so i've been trying to read up as much as i could and i can't find some answers i'm looking for

i was looking into pro hormones for alittle while now, i wanted something that will help me grow but won't just add mass but will be more of a lean muscle and thats when i ran into hyperdrol. From what i've read ppl have gotten acne from this product and it doesn't need a pct.

I've known about Usp Labs powerfull for awhile but never tried it. It does say it helps keep skin clear and adds size. So I figured stacking these products would add some nice muscle gains while burning some fat to get ready for the summer months.

My questions are 1. Has anyone tried to stack these together and what kind of results did they get? 2. Is it safe to stack these two products? 3. I know it says that a pct is not really necessary but if stacked together do you feel I should use one anyway?