stats: newb lurker too, 6'0 190 41y.o. 13%bf, I see the usplabs get a lot a crap for their ads being over the top, and i'll be the first to admit I am skeptical of that kind of advertisement and i'm especially prudent with my monies, that said, it was the prime reviews on this forum that really sold me to try the usplab products.
I am on my second week of prime and powerfull so keep that in mind.
at my age the placebo effect would kick in after the first workout but I must admit these products work ad described, I am using the prime 69 protocal and I would have no problem recommending these products to anyone.
the interwork recovery, post workout recovery, strength, increase in libido, sleep etc... everything they claim. Just wanted to get a completely unbiased review out there for anyone thinking of using these supps.