18year old

  1. 18year old

    best straight muslce stak out on the market or one people have created that is safe and good for an 18 year old guy who is strong and decently cut but trying to look beastly

  2. Food, protein powder, Creatine, Prime

  3. PRIME? tell me more....

  4. thanks for the good tips...the current supps im on is bsn no xplode,l glutamine,protein,fish oil,multi vitamin, and creatine monohydrate, i take a shake in the morning, and then have another around 215, i lift around 4, i then drink no x about a half hour before i lift, i get done with my work out around 6, i drink a protein shake and take my creatine monohydrate and glutamine with that, then i will eat a low fat dinner(grilled chicken) then i will go to bed....im not looking to get big or id drink another shake, but im looking to get ripped up....and i also run every day

  5. When I was 18, I could eat anything without putting on fat. If you are the same way, i'd start with a high caloric protein. I used to use Prolabs N-Large, but their are a lot better ones out there now. These are just as easy to drink as your typical 100-140 cal protein drinks, but instead have anywhere from 500-700+ cals. Just this extra will get to building muscle again.

  6. There is a member, ROIDRAGEX10, check his Prime logs. He went up crazy amounts in all his lifts. Its a little pricey, but if you work, well worth it.

    Personally id drop NoXplode, there are much cheaper alternatives out there. Jack3d comes to mind, and its less than half the price.

    Food too. LOTS OF IT!!! Dont be afraid to get fat, you can always cut and at your age your metabolism should do more than make up for it.

  7. thanks guys....i have a good amount of mass and i am alil scared to get fat cause im doing a cut phase before i go to college....but i deff hear ya...


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