Blue Gene- Pre Cycle Unsponsored log!

  1. Blue Gene- Pre Cycle Unsponsored log!

    I have been hanging on to this product for sometime now, waiting to use. Been a rough year or so, so now is the perfect time to use this product. This is my Pre-Cycle log. I am gearing up to run The One and need to get more in shape before that.

    I have MIA for awhile on here and most boards as well. I now have plenty of time to get serious again. This log will be geared towards endurance, strength and shedding some BF as its getting a little out of hand.

    Routine- Every other day fullbody.

    A- Wide Grip Deadlifts
    DB Press

    B- Chins
    Front Squats

    C- Push Press
    Seated Hammer Curls

    D- Barbell Curls

    E- Back Ext
    Rev Crunches

    This was taken from one of my mens health mags. This will be done EOD. Cardio afterwards, HIT on the off days. Core movements such as planks will be done on off days.



    Haven't checked in awhile, will check tonight at the gym.

    Dosing will be done differently than prescribed as well. 3x tabs 2x a day. I feel with the ingredients in here this may workout better. This will make this a 25 day log.

    Additional Supplements-

    White Flood- Workout days
    Purple Wraath-
    Green Mag-
    CoEnzyme B-Complex- Jarrow
    Intracell- Off Days
    Gut Health

    So with all this being said it starts today! Hopefully this log will be beneficial for anyone looking into this product.

    Note- I have used all of the above before so I know what to expect from them. They should not deter this log or the benefits or lack of benefits from Blue Gene.

    I will have pictures up tonight as well. Far from my best lol!

  2. Good to have you back...hope this turns out well

    neways sub'd
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by bolt10 View Post
    Good to have you back...hope this turns out well

    neways sub'd
    Whats up Bolt? Thanks for subbing!

    Quote Originally Posted by maurice02 View Post
    Maurice, nice avy and thanks for subbing. I just noticed you are running the stack, I will have to sub to yours.

  4. Subb'd, brother!!! This is going to be great!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Subb'd, brother!!! This is going to be great!!
    There he is!!! Thanks for subbing RR. I will not disappoint.

  6. Day 1

    I am really going to enjoy this workout routine. I haven't felt this great during or after a workout in over a year. I didn't follow the rep scheme that I wanted because I wanted to go heavier on some lifts and see where I am at. I also did a couple of extra lifts because a few lifts I struggled at.

    Here is how tonight went. I didn't take any White Flood but did mix 2 scoops of Purple Wraath/1 scoop of Green mag and sipped pre/intra. Damn that stuff was good. I spaced the dosing of Blue Gene as planned. 3 tabs in the morn and 3 tabs 1 hour pre-workout.

    I did the first 2 sets of deadlifts with a wide grip, felt awkard but good. After the first 2 sets I moved onto a sumo grip which felt really good.


    135lbs x 10
    225lbs x 10
    315lbs x 5

    DB Press-

    70lbs x 10
    80lbs x 10
    90lbs x 5- Terrible but its ok.


    4 sets of BW for 5 reps

    Clean and Press-

    4 sets of 135lbs for 4 reps


    3 sets of 120lbs for 10 reps

    Side laterals-

    3 sets of 25lbs for 12 reps

    Front Squats-

    4 sets of 135lbs for 5 reps- Trying to work on form here.

    Seated Hammers-

    4 sets of 45lbs for 10 reps


    4 sets of BW for 5 reps

    Barbell Curls-

    4 sets of 85lbs for 8 reps


    4 sets of 150lbs for 10 reps

    I felt great during the first part of the workout until I did the squats. I got a little down on myself but right afterwards it was a like switch turned on. The weights I did for my arms is nothing to where I used to be but I did a quad superset. I just kept moving pretty much without rest between the 4 lifts. I must have been motivated from Timbah's vids.

    Overall I really good workout, way better than expected. I can't wait to see my results at the end of this log.

  7. I hope the whole log will go as your first workout did!!!! Awesome stuff bro! :dl:

  8. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    I hope the whole log will go as your first workout did!!!! Awesome stuff bro! :dl:
    Sweet log, not enough BG logs around the internetz. I assume you cashed in on the great sale going on right now?


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