Ok, so I have now used a full tub of the Lipotropic Protein...

What is it?


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* Polyphenols—burn fat by increasing mitochondria energy production
* Higher BCAA and Glutamine levels per 100g
* Lower Fat and Zero Cholesterol
* Lower Carbohydrate
* Zero Lactose means ZERO BLOAT!
* Improved Nutrient Profile
* Mixes Instantly
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Formula: 9/10. I like the formula (except for the 'thickener' of soybean oil and corn syrup solids). I have always used protein powders that include BCAA's; but Lipotropic Protein contains all the amino acids. It also has NO sodium; as well as high protein, very low carbohydrate (NO sugars) and very low fat content per serve. For my goals and needs, this formula is just about perfect.

Smell: 7.5/10. Smell is fine; a bit like nuts and seeds. It grows on one after a while as well, so that you don't really notice it.

Taste: 9/10. I had the Vanilla flavour. It tastes a little bit like hempseed oil, only not as strong. It left an aftertaste like that of sunflower seeds, which was actually rather pleasant. I honestly don't see why people have a problem with the taste; it's great just as it is.

Mixibility: 10/10. I have protein powder with half a cup of oats (for breakfast), and in water (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). With breakfast I only use enough water to mix the powder and the oats together; there were never any clumps of powder at all, and it mixed well with the oats. When I had my protein shakes there was rarely any clumps there either.

Texture: 9/10. Lipotropic Protein has quite a thick, 'grainy' texture. Especially if mixed with water; the texture was like that of the porridge that my mum used to make when I was little. This is actually a good thing when having as a protein shake, as it gives a feeling of having had MORE than just a shake, and leaves a 'fuller' feeling.

Increasing Muscle Mass: N/A. I did not gain any muscle mass over the time that I used Lipotropic Protein. However, training was NOT targeted at muscle mass gains; and a week after I started using it I broke my left scaphoid and was unable to do any resistance training at all.

Fat Loss: N/A. Despite NO resistance training during almost the entire period of using Lipotropic Protein, my body composition remained within 9.7% BF to 10% BF (regardless of diet being at ~2800-4000 cal/day).

Overall: 9/10. Lipotropic Protein is a great protein powder overall. This is one of the better protein powders that I have used, and if given the option is in my top 2 choices to use.

Would I use it again? Yes. Not only is it a great protein powder overall, but it is very cost effective as well (at ~NZ$1 per serve).

Would I recommend? Yes. Definitely.

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