My MassFX/Hyperdrol Nano/Creakic stack

  1. My MassFX/Hyperdrol Nano/Creakic stack

    I'm an 18 year old would-be bodybuilder from Central New York. I've been lifting for two years and have experimented with different combinations of creatines, NO products, and T-Boosters. I have gone from MuscleTech to Controlled Labs to USPLabs and many more. After a lot of thought, I have put together my current stack.

    For protein, vitamins, and amino acids I am taking:
    -Serious Mass
    -NitroCore 24
    -Orange Triad

    My other supplements include:
    -Hyperdrol X2
    -Creakic Hardcore

    I will be on the MassFx and Hyperdrol for about 12 weeks, cycling the Mass FX. I will be on the Creakic and the Nano for at least four weeks and will be probably starting another cycle after cycling off of those.
    My goals are to put on some serious bulk for 8 weeks and then shred it up.
    I will be updating daily both here and in My Amspace.

    I'm starting at 195lbs, i'm 5'10''.
    I'll be posting some measurements shortly.

  2. So I haven't updated for the past two days so I'll do this in two posts.
    Day one on my cycle was arms day. I definitely had a pump, mostly from the creatine and the Nano, and I definitely had a psychological boost (mainly because I was so pumped to be starting my stack). No significant gains but I did notice that I had some nice tone when I woke up the next day as opposed to having nearly none which is typical for me the morning after a workout.

  3. LEGS DAY!
    My favorite day. I'm hesitant to say whether or not my gains can be attributed to my stack, but I made some serious gains. I did five sets of squats, all at 315 or higher. I got to my max (365) and did four reps. It was a pretty successful day, my legs swelled up pretty good though. Right now they're pretty sore (they better be).
    Can't wait til I can feel that strength boost and see the size come on.
    I'm already hungrier than ever; I'm going through homemade protein bars like crazy, I can't afford to buy them anymore.
    I've been eating 2lb steaks for dinner, more chicken than I want to think about, and just about anything I can get my hands on.

  4. Chest day was a little disappointing. My traps were sore from deadlifts on leg day and i felt like I wasn't doing my pecs justice in my negative motions on my presses. My flyes were still great and I had really awesome endurance. I did pec decs as my last workout and i was still able to rack the machine at 220 for three sets. Thinking about taking a growth day to eat and recover today.
    Just made some awesome protein bars with a recipe I got off the forum.
    2 cups dehydrated skim milk
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    3 cups protein powder
    1 cup oatmeal
    Just enough water to make really thick, sticky dough
    Put in a brownie pan and chill in the fridge
    Awesome, I used some gainer protein for a batch

  5. Yesterday I used as a growth day, ate a lot, got some sleep.
    I'm starting to notice some serious changes.
    As cliche as it sounds, I'm starting to feel that "Alpha Male" effect that Mass Fx raves about. My aggression has been way up, I've been on edge. I love it. All i can think about is getting into the gym today and destroying my back. I'll be sure to put a full description of that workout in here and put my progress into my workout tracker. I haven't been doing that lately because my lifts have been fairly stable but now I'm making progress

  6. I haven't posted in a few days but this cycle is definitely starting to pay off. My arm day was insane, I was cranking out the weight like it was nothing. My chest day was even better. I've got two new stretch marks, its gotta be the AX stack. I have so much energy and I'm always hungry. If i miss a meal by more than an hour, i get sick. Luckily I picked up some stuff for cheap (75% off for anything w/in two months of expo) at GNC; bars and myoplex and such so I don't miss a meal. Leg day again tomorrow.

    Only problem so far is joint stress. My knees have always been good at taking abuse but my elbows are feeling the strains of muscle growth. If it persists I'll have to get back on SuperCissus... hopefully it won't get that bad. I'm already taking MSM and condroiton, although in small doses as its only from Orange Triad.

  7. New Revelation:
    I'm not feeling as sore anymore, even when I destroy myself at the gym. Also, I've been sleeping better. I used to wake up a lot in the night, especially when I stayed at my girlfriends apartment; every little noise woke me up. Now I sleep like a rock. I'm lucky if I have time to sleep a solid 6-8 hours which is my downfall but I go to school and work fulltime so my schedule is pretty packed. Still, I feel like the sleep I'm getting is better quality and I know this can't be hurting my gains.

  8. Today was hell... or paradise; haven't decided which yet.
    It was leg day, the day i love to hate.
    Started out with some squats, didn't push my max but I got out more reps at my max. 4 full range squats at 365. I think I could easily push it to 385 but I don't want to risk bad form and I don't want to put too much stress on my knees too fast.
    I destroyed my calves, burned up my hams, and it was an awesome lift.
    Like most good leg days, this left me feeling like crap.
    I went home and forced down some turkey, a banana, and some wheat bread.
    I was more drained than I've ever been and I just wanted to puke.
    I knew that some caffeine would help but I was hesitant to take any and risk speeding up my metabolism more than i already have (i'm trying to bulk after all).
    When i started feeling really sick, I had about 8 oz of diet coke. I hated myself for it but it worked. Then I proceeded to drink a liter of water (over the course of the next hour). I wasn't dehydrated, I drink water constantly but I don't like the idea of putting aspartame into my system and i figured a little extra fluid to flush it out couldn't hurt. I'm feeling sore but I can eat without feeling sick and I can actually function. I'm psyched about this cycle, I can't wait to start putting on more size.

  9. Growth day.
    I didn't plan on today being a growth day but, seeing as legs were yesterday, I could use it. Besides, I have to work early today and I'm going to want to get a good night's sleep tonight. The legs are killing me, but its a good kind of sore. My joints still feel solid, I didn't strain anything. My stability is so much better than it was even a few weeks ago but I'm not sure if that can all be attributed to my stack. Today i'm focusing on eating and I might go work on the tan. If i have time, I'll take measurements tonight and maybe some pics. I'll post again later

  10. Finally gratification!
    Today was chest day and I really shredded it. I've never had a pump like this, I have new stretch marks under my shoulders. My chest is my weakest area and I was destroying the incline press. I wore an xtra large-t and my tri's were filling up the sleeves. It was insane. I skipped cardio and came straight home to take my Creakic and myoplex while the pump was still solid. Its only been two weeks and this stuff is working great, can't wait to see whats to come. Oh and I've put on two pounds!!!

  11. Great Blog was thinking of doing Mass Fx/Hyperdrol in a week or 2! Im 18 nearly 19 atm and looking to put on some serious muscle! Will be following, Good luck!

  12. you thought of adding Trisorbagen in?

  13. It's been a while since I logged. I just got a job working for GNC and I've been busy between that and school.
    New Updates:
    Incredible new strength gains. I'm cranking the weights out, finding new reserves of energy I never knew I had.
    I'm also noticing way better definition, particularly in my chest. It's really filling out.
    I've had to fine tune my diet and add a lot of fruits and vegetables to it. Even with my multi, I was feeling pretty fatigued most of the time and all the gainer shakes and whey were tearing up my guts. Everything is under control now. Its the end of my third week on the stack, coming to the close of my muscletech cycle.
    I'm not as impressed with Vapor as i once was.
    When i started using vapor when I first started lifting over a year ago, I got great results but now it just knots up my stomach and makes eating postworkout next to impossible. I'm thinking about some Cytonox or maybe the MRI stack for 3 weeks from now.
    I've also considered throwing some Intravol into the mix but, after doing some reading, I've decided that Waxy Maize may not be the best choice and that Vitargo might be a better product for during my workout. I'll keep everyone posted. Again, sorry for the delay in logging

  14. Glad to hear that your cycle is going so good for you and congrats on landing that job at GNC. I worked for them when I was 18 and all the way through college. Good company.

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  15. Arms day was the best yet. The soreness in my elbows is starting to dissipate, making it a lot easier to focus when I'm doing triceps.
    My skull crushers are up in weight and so are my concentration curls. I've put on some mass in my arms and shoulders and my forearms are getting really tight. I've also noticed an awesome increase in vascularity; my forearms are covered in veins and the ones I had before have gotten even bigger. I'm on the last week of the muscletech portion of the cycle and I'll be taking 2 weeks off of it before starting another NO/creatine cycle. I'll be on the hyperdrol x2 straight for 12 weeks and i cycle off the Mass FX temporarily in a week and a half.
    So far I'm extremely satisfied with the cycle. I'm up to 198lbs and looking to put on another 2 lbs fairly quickly. I can't wait to break 200 and maintain.

  16. So I finally broke 200 lbs. I'm trying to put on another 10 which means I'm really going to have to bust my ass in the gym and watch my diet. I have lost a little definition in my abs but I've gained some solid mass. I'm going to throw some Lean FX into the mix soon. I've also considered adding Trisorbagen upon recommendation.
    I picked up some meal replacement mixes which have really been helping me get in all my calories. I'm still getting some joint pain once in a while. I've considered Supercissus but i'm taking so much stuff right now I might wait for a while. I've heard great things about Cissus beyond just joint support. I have some more reading on it to do. Also, hearing great things about throwing some extra Milk Thistle into the mix with Hyperdrol for better liver support. I'll be more diligent with my posts to come.
    Just another day in paradise.

  17. Still planning my workout for today but I'm thinking about doing shoulders. I have some time off finally so I'm going to post it. I'll post later

  18. Alright, so today was pretty awesome. I got really psyched up because my gains are finally noticeable. (Also, I put in an order for some glutamine and leucine today along with some other essentials and that always gets me hyped for some reason.. ha.)
    Anyways, shoulder day went a little something like this:

    Started with 5 sets of smith machine shoulder press. Maxed at 205, got like 4 reps out of it. Still going with low reps but this was a new max.
    Did 3 sets front shrugs and 2 rear shrugs.
    4 sets of shoulder raises at around 30lb dumbbells
    3 sets of rear delt flyes on the pec machine
    3 sets of db shrugs w/ 115 lb db's
    3 sets of incline bench front raises

    I'm pretty beat, just put down some chicken and brown rice and now I'm watching transporter 2 because i'm good like that.

  19. The Vapor's run out!
    It's bitter sweet, because although I love the energy boost, I know that it hikes up my metabolism like nothing else. I'm about to put on some serious weight. I want to put on another 15 lbs but I know that's an insane goal (not impossible). That way when i do my cutting cycle, I'll end around 207 - 210 lbs. Eating has finally become easier and my diet is really tight right now. I'm noticing leaner gains, the definition is starting to come back in my abs. It's awesome. All I really did was add some real light cardio and some circuit/superset style training. Its just enough cardio to keep from putting on the extra fat which is generally inevitable during a bulking cycle. Going to hit arms tonight, I'll post my results. I really need to do a measurement. My arms were 15.5 inches when i started this. I'm excited to take a new measurement.
    Off to GNC for work, I'll post tonight.

  20. My order needs to get her, damn fedex, always screwing my **** up.

  21. Damnit, work is owning my soul. I'm still hitting the gym but not as hard as i would like. I'm off the Mass FX starting today for the next two weeks. It actually worked out that the bottle ran out after 5 weeks which was perfect. I'm still waiting for my order to get here. I need my glutamine and leucine :-X

  22. Awesome gains today.
    Switched up legs day a little bit, did squats on a smith machine and did 405lbs. Then I upped my leg extensions and curls by about 45lbs. I shredded up my calves, they're starting to get really defined.
    I'm loving this stack, I'm hoping to see even better results when the trisorbagen comes in.
  23. vadox6466
    vadox6466's Avatar

    any pics/ measurements?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by vadox6466 View Post
    any pics/ measurements?
    I've been taking pictures but I haven't been able to upload any, I have to get a new adapter for my computer. They're coming, although they're long overdue.

  25. Looking forward to the pics


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