Best supplement

  1. Best supplement

    I have been trying to find a good supplement that will help me get bigger and stronger. I have taken Nitric Oxide before and liked it. I wasn't sure if there was any new products that will help me out that aren't too expensive?

  2. Have you taken Creatine and Beta Alanine yet? Those are 2 staples; also look into Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) perhaps for some varied benefits.

  3. It seems like when I take creatine it makes me feel sick to my stomache. I have taken several supplements before and liked a few but I just want something that will help me gain weight and get my strength up. I currently weigh 167 and would like to get up to 180-185. I would also like to get my bench up from 265 to 300. I'm just not sure what supplement I should be taking because I had lifting without taking something.

  4. Are you just starting off? I would recommend that you stay off any big supps for the time being. This is a mistake that I admittedly made, and that I'm sure many other people will fess up to. Spend your money wisely on high quality food sources - bulk chicken breasts, milk, lean red meat, protein powder. This will take a considerable hit out of your wallet. Get your body in solid lifting shape, then start supplementing your clean diet.

  5. Steak and Eggs were the 2 foods responsible for huge strength and size gains for me. Of course I ate other foods to but these were the 2 that i still go back to when i need strength and energy.

    I'm 44 now and been doing this periodically since i was 18 and it works every time.

    Please don't think supps are going to do it all and DON'T believe everything you read. You're in for a major disappointment if you do.

  6. Kids 167 and benches 265 pretty strong lil dude, keep it up man. If you like nitric oxide keep taking it, everything in moderation ofcourse. Looks like your doing good atleast strength wise, if you want the size man you really gotta eat buy some bulk powders too.

  7. I recommend a solid protein and a good carb diet. Not what you wanted to hear I bet, so ill also say good NO, Cell volumizer, EFAs, ECAs etc


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