Zombie Recomp Log

  1. Zombie Recomp Log

    First off, I haven't done many logs and hope this one turns out decent. I have plenty of free time to update or answer questions so here goes.

    I just recently placed an order for my new stack and what better way to track my results then a log. Depending on when the products arrive, I will begin sometime next week. Most likely Tuesday or Wednesday.

    My goal is to see my waist line drop along with bodyfat. Currently, I am at 202lbs and my guess is 16-20% bodyfat. Most of the fat is around my waist, which is about 40 inches at the belly button.

    Current Weight: 202 - Will update almost daily. Measurements will be taken weekly.

    Hot-Rox extreme
    Anabolic Pump
    Purple Wraath
    Sustain Alpha
    Fish Oil
    Surge Recovery
    Whey Protein

    Workouts: 5 day split
    Day 1: Back
    Day 2: Chest
    Day 3: Legs
    day 4: Shoulders
    Day 5: arms

    Most sets will follow a 20/15/10/7/drop set style rep scheme. Not sure on specific exercises, but will post detailed daily workouts along with weight #s.

    Cardio: Not sure how cardio will fit in, but it will probably be 2-3xs a week HIIT for 15-20 minutes on a treadmill or bike. And probably an hour of cardio after an arms/shoulder day. Depending on the time available.

    Diet: This is probably where I am going to have my biggest problems. Aiming for a 40/40/20 macro, but majority of the carbs will be in the morning and right after my workout. Will post exactly what I put in my mouth in order to get a realistic view of my eating habits. I'll be honest and say that a few beers here and there will show up along with some In-N-Out. I'm weak.....

    Well here we go! Will update once products arrive, but will be frequently monitoring the thread in case any questions or advice come up.

  2. Figured I'll just start updating now since my workouts aren't going to change much next week.

    Wednesdays workout was

    Arms + Cardio

    50/20 50/15 60/10 60/7
    Tricep Pulldowns
    50/20 50/15 60/10 (70/7 40/10)drop
    Single Tricep Pulldowns
    20/20 20/15 30/10 (40/7 20/15)drop
    BB Curl
    50/20 60/15 70/10 80/7
    DB Curl
    20/20 20/15 20/10 (25/7 15/15)drop
    50/12 50/12 50/11 50/11

    And an hour of cardio.

    Yesterday, I did legs. All day at work I was unmotivated, but still psyched to get into the gym. Sadly, once inside the gym really felt like I had no UMPHH in any of my lifts. Here is what I accomplished:

    Back Squat
    135/5 185/5 185/5 190/5 205/5 - ATG
    Leg Press
    180/12 270/12 360/12 360/12
    Seated Calf Raises
    90/12 90/12 115/12
    Standing Calf Raises
    180/12 180/12 200/12

    53 minutes of cardio(had to leave at a certain time)
    30 mins @ 2.8 7.0 incline on tread and 23 minutes on a bike

    Yesterdays meals were

    Meal 1
    Bagel + Cream Cheese and some Tritip
    Meal 2
    Handful of almonds + Tritip
    Meal 3
    60g of protein from a shake
    Meal 4
    Surge Recovery 20g protein 40g carbs(Post workout)
    Meal 5
    Corn Dog, 3-4 tiny onion rings and a heiniken

    Had 2 more beers that night and a small glass of milk.

  3. You will have to get more serious with the diet. You aren't getting enough protein for sure from what yesterdays meals look like. I know it super hard to diet, you have to make room for some cheat meals every now and then. Bagel in the morning, get rid of that. Nothing but garbage. Try eggs or a meal replacement. Buy ALOT of chicken breasts. You will have to find creative ways to spice them to keep from getting bored. Also, you should consider getting in some vegetables. I just buy bulk frozen vegetables and choke them down. Try to save your cheat days for Fridays or Saturdays when you know you will be out partying.

  4. Yea. I know diet is my biggest problem ATM. I feel like i'm always eating, but the numbers don't show it and numbers can't lie.

    Today I've already had more protein then I had yesterday. I will go ahead and switch the bagel out for Oatmeal or Eggs.

  5. Today is going to be day 1 of the log. I have received all my products and have begun taking them. My diet is my biggest weakness and I have done some modifications. I'll post the new diet shortly based around 2k calories. Here is my last shoulder workout.

    Fridays Workout

    Push Press
    95/5 105/5 115/5 125/5 135/5

    Shoulder Super Set 3 sets 15 reps for each exercise
    Side Laterals 15/15 x 3
    Front Laterals 15/15 x 3
    Seated MP 25/15

    Standing Rear Delt Raises
    25/12 x 3

  6. Working out my diet here. I'm missing a pre-workout meal I believe.

    1/2 cup oatmeal + 1 scoop whey protein
    273 calories, 5g Fat, 29g Carbs, 27g protein

    Meal 2
    3 Eggs + 1/4 cup Almonds
    446 calories
    22g fat
    10g carbs
    26g protein

    Meal 3
    Chicken breast. Decent size, but not exactly sure how big.
    150 Calories
    7g fat
    0g carbs
    18g protein

    Preworkout ?

    Post Workout
    Surge Recovery + 1 scoop whey protein
    444 calories
    2g fat
    53g carbs
    48g protein

    Dinner - Will be vegetable with some sort of meat. Not sure on the break down since I don't always cook or decide

    Last Meal
    Cottage Cheese w/some fat free/sugar free jello mixed in.
    1 Cup Cottage Cheese
    18g protein
    3g carbs
    1g fat

    Breakdown so far is(without pre-workout and dinner)
    1438 Calories
    37g Fat
    95g Carbs
    137g protein

    Pre-workout I'll throw in a 2 scoop shake so thats another 200 calories + 44g of protein Any other tweaks or things I should add? Should I add some carbs to my pre-workout?

  7. Very nice, well detailed log my friend. Keep it up.

  8. Day 2 March 30th

    Weight 206 - Up 4 pounds since I lasted weighed myself.

    Yesterday, I stuck to what I had posted above as far as diet, but I also added a few more shakes to get some more protein. Todays meals will be the same, except for dinner. Yesterdays workout ended up being really short, but here it is.

    135/5 185/5 205/5 225/5 245/5
    Pullups - No kipping, no swinging and all the way down
    BW/3 BW/2 BW/2 BW/1 - Will aim for more next time
    Seated rows
    110/12 130/12 130/12 150/12 different machine, wasn't sure how much weight to use.
    35/15 40/15 50/15 50/51

    Normally I have a few more exercises in my back day, but I was running really short on time. Today is going to be chest.

    I'm going to take my measurements in a few hours when I get a chance and post them. Until then, here is a quick update on the new supps.

    DCP - Taking 2 pills 3x a day. Really haven't noticed any difference yet, but i'm sure its not something you notice right away.
    Drive - 3 Pills am and 3 before workout. I seem to feel more focused after taking this, but i'm not sure yet.
    Anabolic Pump - Starting off with 2 pills a day until next week when I bump it to 3. Haven't really noticed anything yet.
    Wraath - 1 scoop during workout. Tastes really refreshing.
    Jack3d - Took 1 scoop yesterday at 3pm. Had no problem sleeping at midnight. Will try 2 scoops today at around 2pm.
    Lipotrophin - Took 2 before bed. Really didn't notice much difference.

    If anyone has any better/updated protocols for taking any of these, please feel free to chime in.

  9. Arms
    15 no flex, 17 1/2 w/flex - no change
    39 - !!! down from 40
    42 1/2 unflex, 44 flexed - no change
    25 1/2 - no change
    17 - Up 1 from last time.

    Fairly happy with the changes. Is there any other measurements I should keep track of? Will post start up pics soon. I'll also post pics 2 weeks in and at the end.

  10. Weight - 206 No change

    Yesterdays workout went pretty fairly well. I decided to use lighter weight than normal since its been a few months since doing a 5 day split or any reps higher than 5, but to my surprise that lighter weight still was pretty heavy. Hopefully it won't take too long to get back to where I was, but more important this time around I want to focus on muscle contraction and not so much the poundage.

    As far as the new supps goes, I upped my dose from 1 to 1.5 of jack. Not sure if I noticed the difference. Sustain Alpha smells sooo bad, but i'm crazy and still apply it anyways. And as a side note, as I was completing my hour long cardio(after weights) I felt like I could take on the world still. Was an awesome feeling! Until I got home and needed to take a nap, which is very unusual to me. Today is no gym, but I'll be back in tomorrow for legs(hmmm maybe I need 2 scoops of jacked tomorrow..)

    Decline Bench Press
    135/12 x 3 - Never do normal bench or decline so I warmed up with it
    DB Bench Press
    45/20 50/15 65/10 (65/6 drop 45/5)
    Incline DB Bench Press
    40/19 40/15 50/9 (50/6 drop 35/7)
    Incline Flys
    25/15 x 4
    BW/10 BW/10 BW/5
    Seated Cable Flys
    30/15 35/15 x 3
    50's drop set on Cable Flys
    Started at 45lbs and dropped 10lbs until I hit 50 reps.

    Did 1 hour of cardio on the treadmill. Damn, I hate cardio...

    Diet yesterday went almost as planned. Dinner ended up being late(around 10ish) so I didn't eat cottage cheese before bed and I probably should of had a shake inbetween, but oh well.

    I was debating on how to post my meals and I have decided to just post them the day after instead of in smaller chunks.

  11. Yesterdays was a non gym day, but here are my meals.

    Meal 1: 1/2cup oatmeal + 2 scoops of chocolate whey
    Meal 2: Chicken + white rice(usually aim for brown rice, but didnt happen this time)
    Meal 3: 2 scoops whey protein + creatine
    Meal 4: Wheat Pasta + Tomato Sauce
    Meal 5: Oatmeal + Milk

    Will add some more protein in today, yesterday looks just horrible. Did feel a big difference in libido yesterday, but it could be a one off thing. Will keep an eye on it and see if it continues. Also, I notice my skin feeling a lot tighter. I definitely like this feeling. Since I don't have a way of measuring my bodyfat I can't really tell if there has been much change. I really don't see a difference in the mirror, but its still early.

    Today will either be legs or shoulders. I'm going to a concert after so i'm thinking about putting legs off till tomorrow. I'll see how the day goes and play it by ear. Can't wait to get into the gym though!

  12. Yesterday I opted for shoulders.

    Weight - 207 +1 To note though, I look a lot leaner in the mirror so I don't think goin up 1 pound is bad. We'll see how it goes.

    DIET - Going to note how I take each product as well this time, just in case i'm doing something wrong.

    Meal 1
    Anabolic pump(at least 15 mins before), 3 drive, 2 DCP, 2 Vitamin-C, 4 fishoil and 2 hotrox.
    1/2 cup oatmeal + 1 scoop chocolate protein powder

    Meal 2
    Chicken + Brown Rice + 2 DCP

    Meal 3
    2 scoop shake + almonds
    3 drive, 3 DCP, 1 scoop of Jacked

    During workout I drink 1 scoop of Purple Wraath

    Meal 4
    1 anabolic Pump, then 15 minutes after Surge Recovery + 2 scoops(50g carbs 60g+ protein)

    Meal 5
    2 Beef patties w/mustard(was heading to a show so didnt have time to cook a veggie)

    Passed out when I got home so didnt eat again, but did take 1 DCP and 3 Lipotrophin-PM + 3 ZMA before going to bed


    Push Press
    95/12 105/12 105/12
    Side Lat Raises
    15/15 20/15 20/15 (20/15 drop 15/7)
    Lying Rear Lat Raises
    10/20 15/15 20/10 (20/7 15/8)
    Seated Military Cable Press
    40/20 40/15 50/10 (60/7 40/8)
    Lat Raise Machine
    45/20 45/15 50/10 (65/10 45/9)
    Ended with 3 sets of 20 pushups

    Followed by an hour of cardio on the treadmill. Speed+Incline changed constantly. I tried to keep my heartreat between 144-155

    Today I'll be destroying me legs. woot!

  13. As of Friday my weight was at 201, very surprised to see that, but I expect it to be higher today. My diet over the weekend was pretty horrible and really lacked protein in general.

    Here is my workout from Friday. I completed another workout since then, but forgot my log book and didn't get to write down the numbers.

    135/15 135/15 135/15
    Leg Press
    270/12 360/12 380/12 400/12
    Seated Calf Raises Super Set W/Set Ups
    Std Calf Raised
    90/20 90/20 90/20
    Step Ups
    50/12 50/12 50/12
    Calf Raises
    140/30 140/20 165/20 180/20

    Today's routine will be back. Can't wait!

  14. Weight - 207
    Measurements - Same except waist is now at 40 inches

    Diet yesterday sucked, but I am working on consuming more food.

    Meal 1
    1/2 cup Oatmeal + 1 scoop Whey Protein
    Meal 2
    1/2 Cup Oatmeal + 3 scoop Whey Protein
    Meal 3
    Shake with 49g carbs 66g protein
    Meal 4
    Pork Chop, Broccoli and Cauliflower.

    Today I'm going to add a pork chop to meal 1 and 2. I'm also upping the dose of Anabolic Pump to 3 a day and bumping my oatmeal intake to 3/4 cup for each meal(soon a cup). I'm hoping the slowly I can build up my appetite to eat enough food.

    Workout from yesterday went FANTASTIC. Even without the use of JACKED I still managed to fill on top of the world.

    Note - I aim for 45 seconds of rest inbetween sets. Only exception is deadlifts and squats unless otherwise noted.

    135/5 195/5 205/5 225/5 255/5(PR) - Really felt my legs getting into it on the last few reps.
    Chins - Tried to at least do 20 no matter how many sets it took.
    All BW 5, 4, 2, 3, 2, 2, 2
    Seated Row
    115/12 135/12 155/12 155/9
    Single Arm Cable Rows - these didn't feel right
    45/20 60/15 70/7 (80/7 drop 60/8)
    35/15 45/15 50/15 55/15

    Cardio - Yesterday, I did HIIT instead of the normal routine due to lack of time.
    1:[email protected] then :[email protected] - Normally I do 7.5, but it wasn't doing the trick. Even 8.5 didn't really make me gasp for air. I was amazed.

    Only 8 hours till its time to hit the gym up again!

  15. Quick update on each supp and my impression so far

    Purple Wraath - Taste fantastic. Doubt I'll see immediate benefits from Purple Wraath, but it is definitely refreshing during my workout
    Drive - Nothing to note yet.
    DCP - Same
    Anabolic Pump - I dosed 2 caps a day instead of 3 the first week so I'm expecting this to pick up as I add more carbs. Really haven't noticed much from it.
    Jack3d - Godly IMO. Taking only 1 scoop(around 3-4pm) right before I leave work and head to the gym(25 mins b4 workout). Have tons of energy with no jitters and there seems to be no crash.

    Weight - 206 Feeling and looking leaner imo though.

    Yesterdays Diet
    Meal 1
    3/4 cup Oatmeal + 3 scoops whey
    Meal 2
    Meal 3
    3/4 Cup Oatmeal + 3 scoops whey
    Meal 4
    Surge Recovery + Whey(50g carbs and 66g protein)
    Meal 5
    6 ounces of chicken(I believe) and cauliflower+broccoli
    Meal 6
    Half a banana

    Just couldn't eat the second porkchop yesterday. Had no problem downing the oatmeal though. Today I have 3 pieces of chicken I'm going to eat instead of porkchops. Hopefully those will go down easier.

    Yesterdays Workout

    DB Flat Bench
    45/20 55/15 65/10 (65/8 drop 45/9)
    Flat Flys
    25/15 x 4
    DB Incline Bench
    40/20 40/15 50/10 (55/7 drop 40/8)
    Incline Flys
    25/15 x 4
    Seated Flys
    35/15 35/15 40/15 40/15

    Weight is moving up from last session and I'm creeping close to where I was at before I switched to 5x5. Hopefully next week i'll be there.

    I kept my rest to 45 seconds on all exercises as well. Normally this kicks my ass, but I was feeling great after my workout. Even after an hour of weights and an hour of cardio I still had plenty of energy. I was practically giddy walking to my car I had so much energy.

    Cardio - 1 hour on treadmill.

    Today will be legs, but I don't think I will be squatting today. My lower back still seems to be pretty tender from the deads on tuesday. Won't know till I arrive at the gym though!

  16. Weight - 204

    Yesterdays Diet
    Meal 1
    3/4 Cup Oatmeal + 3 scoop Whey protein
    Meal 2
    10oz of chicken(give or take) and very little white rice
    Meal 3
    3/4 cup oatmeal + 2 scoop whey + banana
    Meal 4
    Surge Recovery(50g carbs 66g protein)
    Meal 5
    chicken + almonds

    Over 200g protein, but still not quite there.

    Yesterdays Workout

    Leg Press
    270/20 360/15 450/10 540/7(PR)
    Hack Squats
    180/20 200/15 250/10(PR) 270/7(PR)
    Calf Press Super Set W/Step Ups
    Calf Press
    90/25 100/25 100/25
    Set Ups
    60/12 60/12 60/12
    Seated Calf Raises
    90/20 100/15 125/10 150/7(PR)

    Cardio -
    20 Minutes on Bike
    40 Minutes on Treadmill

    I feel as if my leg workout is missing something. Debating whether I should only do 1 exercises for calves versus doing 2. Today I'll be hitting up shoulders! Definitely one of my favorite days in the gym.

  17. Quick Update

    Weight as of Friday was 202 - Pretty impressive, but usually the weekend is when I gain it all back so we'll see how the scale looks later today.

    Fridays Workout:

    Push Press
    95/12 105/12 115/9
    DB Side Laterals
    15/20 15/15 30/10 (30/7 drop 15/12)
    Bent Over Lateral Raises
    30/12 30/12 30/9
    DB Military Press Seated
    35/16 35/15 40/10 (45/7 drop 45/4)
    Smith behind back shrugs
    75/20 125/15 175/10 195/5
    Lateral Raise Machine
    45/20 50/15 65/10 (80/7 drop 65/8)

    Today is back day.. SWEEEEETT!!

  18. Weight - 204

    Yesterdays diet went alright, but was kind of hectic. Dont' really have exact details except it involved a lot of chicken and oatmeal. The workout didn't go so well either in my mind. This is due to multiple reasons.

    1) Didn't sleep well sunday night. Even with the aid of Lipotrophin-PM.
    2) Played basketball/Volleyball all day sunday, which is unusual for me
    3) forgot to take my dosing of JACKED and DRIVE before my workout.

    Anyways, here are the numbers.

    Narrow Grip Pulldowns
    105/20 105/15 120/10 (135/7 drop 105/5)
    MTS High Row
    40/20 40/15 50/10 (60/7 40/9)
    Chin Ups - Aimed for 20 total
    3, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 2(45 seconds of rest inbetween each attempt)
    40/20 45/20 45/20 50/20

    As you can see my chin ups really sucked yesterday. Very depressing. Hopefully todays chest day ends up a lot better.

    20 minutes at incline of 11 and speed of 2.8


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