libido
    -Greatly Increase Free Test Ė Lower SHBG
    -Ether Technology Prevents Rapid Breakdown

    The same company that brought you new innovations like acetylated resveratrol, 2-bromomelatonin, and Epistane IBE is proud to announce its latest innovation: Formex. The wait for the most potent anti-estrogen ever to hit the market is over. Formex is a revolution in the battle against estradiol because it utilizes one of the most potent second generation steroidal aromatase inhibitors and supercharges it by rearranging the 17B-hydroxyl group to give you the longest lasting, legal anti-estrogen. This rearrangement, called methylcyclopentyl ether (MCPE), is what allows for the incredible increase in bioavailability, allowing for a smaller dose with much greater testosterone boosting and estradiol reducing effects. Donít waste your money on regular formestane, which hastily breaks down in the body, experience IBE Formex and take your body to the next level!

    What is actually in Formex?
    Formex contains the MCP ether of formestane. The chemical name is 4-hydroxy-17B-(1'-methoxy)-cyclopentoxyandrost-4-en-3-one. As you can see Formex is not methylated as many of the harsher oral prohormones have become recently. Formex also does not need to be cycled because besides its potent anti-estrogen activity it is also mildly androgenic, which allows Formex to regulate proper HPTA function without suppression.

    Is Formex better than regular Formestane?
    By far! IBE has corrected the problem with traditional formestane products; low bioavailability. With Formex you can now rest assured that your liver is not rapidly degrading your anti-estrogen before it ever reaches systemic circulation. How does this work? Formex resists biodegradation with a dual shield. The first defense is evasion. Typically when something is ingested it is carried through the stomach and into the small intestine where nutrients are absorbed and brought into circulation for processing. The vein responsible for this is the hepatic portal vein (HPV). As the name implies it brings blood directly to the liver for processing and is the site of regular formestane biodegradation. However, there is a loophole in this defense. The more lipophilic (fat loving) a substance is the lower the chance of it entering the HPV and the greater the chance of it entering lymphatic circulation. Since ethers cannot Hydrogen bond and a hydrocarbon group has been added, it becomes much more lipophilic. These substances can enter lacteals, make their way into the lymphatic system, bypass the liver, and reach systemic circulation before ever seeing the first sign of hepatic metabolism. This means not only can you get greater estradiol suppression but for a much longer period than before. The second defense is the MCPE in the 17b position. This group protects itself from cleavage because it is large and bulky and repels the enzyme responsible.

    What can I expect with Formex?
    With Formex you can expect to feel your libido skyrocket and watch your bloat dwindle away. Plus, Formex is not only an anti-estrogen but it also has mild anabolic properties that allow for strength and muscle gains, as well as a heightened ferocity in the gym. On cycle you can expect to see a hardened physique and greatly reduced risk of forming estradiol-induced gynecomastia.

    When should I use Formex?
    Formex can be used anytime that you would like greatly increase your testosterone levels, decrease levels of estradiol, and increase athletic performance.

    ON CYCLE AND PCT: It can be used on cycle to reduce the bloat associated with aromatizing compounds or to prevent estradiol-related gynecomastia. Formex can also be used in PCT to prevent valuable testosterone from converting to estradiol. It is important to understand that the dosing regimen for Formex is much different than traditional formestane. Since it lasts longer in the body, it requires less frequent doses. In studies of cycloalkyl ether derivatives of estradiol, researchers found that these highly lipophilic substances were capable of being stored in fat and create a time released effect. Other studies have shown that formestane given parenterally at a mere 250mg inhibited the activity of aromatase >85% for 2 weeks! Since Formex enters systemic circulation similarly to formestane given parenterally you can achieve maximal results without the use of transdermals or injectables.

    BRIDGE: One of the most effective uses for Formex is using it as a bridge between cycles. No need for a full, all out PCT between cycles, use Formex while recovering and prevent muscle wasting, while keeping libido elevated.

    STANDALONE: Formex can be used as a standalone product to help maintain your gains throughout the year, decrease fat accumulation, keep you shredded for the summer, or give you the extra boost you need whether it be in the gym or the bedroom!

    TRT: Formex can provide valuable protection against gynecomastia for those on TRT. The risk of gynecomastia while on TRT is greatly increased as the body adjusts to its surroundings by increasing circulating levels of CYP (aromatase) to combat the rapid rise in testosterone levels.

    Current Stats:

    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 212.8lbs
    Aggression: Baseline
    Side Effects: N/A
    Mood: Cheeky

    I'll update this log more thoroughly tomorrow; i just wanted to get this thread up and running. I'll do my best to give you guys my honest results and feedback in utilizing this product.

    Time to tear some sh*t up!!


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  4. dangit. all these new logs springing up. in for the support john

  5. I'm always down with following my boy T1's logs.
    Subscribed for the ride!

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  7. In on this !

    I'm going to be using Formex for recomp as well
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  8. Is everybody going to try Formex before I can even get it at NP?

    Looking forward to this Trauma.

  9. Trauma1 and IBE Formex...This is going to be one hell of a good log!

  10. Full update later today, guys.

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    Full update later today, guys.
    Sounds good !
    IBE/PHF Boladrol - The Most Potent PH in the World - Available Now!

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  14. suppressing your feminine side huh?

    i see that you've run transdermal form so i'm curious to hear how this compares.

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    Tear it down!!

  16. Formex Days 1-6

    General Information:

    Current Weight: 210.6lbs (-2.2lb)
    Mood: I feel pretty good overall.
    Aggression: Periods of it, but nothing of any extreme note.
    Side Effects: Not much to speak of. I have some sporatic acne on my upper torso, but not even enough to consider it significant.


    I had decided to take a week off from weight training and really step up my cardio. I've been hitting the treadmill for 30 minutes (9 degree incline/7mph) for 4 of the last 6 days. My cardio sessions have been very productive, and i feel myself getting more conditioned in this aspect.


    I've drastically reduced my carbohydrate intake for the last few weeks. My appearance is very noticeably different at this point. My energy has dropped off badly at times, but my body seems to be stabilizing at this point. I'll slowly re-introduce carbs as i put the strength training back in effect.

    My overview of Formex to this point:

    There is something fairly impressive to note even after my first dose. I've used transdermal formestane in the past, and one of the things i loved about it was a great sense of well-being after applying it. After my first dose of formex, i experienced something very similar approx 30-40 minutes later. I thought that was a very impressive aspect right from the get-go.

    I now notice myself starting to drop some of the subcutaneous water (especially in my stomach) which has been a typical result when i've used formestane. I can't comment on strength training aspects yet, but i will address that for certain once i do.

    Formex Dosing:

    Days: 1-3 - (2)Capsules daily with fish oils. Dosing was 8 hours apart.

    Days: 4-6 - (3)Capsules daily with fish oils. Dosing was 6 hours apart

    I've also made sure to take my Formex with healthy fats to enhance lipophilic uptake and absorbtion.


    So far, i'm very impressed with Formex. I won't compare this directly with transdermal formestane for a few more days, but i really like what i'm seeing. I really think this is going to help me recomp very nicely for summer. I'll update again in a few days, guys. If there are any questions along the way - feel free to post them up.

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  17. In for another Trauma Log
    Strongest On The Market
    RECOVERBRO: Est. Post #3222

  18. these "heads up" logs are fascinating - comparing similar products help really define the differences, rather than compare the similar results. i like it.

  19. I like how your doing your updates, Nice write up and down 2.2lbs in 6 days is nice, What is your carb intake right now? just curious what you lowered them to. looking foward to see what kind of strength gains you will see.Good luck with this man, look foward to your next update.

  20. Formex Days 7-10

    Weight: 209lbs (-3.8lbs total)

    Libido: It seems to be hovering just above baseline at this point. Not as high as i had expected, but it's definitely above my norm.

    Aggression: I have periods of aggressive tendencies; mainly during my workout periods. Nothing ove the top, but a nice added benefit.

    Side Effects: Honestly, not much to note. I still have a few pimples here and there on my upper torso.

    Mood: I still feel pretty good. I don't have quite as good a feeling of well being after my dosing, but it still offers me a nice boost everyday.


    I'm still focusing on cardio at this point. I've continued to hit up the treadmill for about 30-35 minutes/day. My alternate cardio is running on the beach; which is absolute murder on the calves. My overall endurance during my cardio sessions has been very impressive, and each workout seems to be easier than the last. I'll be adding back in the weights this week, so stay tuned for a more complete review of this product.


    I've slowly begun to re-introduce carbs at this point. God it feels good to eat some carbs!! My body is adjusting pretty well, and i think i'm a go to really kick this recomp phase into high gear. I'll post up my adjunct supp. staples once i begin my weight training.

    My overview of Formex to this point:

    So far, this product has treated me very well. I definitely notice sub-q water significantly reduced at this point. I still can't comment on the weight training aspect, but from a cardiovascular standpoint, this stuff has really improved my performance. I've also noticed in the last 3 days a nice muscle hardening effect as well. Almost like a mini-pump that last for a good deal of the day. I'll have a more complete comparison of formex with transdermal formestane in the coming days, but to this point, it's similar in many regards. With my next update i'll have a side-by-side comparison of my thoughts on the two different delivery methods and effects of formestane. Stay tuned for that!


    I've utilized 3 capsules/day spread evenly over the day up to this point. I'm going to increase to 4 caps/day and split them into 2 doses (2 caps each dose.) I'll note any significance in effects with my next update.


    Everything has been going very well. I've really noticed how quickly my cardiovascular endurance has taken shape....especially since i've added in the formex. I'm anxious to get the weights back in the mix here, so my next review will be more extensive in terms of content. So far, this product seems to be doing the job everyone.

    Motivational Video Of The Day

    Metallica - "Hero Of The Day"

    [ame=""]YouTube - Metallica-Hero Of The Day[/ame]

    Bonus Video

    Metallica - "Ronnie"

    [ame=""]YouTube - Metallica: Load - Ronnie[/ame]

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    Also, you know I love Metallica, so REPS!

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  23. Very nice T, almost 4lbs in 10 days is great..


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